Why B2B Brands Should Use Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Marketing has evolved. Companies of all shapes and sizes are desperately trying to be innovative and creative with their campaigns, while not blowing entire budgets. Influencer marketing has emerged as a solution to increased advertising costs and decreased effectiveness. This made perfect sense because people trust their peers far more than their brands, which is … Read more

Creating an SEO-Focused Influencer Marketing Program

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Influencer marketing takes many forms. When an authoritative web publisher mentions or links to your content — or an individual with a strong social media following points traffic in your direction — the impact on your marketing program can be significant. Through SEO backlinks, influencer marketing can expand brand awareness and provide unique product promotion … Read more

Influencer Marketing and Undercover Marketing Strategies

The world of marketing has evolved greatly over the centuries, and today it is arguably the most important marketing element in the business world. Marketing literally refers to any number of actions that a business undertakes to advertise or promote the sale or purchase of some product, or service. Marketers use marketing techniques to create … Read more