Leverage SMS and Email for Product Launch

SMS and Email for Product Launch

When planning a new product launch, it’s important to raise awareness and stir excitement before the release date. One of the tools in a marketer’s toolbox is the ability to combine email and SMS messages to drive interest and engagement for the product in advance of the launch. In this article, we go over creating … Read more

Outbound Email Marketing: Why You Need to Focus on Building Your Email List

outbound email marketing

We mean business with this post. As in actual dollars, sales, ROI, however, you want to think about it because we’re going to talk about outbound email marketing. And nothing leads to sales like the good old-fashioned (but make it personal, innovative, and smart) email. If you focus all your precious time, energy, and resources … Read more

The Top Email Lead Segmentation Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Emails

When sending out strategic emails to your leads, better results come from more specific and personalized email content. This is where email lead segmentation comes in to make sure you’re sending out content that each of your leads can find valuable. If you’re not sure where to start with segmenting out your overall list, we’ve … Read more

Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software 2022

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If you are one of those digital marketers who underestimate the power of emails, you are missing a gold mine of benefits. Email marketing is one of the asset tools for bloggers and marketers that keep on providing reliable traffic to our website. Moreover, your email list can provide you the maximum conversion that even … Read more

6 Reasons Why B2B Direct Mail Marketing Is Still Viable in the Digital Age

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The death of direct mail may be exaggerated. Technology continues to make certain things in the business world obsolete. One tool that has been used effectively by marketers for decades is direct mail. Over last few years, there have been repeated rumblings that direct mail has been replaced by digital ads and email. However, this … Read more

13 Best Email Design Tips & Eye-Catching Examples 2022

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Email design is about more than just making emails look pretty. For example, email design mistakes can result in low open rates, few clicks on call to action buttons, and emails landing in subscribers’ spam folders. The best email design, however, draws readers in, creates valuable experiences that delight, and entices recipients to click on … Read more

6 Best Email Marketing Software

email marketing software

Email marketing software is used to create and send targeted email campaigns to your customers. We compared the best email marketing software and identified the top six for your business. We evaluated price, list capabilities and segmentation, ease-of-use, analytics and reporting, app integration, customer service, and additional features and identified the best software overall. Email … Read more

How To Drive More Revenue From Transactional Emails

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Your customers get transactional emails every day. They receive them after signing up for services, filling an online shopping cart, and joining an email list. Open up your email inbox– you’re guaranteed to see a bounty of transactional emails, too. Because these emails are triggered by customer actions, they’re often hard-coded by IT or engineering … Read more