Why Do I Have a Notification on Instagram But No Message?

Sometimes, we might receive a notification on Instagram Messenger, but suddenly, we see there is no message. Does it happen to you, and you are asking, “Why do I have a notification on Instagram but no message?”

Don’t panic if you have experienced the same situation because this article will explain the reasoning behind this happening. Get yourself a cup of tea, and let’s start explaining!

So, Why Do I Have a Notification on Instagram but No Message?

If you operate your Instagram on a daily basis, like doing some kind of business, promoting a brand, product or service, or more, you might receive this message.

These kinds of notifications waste a lot of time because you might eventually not get any message, but still a notification.

But don’t worry, it’s not a big problem as there might be multiple reasons behind this happening.

Take a look at some of the most prone issues that could make you feel like Instagram is showing a message but no message.

  • You might have some stored, unwanted chats that you didn’t read at all
  • This could be a problem with the cache.
  • Instagram might need a refresh or restart
  • Your Instagram might need an uninstalling and re-installing
  • What if there are some requested messages
  • How about the General Message Tab?
  • The account might need logging in and logging out!
  • That Facebook account of yours might need unlinking from the Instagram
  • The Instagram needs an update

These could be the possible reasons for experiencing Instagram shows notifications but nothing about their situation.

If this thing keeps happening to you, I have solutions that you should try on.

How Do I Fix Instagram Saying I Have A Message But I Don’t?

Not a problem if you keep facing this Notification with no message at all on your Instagram account, which disturbs your daily fluency of working and dealing with your clients.

Here are some top fixes that can help you fix Instagram messages but no messages. Try these fixes one by one and find which one works perfectly for you!

Fix 1: Clear Your Cache First

The first, finest solution to try is clearing your cache. This can be done by using the cache cleaner or mobile cleaner app on your Android or iPhone device.

Just run that application, and it will take only seconds to clear all the cache from your device.

With this, you will not see any more message notifications which don’t show real Instagram messages at all.

I did this by clearing my mobile phone cache, and the problem was fixed. I didn’t see any notification stating if I had any Instagram messages.

Fix 2: Read All The Pending Messages

If you have left some unread messages on Instagram, you will keep seeing the notification of receiving a new message, but there might be no message at all.

This happens sometimes by leaving multiple messages pending in your Instagram Messenger. Just clear the chats and ensure that you have read all the messages at once.

Fix 3: Restart Your Instagram

The next thing you can do when you feel like you have a message on Instagram but can’t see it is restart your Instagram Application.

Just remove the app from the list of apps running behind the screen and restart it.

Or you can restart your device as well. This will eventually fix the issue and help you with zero notifications on Instagram.

Fix 4: Try Uninstalling and Re-installing The Instagram App

Are you still asking yourself why you have a notification on Instagram but no message even after trying the above fixes?

It’s not a problem because this will fix everything. You need to uninstall the Instagram app and then reinstall it.

This way, you will not face an issue of notification message and no message at all.

Fix 5: Update Instagram

After a long usage, your Instagram App might have bugs or performance issues, which results in showing you empty notifications with zero messages.

You can fix that by updating the old Instagram with a new update.

Just open the App Store or Play Store and update your Instagram app in seconds. This will fix the issue for good!

How about you unlink your entire Facebook account if you keep facing Instagram notifications but nothing on the messages?

This is another help you can try to keep things in order and fix the status of messaging on the Instagram app.

Fix 7: Requested Messages Checking

Sometimes, we have multiple message requests in the requested messaging section of our Instagram Account.

These messages keep sending us notifications over and over again, and when we check the messenger on Instagram, there appears no text.

To fix this, check the requested messaging section and see who has texted you recently.

This way, you will be able to ensure that you have no requested message pending on the Instagram profile.

Why Does It Say Accept Message Requests On Instagram, But There Is No Message?

Sometimes, people on Instagram or, say, someone on Instagram actually sends you a request to follow your account.

Instagram sends you a notification for that a certain person has requested to follow your account.

But when you open it, there is no one in the requested follower’s list. This happens because the person has removed that request as soon as they have sent it.

This way, you only receive the notification, and there actually is no one in your followers list as a new follower or requested follower.

This is a common problem. No need to worry about anything!

Final Thoughts:

In those busy moments or when you are doing some professional work on your Instagram account, receiving such notifications with no messages could be frustrating. This happens for a lot of reasons, as explained above. But in the meantime, I’ve provided you with multiple solutions. You can try any of these or all of them to fix this issue. But if you need more help, I am available. Keep visiting to find more valuable solutions! Have a good day!

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