Category: Marketing

B2B Marketing

Business-to-business marketing is, as expected, marketing efforts that an organization makes in an effort to attract the attention of another organization. There are several ways it differs from B2C marketing, and it is usually used by businesses involved in the supply chain, business services, or raw materials.

B2C Marketing

Efforts made by a business to market their products directly to consumers are considered business-to-consumer marketing. Although traditionally it only included retail marketing techniques, it now also includes marketing techniques used when selling consumer products online.

Buzz Marketing

This is a type of marketing that depends on creating hype about a product by using word-of-mouth or other social communication methods. Buzz marketing creates a viral type of content that is repeatedly shared between members of a target market and increases the popularity of a product.

Digital Marketing

Any marketing strategies that employ the use of the internet can be considered digital marketing. This includes search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and many more.

Direct Marketing

Campaigns that involve direct communication between the business and individuals from the target audience are known as direct marketing. There is no third party involved, such as a media or advertising company. In other words, marketing efforts by the company are directly sent to each individual customer.

Email Marketing

As the name suggests, email marketing is any form of marketing communication that is sent via email. The content of the email can vary greatly between campaigns, and can include anything from newsletters to advertisement, or even soliciting sales.

Emotional Marketing

Marketing teams use persuasive messages that are focused on a single emotion to influence consumers into buying a product or sharing the message. This is a highly effective campaign because it leaves a long-lasting impression on the consumer, as they will not only notice the marketing campaign but remember it well and associate it with the chosen emotion.

Experiential Marketing

Also known as live marketing or event marketing, this strategy focuses on allowing potential customers from the target market to experience branded products. By creating a positive experience in relation to the product, the consumers are inspired to buy the product as well as share their experience with others to generate more demand.

Influencer Marketing

Some individuals are revered by the general public enough to influence their purchasing decisions - they are known as influencers. Primarily used as a part of social media marketing efforts, influencer marketing is a way to generate demand for products whereby businesses team up with third parties (influencers) that have the power to significantly change consumer perception of a product for the target market.

Marketing communication

The various methods that a business uses to convey a specific marketing message with the target market they desire. This can include communication channels such as branding, packaging, advertising, direct marketing, and much more. The objective of marketing communication is to communicate, compete and convince the audience of the intended marketing message.

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