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What Does KMS mean on Snapchat?


With so many popular entertainment applications, the youngsters are busy in their world, they do not have time for their loved ones. These applications have addicted them with slang, and abbreviations that they even write short forms in their exam papers. Many of you might have written it as “u” in your papers or some important email. 

There are so many short forms that nobody would know all of them and cannot even remember them. For different work purposes, the meaning of the short word is different. With innumerable words and their meaning, you cannot understand them all. There are many terms that have more than one full form. 

There is an abbreviation on the Snapchat. Do you know the meaning of KMS? Any guesses? In this article, we will tell you about Snapchat, the meaning of KMS, and some other abbreviations that are often used by youngsters on Snapchat. So are you ready! Let’s get straight to the topic.


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Snapchat is a famous social media platform or American messaging application that has millions of subscribers to whom you can send or receive the snaps. There are multiple filters that you use to click the pictures that usually change daily or get updated with the newer ones. There are so many filters that enhance your look, and brighten your texture, some make you look funny, and cute and have countless poses. You can also take pictures with your friends and create memories along with the date and your mood. 

With Snapchat people share stories with their friends for a time-period of twenty-four hours. After the duration, it automatically vanishes. They share their enjoyable movements. Earlier you need to send all your loved ones when they ask for pictures, but now it is easier just to post your story and is visible to all the people. You just need to tap on the story and click on the eyeball icon to see the picture. Many people have started using Snapchat as a business profile also, they have started sharing stories of their work so that their work is known by more and more people and they can add more clients. You might have noticed many people on your Snapchat sharing clothes, jewellery, footwear, and accessories. 

Being new to the platform, you might have seen that there are numerous acronyms used in Snapchat. It is hard to understand all of them. These are made for a fun purpose or to show your feeling and gestures to another person. 

Meaning of KMS

What do you think can be the possible meaning of KMS? Are you connecting KMS with kilometers? Yes, KMS is kilometers for a car but not for Snapchat. The meaning of KMS is very exceptional and not at all expected. KMS means “kill myself”. It is an expression that is used to show sorrow, and aggression, to the friends on Snapchat. On the flip side, it may act as a threat, suicide, depression, or sadness. 

In addition to this, KMS is an exaggeration of the feeling. If some person says you KMS that really does not mean that you go and kill him. If the person wanted to share his feeling or might be just overreacting, try to calm the person or change the situation as funny. The person is only picturizing how much he is upset or might be wanted to tell that things are going wrong in some ways. Take care if someone is using it in real mode, then take the call seriously and help the person in all ways. KMS is a popular term that is used among youngsters to show their anger and disagreement about a social post or a specific person. 

More Acronyms Used on Snapchat

There are numerous acronyms that are used on the Snapchat but to list all is not possible so we will share some of them with you:

HMU On Snapchat

This is also one of the popular slang on Snapchat. The meaning of HMU is “Hit Me Up” do not consider it the wrong way, this is a positive slang in which people ask each other to get in touch with you. Whenever you get a message from HMU, the other person is inviting you for a call or a meeting. 

There are many Snapchat users that use HMU for their subscribers to follow them or invite them to get connected with them. You might have seen this popular slang used by people to invite for an interesting project or a video. HMU is often used by a group of NGOs to ask for people’s support for fundraising or asking for help in other ways. 

GTS On Snapchat

“Good Times” is the meaning of the acronym GTS. Some people also use it as “Go To Sleep”. Both are equally used terms as GTS. The meaning of the slang is interpreted as per the conversation. For instance, if any of your friends send you a throwback picture then GTS means Good Times but if any of your annoying friends are sending you messages at night then the same acronym means to go to sleep. So, now you would have understood the term GST and its usage on Snapchat. 

SU On Snapchat

There are two meanings of the tram SU on Snapchat. The first one means “Swipe Up” and the other one is “Shut Up”. The term is understood on its own with the conversation you are having with the other person. If your friend is irritating and having a useless conversation in that context SU means shut up. In addition to this, if you are saying someone to see your stories on any of the website pages then the meaning changes to swipe up. 

How to Create Your Own Acronyms?

It is vivid that the initials of some words are used to create acronyms. With so much busy life, people find new acronyms daily so that they can text each other with the shorter versions and have to type less. This is interesting because there are countless acronyms and nobody knows them all. People found the acronyms cool and that is why they make them. 

Find a line that you usually use in texting and use the beginning words and there your own acronym is ready. You can make it popular by sharing it more and more. This is a fun way but some people take it on the other side. Try to create funny acronyms.

Final Thought

There is not even a thing done without sharing on Snapchat. What are you eating, cooking, party place, clothes, and the list is endless? The involvement of people has increased a lot in recent times and this is why the slang language has also increased at a high rate among people and they have started using it on a daily basis, this is why there is innumerable slang and it is surging day by day. Some of the slang has good meaning while others are threatening. There will be a time soon when the internet will be full of acronyms. 

There is no slang wrong if we do not use it the wrong way or interpret its wrong side, you got it right I am witnessing KMS here. The word is just a way of telling sad gestures and should not be taken as killing someone. Hopefully, the article has helped you in learning more about acronyms and its meaning on Snapchat. It is a fun way of conversation and keeps on using it in a funny mode. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When was Snapchat released?

The Snapchat was released on 8 July 2011.

  1. Who are the authors of Snapchat?

The authors of Snapchat are Evan Spiegal, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

  1. What does MCM mean on Snapchat?

The meaning of MCM on Snapchat is “Man Crush Monday”

  1. What does KMS mean on Snapchat?

It means “Kill myself”

  1. Is Snapchat a secure application?

Yes, Snapchat is a secure application as it uses end-to-end encryption on snaps shared by its users.

  1. What is Snapcode?

Snapcode is a feature that is used to add people, filters, and lenses with just a scan. It is a simple and easy process. 

  1. What is Snapchat replay?

The snap that you get on Snapchat is only played once but in case you can replay it again before leaving the chat box. When you replayed the snap then the person gets a message that you have done it. In case you facing any issues with replaying check whether your Snapchat is updated or not. 

  1. What is a lens in a Snapchat?

The lens is the filter that is already on Snapchat for taking selfies. You can simply turn the camera to selfie mode and it takes all the curves efficiently. 

  1. What does 9 mean in Snapchat?

In most of the applications that is WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok the meaning of 9 is Parent Watching.

  1. What is the meaning of KYS?

The meaning of KYS is “Kill Yourself”

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