Why Does Product Distribution Play an Important Role in Product Development?

Product distribution is a crucial part of any product development process. It serves as the “mechanism” that brings together the conceptualization of the product, its conception, development, and testing. 

Without it, there would be no real progress on the part of the product development. In fact, without this very essential component, all efforts would go to waste because no product would ever reach its potential. The success of any product largely depends on the distribution it receives. Let’s examine some basic concepts behind the product distribution.

Companies that have a very solid grasp over the product development process usually manage to successfully distribute their products. However, what makes a successful distribution process, and what are its key components? Well, the answers to both of these questions are fairly simple-the process has certain characteristics that are present in all successful product distribution. Here are some of them:

One important thing to note about successful product distribution is the level of control that the company exerts over the distribution process. 

A company that has significant say over how the product will be distributed not only dictates how it happens, but it also dictates the quality of that distribution. For instance, if a product is distributed via an unlicensed person rather than a licensed distributor, there is a great chance that the product will not reach its full potential since the levels of control would most likely be non-existent. This scenario could lead to the creation of substandard products, which are oftentimes the byproduct of inefficient product distribution.

Another important characteristic of effective product distribution is that it is timely. 

No matter how great the concept behind a product may be, if it is not made available in its intended form, it will have very little effect on the consumers. This is because consumers can easily get around a product if it doesn’t reach them at the right time. Therefore, it is crucial for a company involved in product development to address the needs of the consumer before launching it. This can be done by addressing supply chain issues and addressing any delays that may occur during the distribution of the product.

It is also essential that a company that wishes to engage in product development must have a good understanding of the market they wish to serve. 

If a company is attempting to enter a relatively new market, it would be best if they have extensive market research performed on the product to see how the product would be received by the target audience. This way, the company will know what aspects of the product they should prioritize over in order to achieve the best distribution results. If they have neglected this aspect of product development, they would likely experience stiff competition from companies with deeper pockets.

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After the company has decided on the distribution channels they will use, they will need to identify the optimal number of channels to distribute their product. 

They can do this by having a talk with a product consultant. The product analyst can give the company an idea of the optimum number of distribution channels to use depending on the demographics of the targeted customers and the company’s budget for distribution. Aside from choosing the optimal number of distribution channels, the product analyst can also give the company an idea of the demographics that they should target.

The distribution channel is crucial in determining the amount of profit the company can realize from their product. 

Although the number of distribution channels can vary depending on the target audience and the company’s budget, it is important to choose the right distribution channel to avoid having unsold products in the market. This is because if the product is not distributed to the right market, there is a great chance that the company will not realize the full profit it expects to earn from its product development. A failed product distribution will not only affect the company’s profits but will also deter other companies from engaging in product development.

When looking into product development, it is important that a company choose the right distributor. 

Without the right distributor, a company is not able to maximize its profits in product development. Although distributors can be expensive, they are usually very affordable and can be bought easily. Companies should also choose reliable distributors to ensure the timely arrival of their products. It is therefore important for a company to first conduct research before hiring a distribution company.

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