How to Leverage Google Trends for Keyword Insights

While many Seo professionals know Google Trends is an essential tool, not many of them have exploited the full potential of this tool. This is despite the fact that it enables you to explore the more than 100 billion monthly searches on Google.

Google Trends will also show you what people are searching for depending on the time, location, and season. The information can, therefore, help generate keywords for your content strategy.

Google Trends shows keyword data

If you are unsure how you can use Google Trends for keyword research, here are some great ways:

See The Keyword Search Volume

Keyword search volume refers to the number of searches that were made at a particular time. If you rank well for a keyword with a high search volume, you will get a bigger traffic to your site. Good trends can show you interest in a keyword over a period of time. It will even show if this interest is increasing or decreasing.

Determine Seasonality

Another important metric you can see on Google Trends is the seasonality of a keyword. This can help you change your content strategy to meet the demands of particular seasons. 

For instance, you will find the demand for Christmas tree peeks during Christmas. When you understand such trends, you can plan in advance and take advantage of increased interest during certain seasons.

Staying on top of trends can help you attract more customers. Google Trends will show you the trending topics and keep track of the traffic. Finding trending topics can help you plan your content, see unique angles, and remain relevant as a brand.

Monitor Your Competition

Google Trend Report can show you how your brand competes against other brands. You can compare your site head-to-head with other sites to see their respective performances. When you analyze what is trending, you can see what is working for them and what isn’t.

There are many benefits of keyword research. Sometimes, keywords may be linked to your business, but you aren’t targeting them. When you search your keywords on Google Trends, you will see related keywords at the bottom of the page. The tool will also show you terms closely related to the keyword you are searching for.

 These are great keywords for creating blog posts, videos, or social media posts. You will definitely need to research these keywords more. However, the topics will help you find keywords that would otherwise be hard to discover.

Find Breakout Keywords

When you check Google trend data, you will notice that it sometimes replaces a percentage with the term breakout. What this indicates is that Google doesn’t have enough data on the keyword. But if a keyword is indicated as “breakout,” it means it’s growing by over 5000%. 

Google Trends will show breakout keywords

These can be good keywords to target, as not many sites may be targeting them. You can easily get on Google’s first page before the keyword goes mainstream.

Discover Local Search Keywords

If you have a business serving a particular region. You can use Google Trends to check people’s interest in that keyword by subregion. You can also use this feature to find keywords you can target for local seo. 

For instance, if your site sells workout equipment and you want to target a keyword on around-home workouts, you will need to find out how many people in your city are interested in the keyword.

Find Completely New Keywords

You can also use Google Trends to find what people are searching for in 24 hours. However, you should remember that these keywords are usually a short-term fad. In most cases, they are not even worth targeting them. But once in a while, you will come across a keyword that is worth targeting.

However, some keywords can create an impression that they are doing well but don’t perform well. When you use such keywords in your content, they don’t add a lot of difference. These are referred to as unicorn keywords.

Most of the keywords with high volume and low competition are of this nature. Since these keywords don’t last long, they don’t help your website traffic. You can use Google Trends to filter out such kinds of keywords.

Get LSI Keywords

Google Trends can also help you get keywords to target in your articles. When you click on related topics and queries, you will find keywords that Google considers closely related to your target keywords. When you add these terms to your content, you can rank them on top of your main keyword.

Google Trends can show LSI keywords

Create Topic Clusters

You can use the “related queries” and “related topics” sections for keyword research. These will also help you create topic clusters. By topic cluster, we mean a group of related topics centered around a main topic, also known as pillar content.

When you do it correctly, topic clustering adds a strong structure for internal linking. This helps to organize your site logically, which will please users and Google, too. You can find specific interests within a broader category when you put a keyword in Google Trends.

Enhance Your YouTube Strategy

Google Trends can also show you popular topics on YouTube. Start by analyzing the overall trend of the topic. You can then review the related topics to find the most popular channels. You can use the related topics to brainstorm keyword ideas for your channel.


Google Trends is an excellent way of analyzing the popularity of a  keyword term. This tool lets you determine user behavior, see historical data, determine search volumes, become a Google ads guru and do much more. Therefore, if you would like to uncover great keywords to use for your SEO, you should not ignore Google Trends.

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