11 Intelligent Blog Writing Tips to Get Maximum Shares

A blog is a website or a part of a website for discussion and information sharing. Businesses took the blog as an opportunity to connect with their target market. It also engages current customers and keeps them up to date. Blog writing is a great way to reach new people who might be interested in your niche.

A robust blog creates a brand of your business and gives it more exposure.

Bloggers give people the information they want to know, or they should know. If they like it, they share it with others, and you get more visitors.

That said, it may only waste your time if people don’t like your blog. A blog is created for VISITORS so you must assure THEY like it.

How do you know they like it?

Getting positive comments and shares on social media is as clear a sign as it can be.

And, that’s today’s topic.

This article is a complete blog writing guide for beginner and expert bloggers. Also, read A step by step guide to Blog Writing

Let’s discuss the best tips for blog writing to get maximum social media shares.

1. Choose a Great Topic

People only read what interests them.

If you are writing a blog, make sure you do research and select a topic that us likely to fascinate your audience.

As a blogger, you should know all the hot topics of your niche. You should also know the questions that might interest your audience.

How do you find such topics?

First, Google Trends is a great source to find trending topics of any niche.
You can also use Buzz Sumo for this job – it also shows you the competitors and best influencers for that topic.

The second option is to monitor all social platforms and forums related to your niche. You will find a lot of great blog content writing topics that your audience wants to know.

Look what your audience is talking about.

Reads their comments and questions on relevant forums.

If there is no such platform of your niche; create one — for example, a Facebook group of your niche.

2. Create Fun and Clear Headlines

Take out extra time to research, brainstorm, and write headlines of your blog.

People underestimate it, but attractive headings are one of the best blog writing tips to create a shareable blog.

Here’s a fun fact for you…

According to an educated guess by David Ogilvy, 80% of visitors only read headlines, and only 20% read the content.

His revelation is over 55 years old and leading marketers of today still believe it.

So technically, headings are shared more than your content.

You have to create headings that briefly define the paragraph below it.
A heading should be easy to understand. Make sure it’s precise and catches the reader’s attention.

3. Don’t Be Boring

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Try to add a little humor in your writing – unless you are reporting someone’s death, of course.

But, but, but…

Trying to be funny and not being funny, just makes you look pathetic.

Don’t force it and don’t add irrelevant jokes trying to be funny.

Sit in a happy mood when writing and only mention something funny if it fits naturally.

Use infographics and charts in blog content writing.

4. Use Infographics and Charts

A blog without any graphics looks very dull.

Here is another one of the best blog creation tips you will find on the internet.

Add some relevant colors to your content!

Not some random images; but something that helps visitors understand the topic better.

Infographics and charts are a great example here.

Depending on the topic, you can also use funny images to add humor.

Short videos and GIFs are also useful here as long as they don’t slow down your page.

Most people don’t actually read the content; they scan it.

All text is difficult to scan. Multimedia mixed with the text will make it easy to scan.

5. Optimize Readability

Web content writing isn’t like traditional writing where you can show how artistic of a writer you are.

Web readers want a quick and easy answer to their query.

You tell, which one of the following sentences take less time and energy to understand.

Example 1:

Under the aegis of best SEO practices, anchor text must have resemblance with the page to which it is going to be linked.

Example 2:

An anchor text should be similar to the page it is linking. It is one of the SEO practices.

Pretty sure you find the example 2 easier and better – unless you are a daredevil.

Here’s how you can enhance the readability of your article to get more shares. In simple words:

  • Use easy vocabulary and a simple sentence structure.
  • Write Short paragraphs as lengthy paragraphs are scary.
  • Unless you want to give your readers an excuse to leave, write short paragraphs.

Remember: a visitor on a website is just looking for an excuse to leave the page until something attracts him. Lengthy paragraphs would give them that reason. You should try to write short paragraphs of one or two sentences. It keeps them engaged.

Just text even with short paragraphs can become boring after a little while.

Boredom is something you can’t afford if you wish to write a blog that people will share.

To make your article more interesting and readable, you should add lists in it.

There are two types of lists:

  • Ordered List (with numbers)
  • Unordered List (with bullets)
  • Instead of using comma (,) again and again, replace it with a list.

If more than one sentences include instructions on the same topic, convert it into a list.

6. Write What You Know

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Readers will feel the deficiency if you write on a topic that isn’t your strong suit.

It will be apparent to an educated reader that you lack knowledge in the field.

In every case, your blog won’t be attractive.

Do you know how to write blog content that is attractive?


Write on topics that you know.

Take Time to Research

It’s a common practice for clients and employers to ask about the number of words.

Blog writing is not just about the number of words.

Research is just as important.

You can’t expect a writer to know everything.

As a blogger, you have to take at least as much or more time to properly study the topic – only after that; you will be able to answer a query efficiently.

Create Original Content

Unique content isn’t necessarily original content.

Original content means your own:

  • Researched,
  • Experienced,
  • And created content.
  • Instead of rewriting someone else’s work, your content should portray your own experience. Original content is something your reader won’t find on any other website.

It’s not about a unique topic. You will find dozens of articles on every subject.

The primary goal here: your readers shouldn’t feel like they have already seen this content somewhere else.

7. Informally Talk to One Person

Don’t treat your reader as plural if you want him/her to share your article.

It will give them a personal feeling if you address them directly.

Another one of blog writing tips to follow here is using informal language.

Your goal is to make the reader comfortable – formal language comes in the way of that.

How to make reader comfortable?

Use second person pronouns.

Address your readers as ‘you’. Talking directly to them will create a connection between you two.

8. Speak Your Experience

Write like you are talking to your readers.

Visualize them listening to you. Note how you address and speak to them.

Make it look like you are sharing your personal experience.

9. Make it Easy to Share

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If you want your readers to share your article, you have to remind them.

Make it as easy for them as possible.

A visitor would share your article after reading or scanning it to the end.

So, make sure you have share buttons at the end of the article.

Social Share Buttons at the End of Blog

Here are some more ways to prompt the reader to share.

Every time a user a highlights text, show share buttons next to it.
Add share buttons that scroll with the page from the start to the end of the page.

You can add click-to-tweet functionality to any shareable piece of content in your article.

10. Keep Your Content Up to Date

A blog has to be up to date with recent information.

Many bloggers ignore their article once it is published. You need to change this practice.

Google prefers recent content, and readers only need the latest information.

You need to keep updating your old content so visitors keep sharing it.

If a visitor finds your information is no longer relevant, he will leave your blog with a negative impression.

It is one of the blog writing tips that almost every leading blogger follows.

11. Create a Kick-Ass Closing

The closing of a blog is just as important as its beginning.

At the start, the visitor decides if he/she will stay on your article.

In the end, the visitor decides if he/she liked to content and if it should be shared.

First, you should know how to write a good blog post that the user likes.

Next, you have to make them realize that your article was good. For that, write an excellent conclusion then ask them to comment and share. Directly asking them to comment and share is a bit cliche.

Try an indirect approach. For example: You can ask them to share their opinion. Or, if they have ever used any of the information shared in the article.

Remember: it can also sabotage an already-established good image if your conclusion is terrible.


Fastest and best way to approach more people is getting your current audience to share your blog.

People share what they like.

So first, you need to create content that your audience will love; for that, you have to:

  • Select interesting and useful topics
  • Write attractive and fun headlines
  • Use multimedia to diversify your content
  • Make article as easy and user-friendly as possible
  • Comprehensively cover the topic with in-depth research
  • Keep updating the content to provide most up to date information

Next, you have to make the reader feel a connection between you and him; for that, you can:

  • Add emotions into your article, e. humor
  • Informally talk using the singular second-person pronoun
  • Share your own experience so the reader feels that you have gone through the same as them.

Last in blog writing tips is to make readers realize that they liked your blog and prompt them to share to it with their social network.

For this purpose:

  • Use social media share widgets
  • Close your blog with a good ending that engages the reader.

That’s it for the 11 techniques to write a blog that your audience will love to share.

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