Your Blog Visitors And How To Serve Them

You often read this strong advice everywhere. But you mostly take it so generally. People instead of knowing correctly what are the needs of their blog visitors simply try to offer everything they can, hoping their visitors will pick from the offers what they want. The question is: what are the needs of your blog visitors?

This can be called gambling but not the business. If you hit the target you win, if you miss it you lose.

It never works in business. You must rightly hit the right target to must win. Right? This is called business strategy.

In every kind of business, only those products are sold which serve the needs of its customers. For example, a hot dog seller never sells eyeglasses also. In addition to hot dogs, he sells the things which serve the secondary needs of his customers. They may be water, tissue paper, sausages, coleslaw, and a cold drink. So it is a must to know the primary and secondary needs of your customers.

Basic Needs of Your Blog Visitors

In blogging things are a little more advanced. It is widely assumed that the primary needs of the visitors of a blog of a blogging niche are:

  • To know what is blogging?
  • How to start a blog?
  • How to write great content?
  • How to do SEO of your blog?
  • How to do social media optimization?
  • How to monetize your blog?

While their secondary needs may be:

  • What to research before starting a blog?
  • How to learn about to blog?
  • How to select a niche of your blog?
  • How to select the best blogging platform?
  • How to select the best blogging theme or template?
  • How to pick the best hosting company?
  • How to do keyword research?
  • How to do on-page SEO?
  • How to do off-page SEO?
  • How to create your own product?
  • How to sell your own product on your blog?
  • How to take your blog to the next level?

All bloggers of blogging niche try their best to serve these so-called primary and secondary needs of their blog visitors.

What do you mean by needs?

Here the main problem arises. They serve the needs in a very direct way. They actually offer the tools to serve the basic needs of their blog community.

Yes, you heard me right basic needs. All the above wants are not the needs. These are actually tools or ways or options to meet the basic needs of your blog visitors.

We mingle the concepts of wants, needs, desires, ambitions, goals, objectives, etc with each other.

So first we will try to define these terms on the basis of my past experience. These are not bookish definitions so you may contend with me if you are a little bookish.

Wants are the economic term and very generalized in nature. Whatever you require to spend your life is collectively called your wants.

Needs are your unavoidable wants which you must meet to spend your life. Their standard rises as the time gets to advance. In past conveyance was not the need, it was luxury but now it needs either it is public transport or your personal car. In the past, people used conveyance to enjoy traveling now people mostly use conveyance to cover distances. Right?

Desires are your wants either you can achieve them or not. They relate to your heart, dreams, and happiness. Winning the heart of the most beautiful girl is your desire, not they want or need. Right?

Ambition is the most generalized term which is like desire but you put yourself for its achievement. It is mostly used professionally. To become the top blogger in the world can be the ambition of your life.

The goal is the ultimate end where you want to reach after meeting your needs, fulfilling your desires and achieving your wants.

Objectives are small goals to ultimately achieve your main goal. To get one million monthly visitors could be your goal. Writing great content can be one of the objectives to achieve your goal.

We think now it is clear what your needs and you should not be confused by seeing so many terms of a similar nature. Once you get clear of the term “need” you will easily know what the basic needs of your blog visitors are.

Here are seven basic needs of your blog visitors. They are always vigorously passionate to meet them.

Let’s come to the topic again.

Your blog visitors do want products. They want information. They want tutorials. But these are the ways or tools to meet their basic needs.

This is not specific to the blogging niche only. Blog visitors of every niche have these 7 basic needs. So you should fully know them and then try to serve them.

Basic Needs of Your Blog Visitors: Solutions

Everyone faces a few problems in this world. These problems relate to his personal and professional life.

In their personal life, he has relationship problems, health problems, residential problems, financial problems, etc.

In professional life, he has workplace problems, career problems, learning problems, wage-related problems.

So people want solutions to their problems. This is their top need.

How to serve this need?

You first need to understand what the main problems of your blog visitors are.

Suppose you write a post on “how to earn big money in extra time”. If the highest number of visitors arrives at this post it means;

  • Present income of your visitors is not so high
  • Their income is high but their expenses are also higher
  • They don’t have any social security benefit and want to earn extra for their old age

So the appropriate solution to these three problems is all the tips, methods and ways to make your blog visitors earn big money in their extra time while continuing their present job or business.

The most practical solution to earn extra money is online earning. So you need to do extensive research to explore all the online earning methods that can serve one of the basic needs of your blog visitors.

There are also several other ways to know what are the main problems of your blog readers. You can know through comments on your blog, your interaction with them on social media and the emails you receive in response to your email marketing campaign.

Also, you can know the problems of your blog visitors by watching what your competitors are offering to their readers.

Nowadays in the blogging niche, the top 5 problems of bloggers are:

  • A confusion that if they really will earn big money from their blog
  • Uncertainty to become successful blogger after a lot of changes in SEO and content writing rules
  • No clear concepts to build a very engaging blog community
  • No knowledge to conceive a unique idea of a product to sell at their blog and earn money
  • No belief in quality and still follow the rule of quantity to win as a blogger

To explore the unique solutions of these 5 problems especially the ones that are not offered so far. Or improve the solutions which were offered by putting a fresh look in them to attract your readers’ attention.

Write list posts and how-to posts and offer unique solutions through them.

Simply repeating the top ten best blogging templates will not serve any need of your blog visitors.

It will simply remind them that this solution is also available to solve the problem of having no knowledge of the best blogging templates.

Basic Needs of Your Blog Visitors: Guidance

Once people have solutions they want to pick the best one of them. They want the best solution to completely and effectively solve their given problem. So they need guidance to pick the best solution without any mistake.

How to serve this need?

Here you need to point out which solution is the best for your blog visitors. In your list or how-to post, you can mention which solution is the best for whom and why.

For example, if a blog template is very colorful, lively and vocal it can be good for any niche related to teens. So mention which solution is the best in a given situation.

Bloggers want the best solution to solve their problems related to:

  • How to write a great and unique content?
  • How to get huge traffic in a short time?
  • How to earn huge money easily?

So you need to mention the best tip to write great content.

To offer the best solution you should also write:

  • Product review
  • Two-product comparison
  • Interview of an influence who is a huge fan of a given product
  • Expert roundup on a solution to a problem
  • Public opinion survey on a product

Basic Needs of Your Blog Visitors: Improvement

After picking the best solution to their given problem people want to be at a level where they never face the same problem again.

For example, if by getting the huge traffic they solve their problem of persistently low visitors to their blog then they want to maintain that traffic level at least.

So here the solutions relate to the continuous flow of value in their contents to retain the same number of visitors at least.

How to serve this need?

To retain the same level of blog traffic one must aim at a higher level or try to retain the present level at least. Here you can give them ideas to get more traffic, to write more contents, to bring more unique ideas.

So, MORE is the main tag word once you start serving the improvement needs of your blog visitors.

Basic Needs of Your Blog Visitors: Safety

Many people face a problem and then solve it and take some steps to never face it again. Some people don’t face a problem but look around so many people are facing it. So they want to stay safe from it. This is their basic need.

How to serve this need?

Simply tell them what they must do and should do to never face a problem. In terms of retaining the traffic level on their blog, you can offer them solutions:

  • To avoid Google penalty to retain traffic
  • To maintain their top page ranks
  • To keep a vigil on copycats
  • To never violate copyrights rules
  • To never make the big break in their posting schedule
  • Never become stereotyped while creating contents

Basic Needs of Your Blog Visitors: Expertise

People not only need the best solution but also want to know how to apply it to get the maximum results. They don’t want simply a premium product to do on-page SEO. They want complete guidance on how to install it and optimize it.

How to serve this need?

Write a tutorial to train your blog visitors on how to optimize a given blogging product and take its maximum benefits.

You are aware that basic knowledge of blogging is available for free. Now stiff competition lies in offering advanced level knowledge. People no more want to learn to blog because they have already learned it. Now people want to learn how to become a blogging superhero.

Basic Needs of Your Blog Visitors: Excellence

People want to achieve their goals with the least efforts.

Yes, once people get the expertise to fully optimize the best solution they want to become the biggest expert.

This is a very advanced level need but does include in the list of basic needs of your blog visitors.

Eventually, they will have this need so it is good to keep in mind from the beginning.

How to serve this need?

To serve this need you need to share:

  • An advanced version of every product you already shared
  • A further improved version of an idea which you previously have shared
  • Any new finding related to a post which you earlier have published

Basic Needs of Your Blog Visitors: Satisfaction

This is the concluding basic need of your blog readers. They want all their above needs are met in a balanced way to help them achieve their ultimate goal of blogging success.

How to serve this need?

Never compromise on quality and service all the above six needs for the maximum satisfaction of your blog readers.

Never assume that a little lower quality will work. People want to fulfill all the above needs in the best possible way.

So these are the 7 basic needs of your blog readers. You just need to understand their concept first and then try to know which one of them your blog readers badly need.

After that, you will better find the best solutions for them and create a very satisfied community of your blog. Once you achieve this goal, then selling any kind of product will not be a big problem for you. Bet.

Final Words

How did you find this post? Do you think we exaggerated somewhere? Or we unnecessarily dragged your point of view somewhere.

We are sure you will also reshare this post with your friends through social media to make them read it and take its full benefit.

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