About UnlimitedMarketing

Work smart, not hard – that’s a motto I’ve lived with my whole life. I have always been motivated to do so, and believe everyone should follow the same philosophy. My passion for learning has always been intense, even though I never joined a University. It never even crossed my mind. I believe anyone can be self-taught if determined, given the right resources. The internet was my source of education. Over time, I taught myself everything I needed to know online; and decided to create the same opportunity for others. I’ve always loved a challenge, and starting this website was my way of challenging myself.

Before launching this webpage, I’ve owned and run several others – but this was my dream project. To bring a team of spirited writers together, with a passion for giving you all the knowledge on marketing you need, in one place. Our team at unlimited marketing is carefully selected for their desire to educate people. We all believe in a world where everyone has access to information to develop themselves. We aim to provide information that is easily taken in by the average Joe. Self-employed individuals or small businesses can benefit greatly from improving their knowledge of marketing. We hope to give everyone a chance to rise up as high as they care to reach. In today’s marketplace, without the proper marketing methods, a business can quickly fade into obscurity. 

Here at unlimited marketing, we believe in the power of really good marketing. If done right, marketing is a strategy and a tool that can completely transform an individual or a business. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are – marketing is a way to reach new horizons. The concepts you will learn here are those that can be applied in all parts of your life, and not just your business. After all, we’re all marketing ourselves in our daily lives; except that we are not doing it for monetary gain. Our team of writers shares the common goal of simplifying the complex ideologies of marketing. To make it accessible, relevant, and easy to digest.

The Team 

Zako Phajakidze

Editor in Chief

Entrepreneur, marketing and finance expert, and website developer. He is behind the dream of UnlimitedMarketing, and the driving force of our success. 

Anne Kamel

Managing Editor

A marketing specialist and content writer, she also provides marketing consultation services for small businesses. Her 10 years of marketing experience provide us with a wealth of knowledge.

Sofia Nikolaishvili

Senior Editor

With a degree in linguistics and literature, and passion for writing, she is a blogger and content editor. She has 6 years of experience in her field, and a cornerstone of the team. 


Do I need to have a contract with you?

Nope, cancel any time you want!

Do you offer your services worldwide?

Yup, but the working language is only English at this moment. If your task needs any other language, we cannot provide any services, unfortunately.

What happens on Holidays though?

On major USA holiday days, your assistant will be spending his/her free time as the rest of the population. But in case of urgency, we can work the situation through! The Key is the right communication!

Are the assistants able to work on weekends?

The work schedule is different for every assistant. But you can always submit tasks to the task pool, and if your assistant has a day off, then the next available assistant will handle it for you.

Will I be able to share my passwords with an assistant?

Yup, you can share passwords and be sure that it will be secure. Just inform us when you want to share it with your assistant.

How can i trust you

Easily! You will have a subscription via Paypal, and in case you do not feel secure or comfortable while working with us, you can cancel and get a refund.