Marketing Strategy – The Top 49 Tips for Auditing a Website

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Where else can you find useful information about website auditing but from the experts themselves. See the top tips in auditing a website from 50 experts who shared their insights. Let’s learn about website audit from the best! Here are their top tips! Don’t do it all by yourself! Auditing A Website s HARD WORK … Read more

Looking at the Business Model Innovation Example

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A business model is a blueprint of how a business intends to earn money with its unique customer base and product in a given economy. Business model innovation is important in today’s competitive marketplace. At its foundation, a business model describes four things: revenue, customer base, profit margin. Now here is the rub. You are not … Read more

Understanding the Five Forces Model of Competition, and How To Use It Effectively

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One of the critical processes that a business must undergo to be successful is to analyze their competitors accurately and know their position in the market. Competition affects a business, no matter how large or small it is. However, marketing specialists and economists have come to realize that competition within an industry is dependent on … Read more

Useful Social Media Marketing – 5 Great Tips

Useful Social Media Marketing Tips

We live in the age of social media. No one can escape from the all-encompassing pull of the World Wide Web. Humans are social creatures by design, constantly seeking or sharing information. And social media is the perfect playground for incessant interaction. Large businesses have caught on the ways of easily luring in and trapping … Read more

Social Media Competitive Analysis

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Social media competitive analysis has come to be a necessity. Nowadays more people are using social media as a means to earn money than ever before. There are multiple platforms to choose from, and a multitude of topics to focus on. Naturally, this leads to very aggressive competition, and it is becoming increasingly harder to … Read more