Direct Mail Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

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Direct mail marketing campaigns deliver physical advertising materials to the mailboxes of targeted customers. It’s more affordable than magazine ads, and generally enjoys higher response rates than email. It’s best for businesses with a mailing list looking to promote a new product or service, an event, or seasonal offering. Types of Direct Mail Marketing The … Read more

6 Best Email Marketing Service Providers

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Email marketing service providers are used to create and send targeted email campaigns to your customers. We compared the best email marketing software and identified the top six service providers for your business. We evaluated price, list capabilities and segmentation, ease-of-use, analytics and reporting, app integration, customer service, and additional features and identified the best … Read more

Email Marketing Mistakes That Kill E-Stores

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Email marketing is still as relevant as ever. However, many business owners simply don’t know common email marketing mistakes they make that kills its effectiveness. This quote by E. Harbison has it all right: “Email marketing, although often underestimated as a strategy, is actually a powerful one.” There’s an occasional arguing about whether email marketing … Read more

6 Reasons Why B2B Direct Mail Marketing Is Still Viable in the Digital Age

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The death of direct mail may be exaggerated. Technology continues to make certain things in the business world obsolete. One tool that has been used effectively by marketers for decades is direct mail. Over last few years, there have been repeated rumblings that direct mail has been replaced by digital ads and email. However, this … Read more

13 Best Email Design Tips & Eye-Catching Examples 2022

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Email design is about more than just making emails look pretty. For example, email design mistakes can result in low open rates, few clicks on call to action buttons, and emails landing in subscribers’ spam folders. The best email design, however, draws readers in, creates valuable experiences that delight, and entices recipients to click on … Read more