6 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugin Options for 2022

WordPress eCommerce plugin options add selling features to WordPress websites. With them, you can easily sell physical items, digital products, subscriptions, and memberships on WordPress in various ways. Some plugins insert “Add to Cart” buttons and a simple checkout to WordPress. Others integrate a sitewide storefront and shopping cart or let you manage members-only content sections.

Every WordPress eCommerce plugin provides essential sales functionality. All let you list some types of goods for sale, and accept secure online payments, charge taxes, and track sales and customer information. Where they differ is in specific features like managing shipping, members-only content, marketing features, cross-channel sales, and in some cases, cost.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugin Options

Picking the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for your startup or small business depends on what you’re selling and how you wish to sell it. Before researching plugins, it’s a good idea to list your business goals and must-have selling features. With your needs clearly defined, it’s easy to find a plugin that checks every box.

Before you start digging into the WordPress eCommerce plugins covered below, here are six questions to consider:

1. Do You Sell Goods That Ship?

WordPress storefront plugins provide detailed product pages, inventory controls, integrated shipping, marketing, and order management tools that help you run every aspect of your eCommerce business.

2. Plan to Sell Across Many Channels?

A few WordPress eCommerce plugins support multichannel sales on WordPress, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more—all from one central portal.

3. Are You Creating Digital Products for Download?

If you create and sell digital products like ebooks, whitepapers, photos, or podcasts, look for WordPress eCommerce plugins that manage digital files and customer downloads.

4. Is Your Focus Coaching, Lessons or Members-Only Content?

Plugins that let you assign members-only restrictions to certain content on your WordPress site are ideal solutions for these types of businesses.

5. Do You Sell Both Physical and Virtual Goods?

All-in-one WordPress eCommerce plugins support both physical and virtual sales so you can easily expand your business into multiple income streams.

6. Are Your Sales Needs Simple?

A simple “Add to Cart” button WordPress eCommerce plugin lets you collect payments for any type of service, take orders, and sell simple goods from your WordPress homepage, pages, or posts.

WP EasyCart: Most Economical All-in-One Plugin

You can sell anything on a WordPress website using the WP EasyCart storefront plugin, including physical products, digital goods, subscriptions, and memberships. WP EasyCart integrates beautifully with virtually all WordPress themes and works within the Gutenberg editor, too. So you can easily build beautiful, customized product and category pages to showcase your offerings. WP EasyCart works with any WordPress theme and with the new Gutenberg editor so you can create sleek product and category pages in a snap.

WP EasyCart Quick Facts:

  • Three plans: Free, $69, and $99 per year
  • Sell: Physical, Digital, Subscription, and Membership Products
  • Ease of use: Very easy
  • Free version: Sell physical goods and track inventory, orders, and customers
  • Paid versions: Sell all types of goods and add Facebook and Instagram sales, marketing tools, real-time shipping features, and more
  • Payment gateways: Square, PayPal, and Stripe in the free version; 30 more in the paid versions

The free version of WP EasyCart lets you sell physical goods that ship or are ordered for pickup. However, the free version adds a 2% fee to every transaction you process, and that’s on top of your payment processing fees. So WP EasyCart isn’t technically free, but you still get a ton of functionality at a very low cost. The 2% transaction fee goes away if you upgrade to a paid plan.

With WP Easy Cart’s paid plans, you can sell digital goods via download, manage subscription box shipments, and create access-only membership content on your WordPress website. Paid plans also add real-time shipping features to your checkout, more payment processing options, marketing features, QuickBooks integration, and much more.

The free WooCommerce storefront plugin powers more online stores than any other platform worldwide. There’s no question it’s a top solution, but it’s important to know that expanding WooCommerce functionality can get pricey. In fact, matching WP EasyCart’s $99 yearly plan will cost hundreds annually with WooCommerce.

That said, the free WooCommerce plugin excels for selling physical goods. Plus, the free plugin supports digital product sales, unlike WP EasyCart which requires a paid plan for digital sales.

Pair WooCommerce with a free WordPress eCommerce theme to launch a beautiful online store for little to no development costs. WooCommerce also pairs beautifully with most WordPress themes, and hundreds are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly for sitewide consistency.

WooCommerce Quick Facts:

  • Pricing: Base plugin is free, add-ons range from $19 to $199 per year or more
  • Sell: Physical, Digital, Subscription, and Membership Products
  • Ease of use: Easy to moderate
  • Free version: Sell physical and digital goods, track inventory, orders, and customers, print shipping labels, and offer coupons
  • Paid add-ons: Add subscription and membership sales, social selling, advanced product pricing, extended marketing tools, appointments, third-party services, and much more
  • Payment gateways: Square, PayPal, and Stripe integration is built-in, add many other gateways and online payment options via free and paid add-ons

If your sales needs are simple, say you sell only digital goods or a few physical products, WooCommerce can be overkill. However, WooCommerce’s infinite expandability fits many growth-minded sellers, which is why it’s so widely used.

Easy Digital Downloads: For No-Fuss Digital Sales

The lightweight, free Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin lets you sell all types of digital downloads directly from your WordPress site. It’s one of the best WordPress eCommerce plugin options for no cost. Digital files for podcasts, stock photography, ebooks, graphic templates, and whitepapers are all easy to organize, present, and sell using Easy Digital Downloads.

Once the plugin is installed, you create product pages for each digital item, upload the digital files, and you’re all set to sell. Easy Digital downloads offers two free themes to get you up and running fast, or just add the plugin to your existing WordPress site. 

Easy Digital Downloads integrates with any WordPress theme, or you can use the free or paid themes available on the plugin’s website. These themes are designed to showcase, organize, and market digital goods. If you’re new to setting up a digital sales site, Easy Digital Downloads themes are a quick, turnkey option.

Easy Digital Downloads Quick Facts:

  • Pricing: Base plugin is free, extended plans from $99 to $299 per year
  • Sell: Digital and Subscription Products
  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Free version: Sell digital download items
  • Paid plans: Add subscription sales, marketing tools, grouped and all-access passes to digital products, and more
  • Payment gateways: PayPal checkout is built-in, add other gateways and online payment options with paid plans

The free version of Easy Digital Downloads integrates with PayPal. For more payment options, you can move to a paid plan or add a paid extension. Paid plans also add marketing tools, including built-in email marketing, and let you sell subscriptions and members-only access to some or all of your digital goods.

BigCommerce: For Multichannel Sellers

BigCommerce is a departure from the way typical WordPress storefront plugins work. Most insert a store management system into WordPress, and you handle everything—products, orders, and customers—within the WordPress environment. BigCommerce works externally, which makes it very efficient for multichannel sellers.

With BigCommerce, you manage everything within the BigCommerce platform, not WordPress. From there, you can easily push products to your WordPress site and any other sales channels, including Amazon, Facebook Shop, Instagram, Pinterest, and eBay. This gives you streamlined, centralized control over products, inventory, orders, and customers no matter where you sell. The BigCommerce WordPress plugin works with all modern WordPress themes and within the Gutenberg editor. 

The standalone aspect of BigCommerce gives you extreme flexibility and growth potential. If Amazon is the place for you, you can easily sell there, yet have your own branded WordPress website with little extra effort. Likewise, you can easily push select products to social channels, or run test programs in new marketplaces in just a few clicks.

BigCommerce for WordPress Quick Facts:

  • Pricing: Plans from $29.95 to $249.95 per month; test-drive risk-free with a 15-day free trial
  • Sell: Physical, Digital, and Subscription Products
  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Free version: No free version
  • Paid versions: Base plan delivers all sales channels, marketing, and store management features; higher plans extend product and store management features
  • Payment gateways: Use the built-in PayPal gateway or connect the payment processor of your choice

Some plugins on our list, including WP EasyCart and WooCommerce, also offer multichannel sales capabilities. However, you’re either limited to a few channels or must stack multiple add-ons, which requires more oversight. BigCommerce makes it all seamless and extremely easy to manage, whether you’re selling on one or five different sales channels.

Unlike most plugins featured here, BigCommerce doesn’t offer a free solution at all. Its monthly plans start at $29.95 and go up to $249.95. The base plan supports all sales channels and delivers an impressive set of sales, store management, and marketing features for a low monthly fee. If a multichannel sales strategy is a core part of your plan, BigCommerce is worth the monthly cost.

MemberPress: For Membership Sites and Online Courses

MemberPress is specifically designed to help you run a membership site that charges fees for access to some—or all—of your WordPress website content. MemberPress is an ideal eCommerce plugin for any content-focused business catering to a paid subscriber base, selling online courses, and marketing members-only content. Themes designed to deliver course and lesson content pair beautifully with the MemberPress plugin.

The MemberPress plugin works with most WordPress themes. However, you can find plenty of eye-catching themes specifically designed for membership and lesson websites. These help you construct and organize your content in WordPress, connect it to MemberPress, and present it in a beautiful, user-friendly format.

MemberPress for WordPress Quick Facts:

  • Pricing: Annual plans from $149 to $349
  • Sell: Memberships, Subscriptions, and Digital Goods
  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Free version: No free version
  • Paid plans: Get total control over what WordPress content is accessible to members, set up membership levels, and process automatic membership payments; marketing tools and features increase with higher plans
  • Payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net

WordPress content like video lessons, interactive forums, articles, and digital downloads can all be locked behind MemberPress’s membership access gateway. This plugin gives you complete control over how access is set up, and you can even create different membership levels and assign level-specific content.

If you’re considering running any type of membership website for coaching, training, or club use, the MemberPress WordPress eCommerce plugin makes the entire process a breeze.

Simple PayPal Shopping Cart: For Basic Sales

Not every online seller needs multifaceted WordPress eCommerce plugin options. If you sell just a few items or services online, placing a simple “Add to Cart” button on your WordPress pages and posts might be all you need. The free Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is a sleek solution for basic online sales. With it, you can accept PayPal and credit card payments online, and track customers and sales all within PayPal.

Using this free eCommerce plugin, you simply drop an “Add to Cart” button anywhere on your WordPress site using a short code, then set pricing and details for each item. You can also place a shopping cart in the sidebar and send shoppers to a “Thank You” page upon checkout.

Simple PayPal Shopping Cart for WordPress Quick Facts:

  • Pricing: Free
  • Sell: Physical Goods, Digital Downloads, and Services
  • Ease of use: Easy
  • Free version: Place “Add to Cart” buttons to any WordPress post or page, set up item details, pricing, and variations, charge shipping, and track orders and customers
  • Paid plans: No paid plan
  • Payment gateways: PayPal

The fun thing about the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart WordPress eCommerce plugin is the total control you have over your sales pages. You can create one or several standalone product pages, sell items from blog posts, or incorporate products and buy buttons into sidebars or footers. You can even place sales videos on your home page and list products for sale beneath the video. Once you see how it works, the sky’s the limit.

Which Of The WordPress eCommerce Plugin Options Is Right for You?

By now, one or two WordPress eCommerce plugin options should stand out as a potential fit for your needs. There are other WordPress eCommerce plugins on the market. However, in our reviews, others simply don’t top those covered here in terms of features, user-friendliness, and cost.

MemberPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and Simple PayPal Shopping Cart are user-specific plugins. If your business is membership-based, or if you sell digital items or just a few services or products, those can handle the load.

WP EasyCart, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce are the multipurpose powerhouses of the bunch. You can sell a variety of physical and virtual goods using all three of these advanced WordPress eCommerce storefront plugins.

WP EasyCart is the most economical of the three since it delivers every feature at a lower cost than WooCommerce and BigCommerce. However, WooCommerce can support unlimited growth, making it the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin for a reason. Finally, BigCommerce can take your business across multiple sales channels with ease. The only sales method it doesn’t support is membership sites.

In the end, the best WordPress eCommerce plugin is the one that works best for you. Consider your selling must-haves, take a few plugins for a test drive, and you’ll be sure to settle on one that delivers results for your online business.

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