what companies are in the consumer durables field

Anyone looking for paying jobs in consumer durables will need to know what types of jobs are available but more importantly, what companies are in the consumer durables field. This will help you land a job easier and understand the landscape you’re walking into. 

The biggest consumer durables stocks are in the automobile industry. They include companies such as Tesla, Toyota, General Motors, and Ford Motors. Companies such as Whirlpool, Roku, Mohawk Industries, Malibu Boats, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung. They are among the most common in the consumer durables field.

In this article, we will review some (not all) of the companies we’ve mentioned above. Keep in mind that market value can change over time. Which is why we don’t believe rating provides a measure of how long these companies will stay in their position. 

Companies In The Consumer Durables Field

Here is a review of some of the top companies dealing with consumer durable goods. 


sony- consumer durables
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Founded 75 years ago in Japan, Sony has become one of the largest manufacturers of consumer durables in the electronics field. Their brand image is known worldwide and consumer perception of their products is generally positive. 

We’re all familiar with their various consumer electronics such as cameras, TVs, household appliances, smartphones, and more. Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably also know that Sony owns Playstation. One of the key factors in their success is the diversification of their product lines and the way they have built their branding strategy over the years.  


White monitors, round corners, seamless touch technology. Apple is well known for the image it has created for itself. Steve Jobs is responsible for a major part of the hype around Apple products such as iPhones and Macbooks. 

One of the biggest reasons for Apple’s success (and the reasons people are willing to pay extra for their products), is that their products usually work best with each other. Exclusivity is part of Apple’s branding strategy, and it’s paid off. 


A long time before the world started accusing Bill Gates of trying to control the world, most people simply knew him as the man who brought computers into everybody’s homes. The entire world is familiar with Windows as a platform, and Microsoft Office is a standard for businesses and schools everywhere.

Although Microsoft’s products are mainly digital, their software is ubiquitous and familiar. In fact, reports show that Windows’ usage share is around 91%. That means Microsoft is one of the dominating companies in the consumer durables field in operating systems. To achieve this type of success is no small feat.


This South Korean business conglomerate consistently ranks among the top ten highest consumer durables companies in brand value. They have been operating in the electronics industry since the 1960s, and have been consistently manufacturing high-quality yet affordable products. 

Although Samsung has a diverse portfolio and operates within multiple industries, its activity in the consumer durables field is in the manufacture of consumer electronics such as home and kitchen appliances, personal electronics, smartphones, and much more.

Unexpected In the Consumer Durables Field: Tesla

Just as the iPhone changed how people view their mobile phones and completely transformed the market, Tesla was able to reshape the automotive industry. Electric vehicles (EVs), which were once very limited in their scope, have become a sign of wealth and a status symbol. 

Tesla was able to influence other automotive companies in the automotive branch of consumer durables to change their missions and amend long-term goals. The innovative strides that have come from the manufacture of Tesla’s vehicles have brought the concept of cars to the future. 


Among petrol heads, Toyota is a company known for manufacturing reliable and durable cars. There is a running theme in many of their advertisements that their cars do not break down as often as other brands’ cars.

The quality and durability of Toyota’s vehicles set them apart from other companies in the consumer durables field because consumers have higher expectations from their products. Potential buyers are willing to give up the flex of owning a status symbol car for the reliability of a Toyota—that’s what keeps the customers buying their cars. 


We’ve gone over several companies in this article that deal with home appliances, but the Whirlpool Corporation is probably the most familiar with American consumers. With annual revenue exceeding $20 billion, the company owns several brands that are common in American homes and beyond. 

The US market shows the buyers trust the Whirlpool brand name when purchasing laundry appliances (washers and dryers), the same is true for their other brands. The Whirlpool Corporation owns the iconic Kitchen-Aid brand, as well as a few international home appliance brands.

Mohawk Industries

When most people ask “What companies are in the consumer durables field?” They usually think of the automotive and home appliances industries. However, many other companies fall within this category. Mohawk Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of flooring in the United States. 

They manufacture both soft and hard flooring products—that is, everything from carpets to tiling and laminate flooring. However, it’s worth noting that even though they’ve been operating for almost a century and a half, Mohawk Industries only lays claim to yearly revenue of 10 Billion. 

That number may sound impressive but it doesn’t compare to others we’ve mentioned in this article.


Although it is a relatively new player in the consumer durables field, Roku has managed to rise the ranks in record time. The company caters to a very niche market, whereby its main product is a streaming digital media player. 

Within a decade, Roku has come a long way from the first general streaming device that developed in collaboration with Netflix (before Netflix blew up and streaming was still in its initial phase). However, the company’s vision hasn’t changed much in the years since it was founded.

Its product is still focused on providing a low-cost standalone option for streaming accessible to most potential buyers. 

Malibu Boats

Moving on to more traditional recreational activities, Malibu Boats is surprisingly successful for such a small company. Even though they have under a thousand employees in their company, they are considered the world’s top manufacturer of recreational boats. 

Malibu Boats headquarters are in Tennessee and they have a second manufacturing plant in Australia. You might think that recreational boats are an expensive purchase, but in reality, they aren’t that different in the consumer durables field when compared to automotive. 

What Are Consumer Durables?

That’s a good question to ask before you jump headfirst into the pool of consumer goods.

In short, consumer durables are those goods that typically last for over three years and do not need to be purchased very often. That includes cars, large home appliances (stovetops, refrigerators, etc), and even furniture.

Companies in this field depend heavily on quality rating analyses to stay ahead of the competition. Consumers must value a product to return for a second purchase. After all, you wouldn’t purchase an expensive appliance such as a washer-dryer if it had the reputation for breaking down too soon. 

What Companies Are In The Consumer Non-Durables Field?

It’s one thing to be successful in selling a product once every few years for a higher cost. What about those products which people continue to buy? Consumer non-durables are those products that consumers need to purchase regularly and they generally do not last very long. 

To illustrate the difference between companies in the consumer durables field and those in the consumer non-durables field, we’ll give an example of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Even though its main products are basically different derivatives of paper, the Kimberly-Clark Corporation has made household names for many of its products over the years. With a market value of over 48 billion USD, we aren’t surprised that they have been successful. 

Which products does Kimberly-Clark sell? Kleenex (facial tissues and napkins), Huggies (diapers) and Kotex (female sanitary pads) are just a few. Most of us are familiar with these products. Many of the products that the Kimberly-Clark Corporation offers are disposable but almost indispensable.

Their success lies in the continued and growing need for their products. Therefore, there is little to no need for any marketing tactics. People will always need something to wipe away their messes. Kleenex is a brand name that has become generic for tissue paper. Their brand is on everyone’s mind when they need their products. That’s why they would typically reach for them. 

How often have you actively thought about the type of tissue paper you use? Probably not very often. Kleenex is a go-to for many people and it’s an unconscious decision. 

Do Jobs In The Consumer Durables Field Pay Well?

jobs in consumer durables
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After exploring a few of the companies in the consumer durables field, you’re probably wondering about the pay rate in this industry. We don’t mean getting a job answering phones at the front desk. However, that may be a valid start for some people. Of course, the hierarchy of jobs available determines the estimated salary. You can expect higher pay for the following jobs:

Strategy Consultant

In order to maintain their success, businesses operating in the consumer durables industry need a strong strategy to stay ahead of competitors. Strategy consultants are responsible for finding solutions to ensure continued success. They help businesses fluctuate according to the changes in the market.
Expected pay is upwards of $70,000 per annum.

Marketing manager

Without a strong marketing plan, companies cannot expect consumers to come back and purchase a new product years after they’ve purchased the first. This is where the role of a marketing manager comes in. They are tasked with designing a strong brand image and creating the want for products that a company offers.
Expected pay is above $140,000 per annum.

Media Planner

Moving from marketing to advertising. A media planner collaborates with different media platforms to find the best ways to reach potential buyers. This means deciding which forms of media can best serve the company’s mission and vision. They also conduct a tonne of research to analyze demographic data on media audiences.
Expected pay is around $80,000 per annum.

Product Marketer

A more specific form of marketing that is relevant in the consumer durables field is product marketing. They are tasked with creating an elaborate product launch strategy. The strategy enables companies to position their products and also the consumer perception regarding new and old products. Product marketers usually need to keep up with innovations in the industry. This is to ensure that they can position their products and stay ahead of the competition.
Expected pay is between $45,000 and $145,000 per annum.

Landing A Job In The Consumer Durables Field

Working in consumer durables means you should show long-term commitment to the company and its goals. Companies in this field will need you to showcase your strategy for marketing their products. They will ask how you intend on bringing in more customers in the long run. 

The type of marketing that the consumer durables field requires building customer relationships and working on creating brand loyalty. In your interview for any of the jobs you apply for, ensure that you are illustrating the importance of these concepts. The interviewer may not directly ask this question. But, they will be wondering, “How will you help buyers come back and buy consumer durables the second or third time?”

To be employed at any of the companies in the consumer durables field, you need to research ahead of the interview. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the company history and everyone involved in the recruitment process.

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