How Many Times Does Google Change Their Algorithm?

How many times does Google change their algorithm? Google reported over 3,000 search enhancements in 2018, more than eight times as many as the upgrades made in 2009, which was less than ten years ago, and an average of about nine each day. How have algorithm updates changed over the last ten years, and how do we keep track of them all? Should we attempt it at all? How do we check in to see if our rank has stayed steady amongst all the new updates?

Here is a list of every verified count we have to get things started:

  • 2 major updates so far in 2023
  • 10 major updates in 2022
  • 14 major updates in 2021
  • 4 major updates in 2020
  • 7 major updates in 2019
  • 3,234 “improvements” in 2018
  • 2,453 “changes” in 2017
  • With 1,653 “improvements” in 2016,
  • 890 “improvements” in 2013.
  • 665″ premieres in 2012
  • 538 “launches” in 2011
  • 516 “changes” in 2010
  • 350–400 “changes” in 2009

We regrettably lack verified data for the years 2014–2015.

A Basic Overview of Update Counts

It wasn’t a precise number, but considering that SEOs at the time were only monitoring dozens of algorithm updates, the thought of about one change every day was the gaze. Our first look into this data occurred in the spring of 2010 when Google’s Matt Cutts stated that “on average, tends to roll out 350-400 things per year.”

It’s terrible that some of the earlier years are only accessible via the Internet Archive, but here’s a snapshot from 2012: Later, Google would provide comparable statistics in an online tool called “How Search Works.”

Is there a change in the Google algorithm?

We can perform some lengthy comparisons because MozCast has used the same set of keywords virtually since the very start of the data collection. Five years’ worth of temperature data. It should be noted that the system was first set (in early 2012) to a temperature of 70°F on average. The temperature is indicated by how red the bar is; but, more lately, there have been indications of cooling.

Are there truly nine updates each day?

There are only 8.86, so you may relax now. I see, you probably didn’t mean that. Matt Cutts stated something quite intriguing even back in 2009, but it seems to have gotten lost in the mists of time.

“We might group together and do weekly meetings where we discuss eight, ten, twelve, or six different initiatives that we would like to launch, but if those are authorized, they will roll out as we can put them into production.”

We conducted algorithm flux research in 2016 that revealed a weekly trend that was noticeable during more pronounced periods of ranking shifts.

Do these algorithm updates all matter?

Some adjustments are minor. Many upgrades may not even be what those of us in the SEO profession would classify as “algorithm updates”; they may instead be new features or UI modifications. There are many moving aspects that could use fixing and improvement when SERP verticals and features change and new ones are added. You might not want to worry about all these if you’re just looking to maximize your eCommerce SEO strategy.

For instance, over the past two to three years, there has been a definite acceleration in a change in local SEO. Therefore, it makes sense that the total rate of change will accelerate.

Why It’s Important to Follow Google Algorithm Changes?

Even though Google update history is known, it’s not meant to penalize websites. Rather, they are meant to reward those who offer useful content and a positive user experience. Google is constantly working to improve its search results by removing websites that employ “black hat” or dishonest SEO tactics in order to rank higher. Therefore, an algorithm update may benefit or harm you:

  • Ranking and visibility in searches
  • Traffic from organic search and back links
  • Conversions
  • Income from investment (ROI)
  • Revenue.

What to Do When Google Updates Its Algorithm?

By concentrating on SEO principles and abstaining from any violations of the Google Webmaster Rules, it is always preferable to reduce your chances of being significantly impacted by an update. However, don’t panic if you still contrive to offend Google.

If you think you’ve been impacted by a Google algorithm update, don’t freak out and take rash action. Keep in mind the update and not some other problem has affected you by carefully evaluating the situation, gathering data, and making sure. Check out what reliable specialists, such as our screened Play Media SEO consultant, have to say by doing some research.


Every year, Google upgrades its algorithms hundreds of times. These modifications will help marketers and companies better understand what they need to do to maintain Google’s favor. Although it’s not necessary to keep track of every change, being aware of the key ones will help you concentrate on what Google needs to see. And to modify your SEO tactics properly to maintain your position in the SERPs.

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