When Do Retail Companies Hire

If you are looking for a job in retail, there are certain times of the year when you are more likely to be hired by retail companies than others. 

There are certain times of the year when retail companies go on hiring sprees to fill positions that will be in demand in a short time. 


If you are looking for a position as a retail manager, January is usually one of your best months to apply. The reason is that many managers that did not prove themselves during the holiday season are let go in January and February. Companies scramble to find replacements for them.


If you are looking for a retail position in the line of jewelry, women’s clothing, or in home improvement, April is your best month to apply. The jewelry companies and women’s clothing companies are hiring during April in an attempt to snag as many people as possible for the increased Mother’s Day traffic. On the home improvement side, the weather is getting nicer in April, and many people work on home improvement projects.


May is one of the best times to apply for a retail position if you are looking to be hired by an electronics store. Since Father’s Day is in June, the electronics companies want to make sure that they have workers that are well-trained for the events. Also, June is one of the best months to buy a computer since computers are a popular graduation gift. Yet another reason for well-trained workers.


Most retail companies go on a hiring spree during July. This is to fill positions that will be needed for the back to school rush that begins in August. If you are looking for a retail job for one of the bigger retail chains, July is one of your best bets as to when to apply.


Don’t be surprised by the number of ads online for Halloween and craft companies in September. Halloween stores are usually only open a few months out of the year, and need temporary help for their stores. Craft stores start getting their holiday shipments in early September and need more workers for the early rushes.


The month of November is when most retail companies will hire for the holiday season. The only issue with applying in November is the fact that many of the retailers will let a lot of holiday help come in January. If you are able to prove yourself in a short amount of time, you might be one of the lucky ones that is allowed to stay after the holiday season.

These are the best times for getting picked up by these types of retail companies. Because of the high turnover of retail companies, many of them hire all through the year.

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