Moz Identifies Long-Tail Keywords For Your SEO Success

Being able to rank highly for popular keywords is one of the largest barriers to expanding your business online. It can seem like an impossible dream to get your wonderful URLs to appear in those valuable top places and to attract a sizeable share of the traffic resulting from the search queries. Especially if you’re working on a very new site on a tight budget in a crowded market. In order to start attracting visitors to your website that are primed and prepared to convert, we’ll walk you through the bronze, silver, and gold levels of finding, evaluating, and targeting long-tail keywords that Moz identifies.

What are long-tail keywords?

The numerous bizarre and interesting ways that the various people of the world look for what they’re looking for in any given specialty are referred to as the “long tail of search.” Don’t just limit your search too broad, general “head” terms like “web design,” “camera,” or “sailor moon” if you’re looking for shiny, smiling, daily, ordinary, muesli-eating, bogie-picking, credit-card-toting folks.

Before summoning the bravery to commit and convert on your website, they refine their quest with emotional responses, technical words they have learned from reading forums, and value and feature comparisons.

Apply your understanding of the industry:

It’s time to use your extensive industry knowledge, jot down some thoughts, and consider the intent and typical misunderstandings. Since we’re interested in pearls, or freshwater pearls, we’ll utilize it as our example for the post’s head term.

You may now find more inspiration by manually putting your phrase into Google and asking it to propose some of the most popular options as we’ve done below:

1. Examine the terminology used in social media

Find out what people are talking about on social media by exploring your keyword on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Join the over-sharers. These are the subjects in your specialty that people are currently debating.

2. Pose keyword-related queries?

You’ll undoubtedly note that just to prank you all, we inserted a question mark to a sentence that is not a question. Please excuse the unclear internal reading voice upward inclination. Your preferred keyword categories would be questions. What!? You don’t have a favorite kind of keyword? You do now, believe us. In addition to having a ton of questions, Answer the Public also has a toothpick guy waiting for you to make an impression on him.

3. Silver medal: Analyze demand and research subjects

It looks good thus far. However, our attention has been on locating keywords, seizing them, and storing them in our database like colored glass at the shore. You’ll have to get a keyword tool to fully go into the long tail of your topic. Finding themes in your niche that offer a genuine possibility for your website is made much easier with the help of this.

When using a keyword explorer for the first time, you can conduct two free searches each day without logging in; however, you can conduct a few more searches with a Community account and many more with a Moz Pro membership.

4. Identify your competitors for the gold medal

We don’t live in a vacuum. Someone is constantly attempting to push their way to the front page. Avoid making the mistake of assuming that simply because it’s a long-tail phrase with a large amount of search volume, clicks will start pouring in.

If the phrases you want to target already have well-known performers leading the charge, this may require changing your strategy. You must be able to outperform your rivals in order to benefit from targeting the long tail.

5. Again, Keyword Explorer saves the day

Perform a search and select “SERP Analysis” to view the results page, authority metrics, and social media activity. The Difficulty score is determined using all organic results indicators, including Page Authority. Priority is the total of all the other indicators. This should definitely be higher. You’ll start yearning for a keyword list or two after a few KWE searches. You’ll need a paid membership for this or a 30-day free trial of Moz Pro.

6. Platinum level: If lied, there is one more level!

We’re going to give you a bonus tip as a thank you for reading this post to the conclusion, all you lovely overachievers out there. You are aware of your opponents since you have done all the sleuthing around on them. As a result of your keyword research, you are aware of the best keywords to use to start generating visitors with high intent.

You must now produce compelling, reliable, and excellent content. Rand’s 10x Whiteboard Friday is the greatest place to start if you want to understand how and why you must do this.

Finishing up

The long tail in your sector is made up of a wide range of different keyword phrases that are frequently simpler to rank for and reveal higher searcher intent. If you target them instead of just the head, you’ll discover that you can start to rank for related phrases more quickly. You won’t need to resort to using link bait. Additionally, if you receive the proper signals over time, you’ll be able to rank for terms with greater difficulty. Really lovely, huh?

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