Pinterest Ads VS Facebook Ads: Comparison & Tips

Pinterest ads VS Facebook ads. What distinguishes the two? How are they different, and which is better for advertisers in 2023? Both options are subject to debate, and marketers often declare one superior to the other. However, since each has different courses of action and services to offer none can truly be granted superiority over the other. Selling your goods or services is a perfect way to market yourself or your business. We’re going to compare both Pinterest ads and Facebook ads so that you can decide which one best suits the goals of your own marketing campaign.

What Is the Process for Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads now come in many different forms. You can advertise your Page, postings on your Page, user activity, or even your website. You can still be successful in directing viewers to your website despite Facebook’s increasing emphasis on native ads and keeping users on its platform.

Images, videos, carousels (multiple images), Instant Experiences, and collections are just a few of the ad forms available. Users are shown targeted Facebook adverts based on their location, demographics, and profile data. Many of these choices are restricted to Facebook only.

You establish a budget and place a bid for each click or thousand impressions after designing an advertisement. Then, users see your adverts in the Facebook newsfeed or sidebar.

In general, as marketers, our major objective is to increase traffic to our own websites. While increasing your Facebook following is fantastic, your chances of success are most when you direct visitors to your website, where you have complete control over the medium.

While Facebook’s other ad alternatives are wonderful for increasing brand recognition and engagement, direct-response advertisers still prefer advertising that sends consumers off the platform in order to close deals.

How do Pinterest Ads work?

A social media platform and search engine combined, Pinterest enables users to find, bookmark, and share fresh concepts. Businesses and companies can advertise on Pinterest to draw more customers to their products.

Promoted Pins are another name for Pinterest ads. As part of retargeting ads, Pinterest displays Promoted Pins depending on the interests, prior behavior, and website actions of its users.

Pinterest is a potent marketing tool that understands its audience thanks to the integration of a search engine and social media, for example, curating taste or spotting trends before they arise.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Let’s talk about the benefits of employing Facebook ads for your company.

Wide-ranging Customer Reach

With over 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most widely used social media site. It generates more statistics and numbers than you can find in a real store.

Facebook advertisements are the most effective technique to reach the proper target audience and broaden your reach internationally to other audiences.

Skills for Targeting & Conversions

Facebook provides more than just a scrollable feed. Businesses and brands can use Facebook Pixel, which lets owners track what people do after viewing their ads across several devices. By monitoring Facebook ads, you can discover who becomes a customer. Simply add Facebook Pixel to the website pages where conversions are visible.

Facebook Ads Manager

A fantastic tool that promotes transparency and clarity is the Facebook Ads Manager. They offer a variety of tools that let you examine the effectiveness of your campaigns and see how your target market responds to your advertising.

To check and evaluate your spending and the results you are getting from your Facebook ads campaigns, you can keep an eye on their progress. Facebook Insights statistics also allow you to compare paid and organic posts side by side. As a result, you are better able to plan your marketing going forward.

Negative aspects of Facebook ads

Ad approval is necessary: Every advertisement that wants to run on Facebook must first pass a strict vetting process. If a commercial is deemed offensive or upsetting, it may not run. These clearances may require up to 24 hours in some circumstances. Therefore, while they wait, business owners may find it frustrating.

Pay to Play is Still Current: In terms of “pay to play” on Facebook and Instagram, after your campaign is over, your ad will virtually vanish from all ad placements. In other words, as soon as you cease making payments, your adverts will rapidly lose engagement.

Facebook Ads Require a Significant Investment: Really, you shouldn’t let Facebook and Instagram advertising run unattended for very long. Because there are so many variables at play, it’s critical to monitor the effectiveness of your advertisements. Your advertisements could rapidly become a time and money waste if you don’t keep a tight eye on them.

Benefits of Pinterest Ads

These are the main factors to think about when using Pinterest ads to grow your company and increase brand recognition.

After the Campaign Ends, Your Ads Will Continue to Run

The biggest benefit of Pinterest is that your promoted pin will remain on the site indefinitely after your paid campaign has ended. Long after your paid campaigns have ended, your promoted pins will still be visible on your Pinterest profile and may even appear in users’ feeds.

Drive Traffic to External Sites More Easily

It is simpler to direct traffic to its main sources using Pinterest Ads. This is because every image you place on a Pinterest board is automatically linked to its primary source.

If you want to try advertising your products, services, or landing pages, Pinterest allows you to do it easily.

Increased conversion rate

The conversion rate for Pinterest ads is higher than that of other social media networks. More than 50% of Pinterest users have bought something they saw there. Nearly 90% of Pinterest users intend to use the site to buy offline goods.

Up your brand’s participation

Due to the fact that Pinterest users save pins for later use, the promoted pins have an interaction rate of 2 to 5%. An average of 30% of the engagement from promoted pin campaigns goes to the brand.

Negative aspects of Pinterest ads

Pinterest Might Not Be Right for Your Brand: Pinterest is a fantastic choice for e-commerce companies and companies that market to wealthy millennial women. So, depending on who your firm is attempting to reach, this might be a pro or a con. Between the ages of 25 and 50, women make up the majority of Pinterest users. These female pinners primarily look for family-friendly activities, DIY projects, fashion, and cosmetic advice.

Authentic Pin Images Only: Because Pinterest is a visual search engine, graphics design is quite important. Your pin designs must be original photographs if you want to use Pinterest adverts. That means you cannot make use of unpaid stock photos. The photographs’ copyright must belong to you.


After reading these articles, you should have a general idea of what you need to consider to better understand Pinterest VS Facebook ads. Of course, there will always be some differences between each platform, but hopefully, this guide that explains these platform-specific marketing tactics will help you make the best choice for your pins or contests.

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