How to Develop a Winning Product Business: Tips From Successful Business Founders

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A great product has the ability to stretch the imagination, create entirely new markets and even completely transform society – just look at how Steve Jobs’ Apple creations have changed the world. However, starting and running a product business is no easy task; with IP challenges, competitive and populated markets, high production costs and low … Read more

What Has To Be Ensured When Creating Your Launch Plan

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In planning your product launch timeline you must ensure that all the elements of the campaign are in place and working together as effectively as possible. This includes marketing, public relations, promotions, distribution, and tracking. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are creating a launch plan. Prioritize Responsively.  Prioritize activities and tasks … Read more

3 Steps to Designing a Product Launch Timeline

The product launch timeline is an important part of every marketing campaign. Marketing plans should include a product launch timeline to help project managers set a realistic completion date. It also allows marketers to measure progress towards specific goals more accurately. Here are some things to consider when designing a product launch timeline. Product teams must … Read more

How to Define and Measure Your Product Launch Timeline

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Product launches must be carefully planned and monitored in order to ensure product success. It’s easy to make a huge mistake in putting together a product launch timeline. Many product teams are overly eager to get new products to users and launch them quickly. But being too quick can have its drawbacks. The key is to … Read more

How to Plan a Product Launch Timeline Without Stressing Out Too Much

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The product launch timeline is probably the make-or-breaks moment for your business and, as such, usually very stressful. It is likely that it’s going to be an extremely fast paced environment full of a ton of distractions, snotty Nelly and angry investors. But, if you take the extra time to carefully plan, you can prevent the … Read more

How and Where To Set Up Your Product Launch Marketing Strategy

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A product launch strategy is an organized list of activities, plans, and steps that a business uses to launch its new product in the marketplace. The product launch strategy also includes formalized planning, beta testing, pre-launch marketing plan, and consumer onboarding program. It also includes other strategies and tactics that are used to ensure a successful … Read more

What Does The Product Launch Marketing Strategy Consist Of?

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A product launch strategy is a written list of activities, plans, and procedures that a business uses to launch its new product in the marketplace.  The product launch strategy also includes pre-release testing, beta testing, and consumer onboarding strategy. A product launch strategy will help a business determine what customers need and want before launching … Read more

How To Implement A Product Marketing Strategy

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A product marketing strategy is critical to your company’s long term survival. It prepares you to allocate finite resources to your new product, assess risk, and give you time management for a new product introduction. Your product marketing strategy should clearly define your new product, identify potential customers, establish pricing, and most importantly address customer service … Read more

Product Drops – Why They Are Important

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New product releases are important to businesses. Productive marketing depends on consistent communications from a business about their products and what they have to offer. The challenge in product drops is getting to this point; after all – there are so many elements that need to be considered. Planning Ahead Of Time The first step … Read more