Workplace Diversity: Managers Should Seek Organizations that Promote Equality

Workplace diversity is and always will be an ongoing problem or topic of discussion for managers. How diversity is dealt with amongst fellow management and employees, education is passed throughout the company, and decisions based on diversity are all difficult for any manager. Every company is subjective in its interpretation of diversity, and that view helps in following through with the vision and creating mission statements. Most of the main diversity issues within companies are based on race, gender, age, religion, and many other factors.

Racial Injustice In The Workforce

Race still plays a major part in the workforce, although it seems to be on a “hush-hush” basis. Race seems to be portrayed as something that has been overcome and that no longer affects business decisions. However, it is still a major player. For a company to promote an intelligent, educated black woman before a white woman of the same caliber may cause some waves. For example, in a case study in Ethical Issues in Business, the decision to promote an educated, product knowledgeable candidate became a problem between two management officials. The main issue was that the employee was black. “This isn’t about market knowledge or ego. It’s about race. You’re concerned because Lewis is black, aren’t you?” (Gentile, 1991, 365).

As soon as someone challenges a decision of a manager and brings race into the picture, everything changes. As much as corporate America likes to shy away from racial discrimination occurring in their companies, it still does exist. The best way for a manager to deal with such diversity is to educate their employees on the company’s ethical decision policies and diversity involvement.

Managers should promote who is the best fit for the job no matter what race they may be. By continuously promoting the unexpected, it helps to take the shock out of fellow employees. Hopefully, by promoting enough people of different races, it won’t become an issue within a company. Managers who are struggling with diversity in the way of race can look to fellow companies for inspiration.

Gender Inequality Is Still A Problem In Today’s America

An additional issue that management has to deal with in regards to diversity in gender. Women seem to have as much stigma in the corporate world as employees of different races. One of the facts managers have to deal with when it comes to women is maternity leave. Women have been seamlessly entering the workforce at younger ages and therefore pose implications on the companies as well as management. Implications may include maternity leave and all aspects of childcare.

Managers need to find someone who can take over a workload for women who are out on maternity leave for an unspecified amount of time. In due time any woman who goes through and returns to work after maternity leave will have to jet out early to pick up a sick child, miss a day of work for a school play, attend parent-teacher conferences, etc. Managers may have a hard time dealing with this throughout their company because they may be used to a strictly male workforce and now need to integrate women, and their child devoted needs.

Managers have to decide when hiring women versus men if the overall investment is worth it in the long run. Women who decide to have children will have a shorter time in the workforce from a man based on maternity leave. Do managers have people to make up the time difference while women are out catering to their families?

Managers have many different ways of dealing with workplace diversity within their companies. One of the best solutions to dealing with it would be to educate your fellow employees and subordinates as best as possible on all issues of diversity. Any different aspect of diversity should not be hard for a manager to address. They should be extremely well versed and comfortable with dealing with diversity. Managers need to help release any stigmas that may still face their company in regards to race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, etc. With managers having complete control and all abilities to deal with diversity, it will make for a better workplace for all. There will also be no issues when certain people are promoted over others. Managers can also deal with diversity by attending and showcase diversity workshops. Anything is possible when diversity issues arise in a company; teaching and executing it to employees redefines management skills.

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