Will A Blog Help Me Get Sales?

Are you a business wondering if a blog will help you get sales? Are you not seeing the results from your blogging efforts? The short answer is yes, a blog will help you make sales, but that is way too easy. In order to make sales with a blog, it has to be done right. To find out the right way to blog check out the post and start making sales.

First, let’s throw some research at you (courtesy of HubSpot Marketing Statistics):

  • Blog frequency impacts customer acquisition. 92% of companies who blog frequently reported converting a prospect from their blog.
  • The global population of blog readers keeps growing. 81% of marketers rated their blog as useful or better.
  • The population of bloggers has increased. There are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago.
  • Readers can’t get enough. 46% of people read blogs more than once a day. Most people read 5-10 blogs.
  • Companies understand the marketing potential of blogs. Nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes.

From these stats, we learned a few important things. We can conclude that blogs are popular, that they are useful in marketing, and have the potential to increase sales. The 92% in the first stat is a little misleading because it is extremely difficult for any company to blog multiple times a day, but that number only slightly decreases if it goes down to 1 time a day, or even 3 times a week.
If you are a company just starting to blog for marketing and sales purposes it would be great to blog every day. If blogging every day is too daunting, you should shoot for a minimum of 2 times a week.

Will a Blog Help Me Get Sales?

As we said before the answer is yes, but it has to be done the right way. Here is a blogging sales funnel to give you the overall picture of how a blog helps make sales. While the overall answer to the question is yes, there is much more involved in the process. Let’s take a look.

Think Like Your Customers

The first step to making sales with your blog is thinking like your customer. Put yourself in their shoes and answer some difficult questions they want to be answered. Writing blog posts just for the sake of writing posts won’t help generate traffic, leads, or sales. They have to be targeted posts that actually help the reader/internet surfer. Hundreds of millions of people do online research on goods/services before they purchase a product, and a blog is a great way to get them to your site, establish yourself as an authority, and a way to start nurturing a lead.

If you can see from the funnel that you wrote a great post and some people are starting to come to your site. Awesome, now what? Writing a blog post and expecting to make some sales isn’t enough. It can happen, but it usually takes a lot more effort.

Lead Nurturing

The next step is to nurture that prospect. There are a few ways to do this through different calls-to-action (CTA). At the end of the blog post, you have to offer the reader some more value. If they’ve made it through your entire post they obviously thought what you had to say was valuable. Don’t let them just read the post and leave. Turn them into a lead. No matter what it is, continue to offer the reader some value.

Making Contact

Once a reader has filled out a form, downloaded a free eBook or another offer, or has subscribed to our blog, then we consider them a lead. The first thing that happens after they have downloaded an offer, or made contact with us, is that they will receive an automated email. (Check out MailChimp, Aweber, or Constant Contact for automated email services)

The first email they receive doesn’t have to be much more than a “Thanks for downloading”. It can also help if you offer them something else. You can write in the email “since you downloaded the Smart Business Guide you may also like our Free Business Assessment.” The emails should be short and sweet, but keep the reader informed. You don’t have to go overboard either, and you don’t want to come off as spammy. A few (2-3) emails a month should be plenty. The best part about gaining an email address through your website is that you are building a sales lead list. If you continue to send useful, informative emails people won’t unsubscribe. They will actually look forward to your emails, you will continue to establish yourself as an authority, and you constantly stay on their radar.

Blog for Sales Summary

For purposes of this post, let’s assume that a lead turned into a sale. While essentially the blog post helped make that sale, it took a little bit of extra effort to turn the visitor into a lead, and eventually into a sale. It took writing quality posts, proper calls-to-action and lead nurturing, email marketing, and finally, a sales call.

Having a blog can help make sales, but you have got to be blogging the inbound marketing way! We have adopted a special methodology that helps target the right audience and blog post topics. From there we write relevant content, answer questions, and we turn visitors into leads and sales with CTAs and email marketing. This is an overly simplified explanation of how blogging the inbound marketing way works, but we hope that we have answered your question. Blogging will help your business make sales IF you do it right.

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