8 Reasons Why Narrowing Blog Niche is So Important

Starting a blog is probably one of the most exhilarating things you can do when you finally settle on a topic you are passionate about. Do you remember when you first started? It is possible that your posts were all over the place. You’d write a post about your children, then maybe the next day would be a recipe, then the next would be 10 tips for better parenting, then the next was tips to be a better pet owner, and then maybe you even started sharing blog tips, after you became more of a pro at WordPress. But have you ever given thought to narrowing your blog niche?

Let us be clear, none of those posts are bad, nor is writing about ALL of them in one space, that would be what we’d consider being a Lifestyle blog. But, at the same time, drilling down and choosing one specific topic or niche, will help make it easier for you to monetize and grow your blog’s audience.

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Here are a few reasons for narrowing your blog niche

1. Creating Content Will Be Easier

First, if you are writing about something that you have a deep and sincere interest in, it will be pretty easy to come up with topics to write about. AND, then, when you sit down to write, the words will just flow. Please realize, this won’t ALWAYS be the case, that you’ll run into a tricky topic, or you won’t know everything about an area of interest – but having to sit down and do the necessary research won’t feel like a chore because you’ll look forward to learning all that you can about your specific niche.

Remember: You want to write about something that EXCITES you!!

2. You Can Create a Natural Flow

If your blog articles all have a similar topic, you will likely have readers who remain on your blog for much longer. They’ll start reading one post that piques their interest, and as long as it is useful, they will stick around, finding another post, and another. This is one of the primary advantages of narrowing blog niche.

Remember: The longer people stick around your blog, the lower your bounce rate becomes.

3. Keyword Research will Be Easier

We all know that SEO is HUGE right now, and rightly so – Google basically does the work of deciphering if something is worth reading or not. But, in order to prove yourself worthy to Google, you will need to provide useful content. Easy, right!? While it is pretty easy if you love your niche (as mentioned in tip #1), you need to ensure that you are writing about stuff that people are actually interested in, which is where Keyword Research comes in. If you know what your area of expertise is, when it comes to blogging, doing Keyword Research will be less time-consuming because you won’t need to shuffle through ALL the words, just those that are relevant to your niche. Narrowing blog niche also makes keyword research more specific and targeted, attracting the right kind of audience.

Remember: Having a solid SEO practice can lead to higher Google rankings.

4. Finding Your Audience Happens More Organically

There will still be PLENTY of legwork when it comes to marketing and promoting your blog, but if you have a specific tribe or group of individuals you want to target, reaching them tends to happen more organically. If you do your due diligence, by writing amazing content, and then by sharing your posts on social media (especially Pinterest), people who are interested in your topic will start to take notice. They’ll start sharing with their followers or friends, and before you know you’ll have a dedicated following!

Remember: Utilize an opt-in form on your blog to ensure your readers never miss a post.

5. Avoiding the Dreaded Writer’s Block

If you are genuinely passionate about the topic/niche you’ve chosen, then you’ll have no trouble sitting down to write each post because you’ll be driven to share your knowledge and message.

Remember: Keeping a running list of blog post ideas is another fantastic way to avoid writer’s block.

6. Stopping the Email Overload

Are you someone who loves signing up for email opt-in after email opt-in, only to find your inbox OVERFLOWING with content that you’ll likely never read? You join, telling yourself that it is all in the name of research, but if you are signing up for opt-ins from mommy bloggers, pet bloggers, and tech bloggers, you might get overwhelmed with everything you’re receiving. Instead, if you’ve chosen a specific niche, you can unsubscribe from all the newsletters that are not serving you, and are just bulking up your already busy inbox. Focus on what information you need to learn and grow to write bigger and better stuff for your blog’s topic.

Remember: There are tools out there that will allow you to remove yourself from multiple emails lists at the same time.

7. Monetizing Your Blog

If you’ve ever given any thought to monetizing your blog through sponsored posts or advertising, then having a specific niche will make this process SO much easier. In fact, many sponsors may start reaching out to you, after they see your amazing content and drilled down into their niche. Just be careful, when choosing sponsorship opportunities, that you are taking ones that you believe in and that represents your blog’s topics well. Choosing sponsors based simply on who will pay you the most, will lead to confusion, your readers won’t know where your loyalty lies (in providing them great content, or with your sponsors).

Remember: It’s okay to start a blog and NOT want to make a profit from it.

8. Become the Specialist

If you take the time to compose amazing posts and grow a solid audience, you could begin calling yourself the specialist in your niche. You see it all the time, big-time bloggers claiming to be the expert in that arena, and you know what? They deserve that title! They’ve devoted extensive time and research to grow their knowledge, and are now, technically speaking, experts. They’ve taken their time to write killer posts and have shared their knowledge in a bunch of different ways (ie: on Periscope). Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to claim the same title for your niche??

Remember: There can be more than one specialist in any given area.

As you can see, choosing and narrowing your blog niche is so important. If you find yourself struggling to come up with topics or areas that you are truly excited about, start by asking yourself, “What am I passionate about,” or “What do you have experience with or in?” If you take some time to really sit with these questions and journal them out, it is likely that you’ll find your special little niche and your blog will be sore!

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