25 Tips on How to Promote Your Business: Social Media, Expert Check, Unique Story, Facebook Livestream, Event Sponsorship, Paid Ads

Promoting your business requires proactive efforts and dedication. It is crucial to prioritize daily business promotion and not depend on others, regardless of the quality of your product or service. However, the repetitive nature of business promotion can lead to loss of motivation.

Here is a list of 25 tips on how to promote your business whether it is food delivery or Bitcoin wallet app, that will also fit any budget.

1. Leverage Social Media

Amanda Abella, Business Coach for Millennials, AmandaAbella.com

Promote yourself online via social media for initial contact, but focus on building your email list. Direct marketing to this list generates real money. Social media rules change, but having your own email list keeps your business secure. You can also meet people offline and add them to your email list using a mobile app.

2. Have an Expert Double-Check Your Social Media Campaigns

Troyauna Williams-Boyd, Fit Small Business

To give your promotional efforts a personal touch and maximize their reach, consider using a service like Mayple. It connects you with vetted marketing experts in your industry, providing you with professional insights.

3. Show What Makes You Different

Mark Aselstine, Founder, Uncorked Ventures

Show what makes you different. Use video. Show yourself and your story. One thing that makes small businesses different from larger businesses is that the small business owner literally touches every aspect of the business itself. People are buying a product, but they’re also investing in you instead of the big box store down the street. Using video to tell your tale will dramatically increase conversion rates and lower customer churn.

4. Make Use of Facebook Livestream

Keenya Kelly, Strategic Brand Advisor, Keenya Kelly LLC

This is a quick way to reach your target audience and promote your products or services without spending on ads. Your audience can share your live streams, helping you reach your ideal client more efficiently. Comments provide additional content for future live streams. By addressing questions and comments, you can focus on your client’s pain points and how you can solve them by listening to their feedback.

5. Sponsor Relevant Events

Sumit Bansal, Founder, Trump Excel

Attending business events or conferences can promote your brand and generate leads. Companies often have the chance to speak as sponsors, allowing them to pitch their products/services and create awareness. Offering deals and discounts to attendees can help increase leads and sales.

6. Use Paid Social Media Ads

Photo by dole777

Brian Carter, CEO, The Brian Carter Group

they usually received, and increased sales by 30 percent for Blue Apron. Without using social ads, these businesses would have missed out on significant growth and success.

CareerBuilder could generate affordable customers for ThePerfectWorkout.com and drive leads and email growth for tubotowels.com, bulkbookstore.com, and others. Social ad campaigns typically boost social media results by 30-40% based on the budget. To stay competitive, using ads on social media is crucial if your competitors are doing so.

7. Start a “National Day of… ME”

Dr. Ty Belknap, Professional Life Coach and CEO, MyCoach.Life

Create a “National Day of… ME.” There are no regulations or restrictions on creating these events, so you can create a “National Day of {my business or service}” any way you like. It is a creative, unique way of promoting you and your company.

8. Invest in Beautiful Printed Materials

Victoria Weber, Founder, Mermaid Stories

People still enjoy paper, particularly if it has a unique texture or format. High-quality business cards and glossy flyers can enhance your brand. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially when a beautiful brochure serves as someone’s first impression of you, particularly if they haven’t met you before.

9. Ask for Referrals from Your Most Satisfied Customers

Dawn Verbrigghe, Founder and CEO, Jottful

Half of our business comes from customer referrals, which we actively seek. To increase your own referrals, start by sending a Net Promoter Score survey to identify your biggest fans. Reach out to these customers, have a personal conversation, and remember to ask for referrals before ending the conversation.

Tell the customer who would make a good prospect for you and how they should make the connection. Many customers don’t realize your business serves industries other than theirs, so be prepared to give some examples to get them thinking about the possibilities.

10. Encourage User-Generated Content

Kristine Neil, Owner & Creative Director, Markon Brands

Brands should aim to create a clever method to promote user-generated content on social media. By having the audience post about the brand, they become mini-influencers, spreading content to their social networks and potentially driving traffic to the brand’s website.

This is marketing that leverages the power of human networks facilitated by technology, and it’s really the best of both. Each post is another link living on the web about your brand, so encourage users to include a link back to your website and to tag your company, of course! People will never stop craving good stories.

11. Join a Chamber of Commerce and Host a Grand Opening or Event

Steve Turner, Principal, Solomon Turner PR

This tactic guarantees 100+ footfall and publicity through the chamber’s online newsletter. Hold a contest to collect valuable email addresses, enabling you to add them to your list, send newsletters, arrange meetings (for B2B companies), provide electronic coupons, and share promotional content. Additionally, share event photos on social media.

12. Build and Respect Every Contact

Matthew Leuschner, Managing Director, Gopher

Business is about relationships. It’s one thing to be nice. It’s a whole other thing to have mutual respect and concern for everyone who crosses paths with your business. With that said, always follow up and push relationships that are beneficial to your business going forward. Be a man/woman of your word.

13. Turn Your Website into a Destination

Eric Johnson, Digital Content Creator, FeedbackWrench

To promote your business online, focus on making your website a destination. Social media trends and marketing methods constantly change, but providing value to visitors remains constant. This ensures repeat traffic and success.

14. Splinter Your Main Package into Smaller Ones

Tarren Munoz, Media Marketing Consultant, Zelus Media Marketing

A good promotion strategy involves offering smaller packages to attract new customers and then upselling them to the main package. Use Facebook and Instagram ads to showcase these offers. It’s important to warm up the Facebook pixel with link clicks and views before making modifications and scaling.

15. Make Use of Video Marketing Platforms to Create Video Advertisements

Photo by Szabo Viktor

Sabrina Kostusiak, Community Manager, BeeRoll

Video ads are popular and captivating, but creating and targeting them is costly and time-consuming.

BeeRoll, a video marketing platform, aims to make video marketing accessible to all businesses. They utilize videos made by brand fans to create ads, website content, and social media posts. These videos resemble Instagram Stories and feel like personal recommendations rather than advertisements.

BeeRoll content is cheaper and quicker to make than regular ads, as fans create the videos. They also get more online engagement because they feel authentic. This type of video marketing can help small businesses grow through affordable online promotions.

16. Try Your Hand at Animated Explainer Videos

Jack Anzarouth, President, Digital Ink Marketing

An animated explainer video is a popular way to explain complex services. It holds attention longer than live-action videos and can be easily shared. It allows for effortless explanation of complex subjects through animation.

17. Get Free Publicity by Supporting a Cause

Bijan Abdi, President, and CEO, Freedom National Insurance Services

To boost your small business’s visibility, think creatively about offline activities. Seek free publicity by sponsoring events or supporting a cause, which can garner media attention. Reach out to local newspapers, TV, and radio stations to share details about your community involvement and unique offerings.

18. Start a Direct B2B Sales Call Campaign

Rob Braiman, Founder and CEO, Cogent Analytics

Our consulting firm has found B2B calling to be the best way to start relationships. Our team of trained professionals are compensated with salary and bonuses.

Appointments are set for our skilled sales team, who excel at matching Cogent Analytics services to boost client profitability. Companys’ hyper-growth lies in training and nurturing leadership, fostering confidence, permission, perseverance, authority, and passion.

19. Start a Weekly Webinar

Shaan Patel, Founder and CEO, Prep Expert

At Prep Expert, our key promotional tool is our weekly webinar. I host a free class sharing ten tips for students to prepare for SAT/ACT, win scholarships, and improve their chances of getting into their dream school. The webinar drives traffic through our Facebook ads, retargeting, email blasts, and AdWords.

The end result? Consistent sales revenue via the webinar’s exclusive coupon code and week-to-week traffic measurement (including both sign-ups and attendees). We use this data to gauge overall user engagement and revenue patterns throughout the year.

20. Make Sure Your Business Is Visible in Local Searches

Brian Dooley, Founder, Independence Digital

Claim or create a Google My Business listing for small businesses promptly. These listings and reviews are more valuable than a good website with SEO, as they appear first in search results. By managing their reputation and showcasing positive reviews and ratings, businesses can enhance credibility. Adding attractive photos and videos will help their listing stand out. Service industries can also utilize this service without an address.

21. Add a Direct Mail Campaign to Your Promotional Strategy

Dennis Kelly, CEO, Postalytics

More businesses are using email and postal mail together to overcome inbox saturation. Studies show that consumers receive over 80 emails daily, while business people receive over 120.

Direct mail automation tools help marketers send direct mail alongside their email campaigns. Combining direct mail and email can significantly boost response rates for lead generation, event marketing, customer on-boarding, and win-back campaigns. The best results are achieved by integrating digital and physical messages.

22. Get Support from Your Local Radio Station

Photo by Fringer Cat

Carla Williams Johnson, Media Marketing Specialist, Carli Communications

It is crucial to choose a radio station that is aligned with your target audience. However, with so many stations out there, market research will play an important role in identifying which will be a good fit for your business. The best way to use radio, however, would be to invest in a sponsored segment.

Some stations have existing segments for sponsorship, but they can also create one tailored to your target audience. This allows you to provide important information associated with your business. It keeps your brand in the consumer’s mind, linked to something valuable. Consistency is key, so choose a specific day and time for your branded segment.

23. Actively Network to Get More Exposure

Robyn Lanci, Owner, Owl PR

Networking is a great way to promote your products. It allows you to meet new people and gain exposure, but don’t hard-sell yourself. Let it happen naturally. Give free advice to position yourself as an authority in your industry.

Join local Facebook groups, attend meetings and events. Investing time in business development is crucial. My networking efforts have led to two clients and a referral for a consulting project.

Davis Lin, Founder, Client Acquisition Lab

To gain credibility and visibility, aim to be featured in relevant media outlets. Help-A-Reporter-Out (HARO) connects journalists with expert sources, making it easier to establish authority in your market.

I found a media outlet on HARO seeking business owners to share how they use their websites. I submitted my pitch, got accepted, and was featured in their article. The key to HARO is finding a relevant query and submitting your best idea to benefit your business.

25. Become a Trusted Resource in Facebook Groups

Gigi Rodgers, Contract Social Media Strategist, Puck’n Khaos

Don’t rush to sell or promote products in Facebook groups. Instead, provide valuable resources, updates, and strategies related to your niche. Be helpful and build trust with the group. Soon, you’ll be recognized as a reliable source for your service without needing to sell anything.

Nedelina Payaneva, Digital Marketing Specialist, Asian Absolute

Contacting popular bloggers in your industry can help promote your business online. If you can contribute valuable content to their posts, consider collaborating with them. Offer your services as a guest blogger, especially if you have writing experience.

Over to You

Today, many platforms and avenues exist for business promotion. However, skilled marketers can choose the most effective ones that suit their budget. Use these tips to discover your own strategies. Share your tips in the comments.

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