The Wisdom of Old Marketing Strategies that will Bring you New Leads

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Whether you have been in business for one day or for one decade, marketing is necessary. It’s the only thing that can help you sustain the success of your business. Without a good marketing plan, no sales or profit will come your way. Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing Over the years, a lot of changes … Read more

Mass Production and Consumerism in America During the 20th Century

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Up until the end of the Civil War, mass production was a means of industry. Textiles, producing metals such as iron for railroads, and John D. Rockefeller’s mass refining of oil was a part of the Industrial Revolution that was aimed at lowering the cost of products for businesses, which lowered them for consumers. After … Read more

Broaden Your Marketing Process Knowledge

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Not only for most of the starting entrepreneurs, but also for many veterans in business, marketing and sales, marketing and paper ad, marketing process and follow-up phone calls are not different.  But it is not limited to that. It includes contextual dynamics of business, market, people, beliefs, and values. All kinds of marketing process starts … Read more