Top Brands That Work With Micro And Nano  Influencers In 2024(And How To Apply)

Brands that work with microinfluencers.

Brands are realizing there is value in working with micro and nano influencers. This is because these two groups of influencers have a higher engagement rate than macro and mega influencers. 

If you are a nano or micro-influencer, you may wonder if finding a brand to work with is possible. In this article, we bring you a list of brands looking for micro-influencers to work with.

How Micro-Influencers Can Pitch And Connect With Brands

Unlike mega-influencers, there are hundreds of millions of micro-influencers. Due to the small number of followers in these niches, the competition can get stiff. You may need to pitch to a brand to get a deal as a micro-influencer. Here are the steps to follow when pitching to brands.

Choose the right brand to pitch.

As an influencer, you must find a brand that will suit your needs. You want to ensure that you work with a brand in a niche you are passionate about. It should be a  product you love and use. 

The goal is to get the right fit for your niche so that they also see the value of engaging you. You should ensure that you have the same target audience as the brand. You can use influencer marketing platforms to find brands to work with.

Research on the brand

You should be knowledgeable about your target brand. This is why you must ensure that you have researched fully on it. When you fully understand the brand, sending a pitch tailored to its needs becomes easier. This will improve the chances of your pitch getting accepted.

Some of the details you need to know  about the brand are:

  • Who are their customers?
  • What is their target demographic?
  • What are their mission statement or critical messages?

Write a pitch

Now that you understand the brand, it’s time to write a pitch to send to them. In the pitch, remember to mention why you think you and the brand match. Tell them why you love the brand and why your message and theirs match. Mention what your brand responds to and how this can help the company get the results they are searching for.

Create a pitch to your target brand.

Tips on Pitching Brands as An Influencer

Here are a few things to remember when pitching brands:

Show the value you offer

The most important thing is to show them the value you will add to the brand. Otherwise, if you send a general copy-and-paste pitch, you might not get a response from them. Consider also their goals and what they may want to achieve. Is it:

  • Fresh content for their social media page?
  • A new campaign video?

Once you understand their goal, tell them how you will help them achieve it. Remember that the most important thing they will track is the ROI of their social media investment. Therefore, you will need to show them how you will track the ROI of the investment and give them regular reports.

You may even offer to help them get feedback from your followers on the product or service you are promoting for them. This is important as brands want more from influencers than just one metric, like engagement.

Show your expertise

You should show the companies you pitch to that you are an expert in what you do.  Using general stats on influencer marketing can help you explain why they should consider your service. Illustrating that influencer marketing is the best approach before showing them why you are the best increases your chances of success.

Show your expertise to yoyr target brand.

Stay professionals

If your profile looks unprofessional, this will be a huge red flag for brands as they will feel like you will cost them more than the value you offer them. This is why you must maintain a professional profile when pitching. Ensure that you have a consistent brand across different social media marketing platforms.

Therefore, before you start pitching, audit your profiles and remove anything that may cause the brands to consider you a risk. Ensure that your profile matches with their overall social media marketing strategy.

Position yourself differently 

How you position yourself as an influencer involves your skills and individualization. For instance, if your engagement level is low, but you have a wide range of high-quality pictures, you can position yourself as a photographer and offer to take photos for them.

List Of Brands That Work With Micro And Nano Influencers

Now that you understand how to pursue brands as an influencer, here are several brands that work with micro and nano influencers as part of their influencer marketing strategy. These include:


  • Category: Beverages
  • Platforms: Instagram

How to apply

The beverage company encourages people who want to work with them to create user-generated content using hashtags such as #LiveLacroix or #Llacroixlove.


  • Category: Fashion
  • Platform: Instagram

The fashion store works with beauty and fashion content creators to promote their products.

How to apply

To get noticed by the company, it is essential to use branded hashtags of the company products using the hashtag #Asseenonme.


  • Category: Beauty
  • Platform: YouTube

With its influencer program, Glossier usually sends free products and services to micro-influencers who post about their products. With over 500 micro-influencers, the company is a good choice for joining an influencer program.

Beauty brands collaborate with micro-influencers.

How to collaborate with Glossier

You can begin working with the brand by tagging #Glossiers in content mentioning their brand.

Amazon Audible

  • Platform: Instagram
  • Category: Technology

How to apply

To work with Amazon influencers, you can apply on their official site.


  • Platform: Instagram
  • Category: Beauty

How to apply

You can look for openings on their official site.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need millions of followers to work with brands. With the above and many more brands working with micro-influencers, you can easily find one to work with. You can also use this guide to pitch to other brands.

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