Trending Instagram Comments Ideas For 2023

Do you want to leave a lasting impression on your instagram followers? If so, your comments on their posts can make all the difference. But what kind of comments should you leave? And how can you make sure they’re noticed?

This article discusses the instagram.comments ideas that will leave a lasting impression. We will also share some tips on writing thoughtful, engaging and memorable comments. 

So whether you’re looking to build relationships with your followers, boost engagement, and spread positivity , read on for inspiration. 

Here are some questions to consider as you write your IG comments:

  • What do you like about photo or video
  • What can you offer in terms of support, encouragement or humor?
  • How can you make your comment stand out from the crowd? 

If you take the time to write thoughtful comments that show you care about what they’re sharing, they’ll be more likely to appreciate it. 

So next time you;re scrolling through instagram, take a moment to think about your comments. What can you say that will leave a lasting impression? 

Short And Sweet Comments For Instagram


  • I am living my best life. 
  • Sunsets and grains. 
  • Weekend energy.
  • Dreams are to be pursued one step at a time. 
  • Creating memories that will last a lifetime. 
  • I’m thankful for tiny things.
  • Adventure is waiting.
  • Happiness spread like wildfire.😄💕”
  • “Feeling  fortunate and  appreciative.🙏🌈”
  • “Love and joking everywhere! 😍❤️”

Witty And Clever Comments For Instagram

 Here are some witty and clever comments for Instagram:

  • “I came, I saw, I double-tapped.”
  • “I am here for this post because it is giving me life.”
  • “I was going to get some work done today, but then I saw your post.”
  • “The scroll-olympic record for liking this has been broken!”
  • “Hashtags are cool because they resemble waffles.”
  • “This post just improved my day by 137%.”
  • “You posted this just when I thought I’ve seen it all, I said!”
  • “Your captions ought to carry a ‘Genius Alert’ warning, someone said.”
  • “Your inventiveness could power a tiny city.”
  • “I’m convinced your brain is a factory for making internet memes.”
  • “I don’t envy your post. Okay, just a little bit. “
  • “You’d own Fort Knox, if puns were gold coins.”
  • “This post chose me:I didn’t choose to like it.”.”
  • “I adore the internet because of the things you write. There’s no rush.”

These comments suit the context of the post and your relationship with the person posting. Be respectful and have fun spreading some wit and cleverness!

Inspirational And Motivational Comments For Instagram 

Here are some inspirational and motivational comments that you can use for Instagram:

  • “Your tenacity is unbreakable. Dreams should never be abandoned.
  • Instead than waiting for chances to come to you, make them. You can do this.
  • Accept the difficulties since they are stepping stones to achievement.
  • “If you believe in yourself, you’ll be surprised by what you can accomplish.”
  • The closer you get to excellence, the more steps you take. Continue forward!”
  • “Your upbeat disposition spreads quickly. Keep shining that light, please.
  • “Overcome your anxieties and doubts. “You’re destined for greatness!”
  • “In the middle of challenges, there is incredible growth. Keep pushing!”
  • “While your trip may be challenging, you are also. “Go on!”
  • “A single step is all it takes to succeed. Step forth in confidence.
  • “The only boundaries there are are those you impose on yourself.”
  • “You have the ability to make your dreams come true. Continue to believe!”
  • “Your tenacity in the face of difficulties is truly admirable.”
  • “The world requires your skills and interests. “Keep shining!”
  • Every day is an opportunity to improve oneself to the fullest.
  • “Your fortitude and strength serve as an example to all of us. “Go on!”

Adapt these comments to suit your style and add a touch of personalization. 

Funny And Thought-Provoking Comments Ideas For Instagram 


Here are some funny and thought-provoking comments you can use for Instagram:

  • I’m just giving my thoughts some time to simmer, not stalling.
  • There are too many open tabs in my brain, and they’re all buffering.
  • I’ve figured out how to travel through time, and the key word is procrastination.
  • I’m just in energy-saving mode; I’m not being lazy.
  • “I eat food when I see it. That’s how I think. That’s just my appetite, though, so no.
  • “Life is too short to spend it solely in seriousness. Let’s add a little humor to it!”
  • The saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm; I’m returning to bed for bacon.”
  • “I thought I wanted a career, but it turns out I just wanted a paycheck.”
  • “My room is not disorganized; rather, it is an exercise program for me.”
  • I’m just expressing why I’m right; I’m not arguing.
  • Every great person has a lot of coffee in them, according to the saying.
  • “I’m eating only seafood. When I see food, I consume it.
  • “Ask for tequila and salt if life gives you lemons!”
  • I would concur with you, but then we would both be mistaken.
  • I once attempted to act normally. My worst two minutes ever.

Use these comments in a lighthearted and friendly manner. 

Instagram Comments Ideas For Girls 2023

Here are some Instagram comments ideas for girls in 2023:

  • “Your fashion is always spot on!”
  • “You’re shining today more than the sun!”
  • “Your confidence is beautiful!”
  • This image is deserving of a million likes.
  • Wow, you’re really killing it.
  • “Pure beauty both inside and out!”
  • “Your smile has the power to light up the entire world!”
  • “You’re rocking the boss babe look!”
  • “Glowing with grace and optimism!”
  • Your feed is an absolute inspiration.
  • “Stay radiant and fantastic!”
  • “For girls all over the world, you are a true role model.”
  • “All the way beauty queen vibes!”
  • “I can’t stop reading your incredible posts!”
  • “Your enthusiasm is infectious!”
  • “Your smile gives me happiness every day!”
  • “You spread happiness wherever you go!”
  • “Your self-assurance is inspiring! “
  • “Beauty and intelligence make a potent combination!”
  • “Your posts always make my day happier!”
  • “You’re living proof that dreams do come true!”
  • “Welcome to life with grace and style!”

Spread positivity and kindness in your interactions on social media!

Instagram Comments Ideas For Group Photos


Creating fun and engaging comments for group photos on Instagram can make your posts more interactive and enjoyable for your followers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Team goals! 
  • One for all and all for one. 
  • What a picture-perfect group.
  • The company of wonderful people brings me joy.
  • Magic happens when the crew gets together!
  • No one understands me as well as my buddies do. 
  • Be around people who will help you soar higher.
  • With a friend on your side, life is better.
  • Laughing with an incredible group. 
  • Friendship is what keeps the world turning.
  • Every minute with them is unavailable, from wild trips to quiet discussion. 
  • Extraordinary, electrifying, and alive! That’s my team, dude.”
  • Right here, the best support team. 
  • The road of life is beautiful when shared with great friends. 

Tailor these comments to fit your group’s unique personality and the specific occasion depicted in the photo. 


What Are The Benefits To Responding To Instagram Comments?

There are many benefits to responding to instagram comments, including

  • When you respond to comments, you’re encouraging people to engage with your content. This can lead to more comments on your posts. 
  • Improved relationship with followers. 
  • When you respond to the comments, you show your followers that you care about them and their opinions. 
  • When you  respond to comments , your comments are more likely to be seen by other people. This can help your content be seen by a wider audience. 
  • When you respond to comments, you can learn more about what your followers like and dislikes. 

How Do I Respond to Negative Instagram Comments?

When you receive a negative comment on instagram; it’s essential to respond in a way that is respectful and professional. Here are some tips for responding to negative comments. 

  • When you receive a negative comment, staying calm and collected is essential. 
  • Don’t ignore the negative comment. Instead , address the issue in a way that is respectful and professional. 
  • If the comment is about the specific situation, then offer a solution to the problem. 
  • If the comment was negative try to end with a positive response. 


When leaving comments on instagram, being genuine and thoughtful is essential. Don’t just leave the generic comments like “great pic
Or “love it”. Take the time to write something specific to the post, showing that you’ve actually taken the time to look at it. Above mentioned  ideas will help you with good instagram comments. 

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