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What Is Ekster Wallet? – Full Explanation

What is an Ekster wallet? You probably don’t want to be carrying all your small, valuable items such as ATM cards, ID cards and cash wherever you go. Instead, you may be looking for a place where you can store some of the more vital ones. Without it being in plain sight. Regardless of whether you are wanting to keep something on the down low or not; there are many viable options available that are easily accessible. But also highly secure and sealed off from prying eyes.

Ekster is an example of one such option. Ekster is a fun way to carry your cards and cash. It is made of high-quality materials and has a sleek design. The wallet can be used as a compact wallet;= or even discreetly attached to another item, such as a purse or bag.

In addition to being able to store cards and cash, this product offers additional features that make it unique. Including offline payments via NFC technology. And the ability to monitor purchases on your smartphone via its embedded magnetic sensor. This total versatility makes the Ekster product especially convenient for the busy people who considers themselves technologically savvy. Let’s dive deeper into this incredible techy product. 


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As an entrepreneur and our final tip here, one will likely always have concerns about theft of personal items. However, there are things that can be done to prevent such offences like investing in a smart wallet. In addition to protecting cards from getting scanned by RFID (radio-frequency identification) and allowing owners to locate where their wallets are via a tracker, Ekster likewise has another unique feature. It allows users to sync their physical card compartments with online banking accounts for easy online shopping as well!

Your wallet is like your smartphone. You don’t want someone stealing it, or worse, getting their hands on your personal information. Because that’s the same as coming back to bite you later on down the line in terms of security and privacy. The good news is that Ekster is the solution out there that offers RFID protection. All your important cards are protected from even the most skilled of pickpockets who may try to run off with them; along with anything else you’d place within its compartments! 

Who Is The Ekster Wallet Suited For? 

The wallet is the perfect choice for anybody who specifically wants a stylish wallet. It will hold up well against everyday wear and tear. If you’re a stylish person, you’re covered! The wallet has multiple colors to choose from. Each of these have a faux leather material that has been designed to last a lifetime. 

The main feature of this fashionable accessory is its cardholder. Which gives users an extremely efficient way to find what they’re looking for in an instant. After you’ve stocked it up with as many cards as you can (up to 5). First use the bottom button feature on your wallets swift access technology. And then simply push down on the top button to spread out the cards. So you can easily access whichever one is your favorite!

That’s not all! The wallet features three compartments along with an elastic strap-on the inside. Perfect for items you might wish to keep close like your smartphone or even a passport. In addition, the wallet is just 3mm thick and 20% thinner than other wallets in its category. So it’s easier to slip into any small pocket you might have. 

How Does Ekster Wallet Work?

Ekster works by allowing you to store your cards and cash in a physical item. It comes with RFID blocking technology. So that it protects any personal information that may be stored on the magnetic stripe of your cards from being stolen. The attractive leather motif is soft to the touch and complements most outfits. Whilst its convenient strap means you can keep all of your essential personal items close to hand when out and about. On top of being both stylish and useful it also has a convenient finger ring making it even easier than ever to use!

Ekster has a sleek and compact design, making it slim enough to easily fits into your pocket. Its innovative elastic band holds up to 6 gift cards or credit cards in place while cash is stored in a secure compartment protected by a durable weave. The wallet also includes a convenient LED light to help with finding your gift cards at the checkout stand in dim light, as well as an Apple-certified lightning connection that allows you to charge your card anywhere outdoors when it’s sunny!

Advantages & Disadvantages

The Ekster Wallet is a type of smart wallet that offers several advantages over traditional wallets. But there are also some potential challenges you might have to face before deciding if purchasing it is right for you. Below, we’ve listed both the advantages and disadvantages of owning the wallet for your convenience. So that you get a clear picture about what to expect before making such a big commitment.


  • Optimum Safety

One of the greatest advantages of the app is its optimum safety. If you’ve misplaced your wallet, no need to panic because the app will help you locate it using GPS tracking. 

  • Convenience 

Another advantage is its convenience. Since it uses Bluetooth, you can connect with your smartphone at any time so that you can organize your life on a more convenient basis.. You can also use it to make contactless payments without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Once the Ekster smart button accessory is attached, the wallet will double up as a remote control for several functions on your smartphone to include activating Siri or launching Spotify.

  • Premium quality Security 

We also loved the Ekster for its security features. The developers at Ekster are smart cookie. They prioritized security with built-in RFID (Radio Frequency ID) blocking technology when they were making the wallet design, which stops thieves from scanning and stealing any of your personal data from your credit cards. Plus, it has a tamper-proof closure so that only you can access the inside of your wallet where you keep all of your most valuable possessions safe and sound.


  • Quite Expensive 

If you’re in the market for a smart wallet, there are several potential features to consider before making a final decision. One of the biggest considerations is price and it may be disheartening to find that a high quality, the wallet may be significantly more expensive than your average leather or cloth cover. It can be difficult to make a final decision on something like this – but if you’ve found yourself taking into account what we’ve mentioned so far then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue!

  • Low quality Battery 

Another potential disadvantage that should be kept in mind is its battery. The wallet uses a CR2032 coin cell battery, which does not have the longest lifespan. You’re required to replace these batteries on their own occasionally as well. In order to ensure full functionality and more important, safe usage, it is advisable to change the battery on a regular basis. 

Is Ekster Wallet Really Worth It?

The waller is a marvelous upgrade to one’s usual old-fashioned billfold! It’s simple, sleek design is perfect for anyone always on the go. From the easy-access cardholder to Tracker Card and Key Tracker with its notification sound feature, you won’t even need to worry about whether or not you had your keys or phone with you at all times. But it’s important to note that while these wallets look like they are worth every penny, they really aren’t. They are way overpriced!


Smart wallets are a relatively new invention that allows you to replace your central “no wallet” zone with a single multi-functional device that securely and safely stores all of your valuable information. However, before making a decision about whether or not to buy one, you should consider both the pros and cons of this trendy new category of goods. Some smart wallets look better than others. But ultimately the important thing is finding the one that has enough space for everything you need to carry on a daily basis. 

To make up for its shortcomings, the Ekster Wallet comes in 10 colors! Overall, the reason why smart wallets are so hot right now is because they give your money-carrying routine an upgrade without compromising security or convenience. The wallet is no different; it’s what everyone would love to have as their own money carrier if they could afford it!


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