What Are Your Go-to Email Marketing Strategies for 2022?

Learn from 8 word-class email marketing experts on the best strategies you need to employ for your next email marketing campaign. E-mail is everything. There’s no better way to reach a customer or potential customer right where they live. Even knowing that fact, e-mail marketing strategies have changed considerably in the past few years. If you’d like to supercharge your e-mail marketing, take a look at these tips from 8 of the best marketers around.

Nothing beats valuable, punchy content. Your writing should captivate your readers so they are eager to open your emails.

The best way to send valuable content is to address a problem that your readers have. Show them that you understand their pain points, and provide a solution. If you can give your subscribers content that they can’t find elsewhere — like a Google search — you’ll become an invaluable resource to your prospects and customers.

Additionally, sending personalized content can help you more deeply connect with your email subscribers. Ask what they want from you. Then, set up automated email campaigns that deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Not only will you save hours of time, but you’ll delight your subscribers by showing them you understand who they are and what they’re interested in.

The only way to truly know what resonates with your audience is to test, refine, iterate and ask. Split test your email subject lines, copy, images, links, calls-to-action and so on until you uncover what your audience wants.

Finally, one of the most important email marketing strategies is to find a way to engage with your readers. Whether it’s through providing feedback forms or sentiment widgets in your emails, or simply encouraging your readers to reply to connect with you on social, gathering feedback is critical to building relationships via email.

Subject lines and A/B testing are a proven strategy.

The next level of email marketing strategies does involve artificial intelligence and content strategy together. That could include automatically creating a newsletter through AI based on a designated content pool to personalize the experience and drive results faster.

When you send emails to your subscribers or your leads, you don’t want to be too salesy.

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It’s important to diversify your email marketing strategies

You could ask questions in order to start a conversation. This is a great way to get a conversation going and showing that you are interested in your subscribers.

You can share insightful and interesting content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, tips, etc. This is called lead nurturing where you offer content for free without being pushy and allows you to stay in your subscribers’ mind.

Discounts/Promotions: you don’t want to be too salesy but from time to time, it’s ok to be, just not too often.

When sending emails, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Have a powerful and interesting subject line. People open their emails because of your subject line.
  • Keep your emails short: you don’t want to write a novel in your emails. Keep them short, concise and straight to the point.
  • Have a nice intro. The first 2 sentences of your email should entice readers to go through the whole email.
  • Always finish an email with a CTA (Call-to-Action). This could be a question or asking people to take action by clicking a link.

A well-optimized email must be clean and simple to look great on smartphones.

Integrate marketing efforts with social media, as people use networks to discover products and read customers’ reviews. Emails that are integrated with Instagram get more response than the other social sites. Adding videos within the email increases awareness and sales. Stories have a great impact on audience’s perception. In fact, brand storytelling holds customers attention and influences consumer behavior.

When it comes to email marketing strategies, it all boils down to personalization and knowing your audience.

With that said, your “go-to” strategies may be completely different from another marketer who has an entirely different list of subscribers. Top-performing emails tend to be value-based emails that include a screenshot of a video and link to a landing page with a video offering tips to help them succeed.

Images, videos, value, and segmentation work really well. Of course, you MUST have CTAs in every single email. Tell people what action you want them to take even if it’s just “think about this and apply it in your business.” Always provide value and be REAL. Even if you are selling in an email, show them the VALUE and be transparent about everything. People appreciate that, and they will buy from you time and time again, once you prove that you genuinely care about their success.

According to Forbes, the average entrepreneur receives more than 200 emails each day.

If you want to get your email opened and read — you need to stand out in the inbox of your subscribers.

That’s why you should focus a lot on creating subject lines that have the potential to get noticed by my audience. Before sending a single email, write down at least five different subject lines and then go to Google and look there for inspiration. Remember, the subject line is the most crucial part of your email. If you don’t put the effort into creating a great one – there’s a huge chance that your emails won’t be opened.

And what’s the second most important part? That’s the opening.

If you don’t get the attention of your readers within a few seconds — you lose them! Make sure that you start the email with a strong message that resonates with your readers. Professionally and emotionally!

Make it easy for your visitors to subscribe.

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If you want to build your email subscriber list, make it easy for your readership to sign up. As intuitive as this sounds, so many organizations miss out on this opportunity. Set up a lead-capture form that’s easily identifiable and just as easy to sign up. Ask for the essentials and offer something of value in return (more on that below).

Offer Value in Your Email Marketing Strategies

Unless you’re serving up the most engaging, valuable content, getting someone to sign up for your newsletter can be challenging. Offer something of value in return for their subscription.

Free downloadable guides

Give people what they landed on your site for. Be a resource to your audience, which can ensure they come back to your site whenever they want to learn and initiate an action. For example, offer them:

  • Downloadable checklist
  • How-to guide
  • Beginner’s guide to
  • Glossary of industry terms
  • E-book
  • Blank templated sheets to fill out for their own purposes
  • Blog content

If all your emails do is try to sell, this may result in a lot of unsubscribes. Instead, develop and maintain a blog and hold yourself to a regular posting schedule. Write about relevant topics, recent news, case studies, and more informational content.

When you develop your newsletter, incorporate relevant blog articles. That way, you can connect with your subscribers on a deeper level than trying to sell them the next service or product.

Automate Your Email Marketing Strategies

If you send manual emails out, it’s okay. But consider adding automated email journeys to increase the value each of your customers gets through these touchpoints. If someone signed up for a how-to guide, send them down a path that sends them a new part in a series over a few weeks.

If someone bought a product from you, send automated emails that show them how to maintain it or get the best out of it. You get the idea.

With a little automation, you can increase subscribers, sales, views, and retention.

Start e-mail marketing for almost every customer.

Usually this is done by treating the biggest problem of the target group with a checklist or other helpful guide. For webshops, work with new tools such as Listagram to collect e-mail addresses in a playful way.

Test a lot with different subject lines and A/B testing with discount offers. Sometimes, you see things you don’t expect, like an offer for a discount where the smallest discount works better. You really get rewarded if you help your user with good content, instead of spamming them with discounts and offers. Supply them with helpful articles from where you can try to make the sales. This way, open rates are really high, and you can get lots of clicks and revenue from your email marketing strategies.

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