Top Ways to Prepare E-commerce Business for Black Friday

Top Ways to Prepare E-commerce Business for Black Friday

Black Friday this year will be different from the past ones. The fears of the COVID-19 have shifted the shopping behavior of the buyers. Nowadays, buyers are trying to buy different products from online stores. It is expected that the shoppers will rush online to make purchases. That’s why it will be challenging for the retailers and independent businessmen to ship the products. If you want to earn enough profit from this biggest shopping event, you will have to make planning in advance. Here, we will discuss the top ways that will be helpful to you to prepare your e-commerce business website for Black Friday.

Start Early:

You should work on the eCommerce business website till now. It means that you should not wait for the actual date. The results of the survey are showing that most of the people start their Black Friday shopping at the start of November. You should entice your eCommerce shopping website by introducing coupons and offers. The people will try to buy different products and services in the weekend holidays rather than waiting for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Optimize The Speed Of Your E-Commerce Business Website

After searching something on the internet, if you have clicked on a website and it is taking too much time in loading the data, you will never stay on this website. It means that you will try to move to another website.

Similarly, if your eCommerce business website is taking too much time in loading the data, customers will not stay on your website. As a result, your eCommerce business website will be deprived of potential customers. Therefore, the best way to increase the sales of your products and services is to optimize the speed of your eCommerce business website.

Create Backups:

If your website has gone down, you can’t get the benefits. Therefore, you should create backups of everything. It means that you should create the backups from the site code to the product images. If you have created backups of your website, you have insurance for your website. Unfortunately, if your eCommerce business website has gone down on the D-Day, you can run it on time.

Optimize Your Products

According to researchers, almost 70% of the customers don’t know what they are going to purchase. Therefore, you need to provide the best chances for the products to stand out in the competition. While establishing your website, you should make sure that all of your products should be SEO optimized.

If your websites are SEO optimized, these products will have appeared in the search results. If your websites are appearing in the search results, your products will be easily discoverable for the customers. You should also use some phrases of urgency in your eCommerce business website.

Apply The Discounts:

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, the buyers are looking for those e-commerce websites that are offering at least 20% discounts on their products. Therefore, you should be competitive and try to apply the possible discount offers on your products and services.

To sweeten the deals of your products, you should also offer some sorts of gifts for the buyers. As a businessman, if you want to increase the sales of your products, you should try to offer bigger sales than your competitors. You should display these discount offers on the homepage of your website.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, it is the best time to play the game of cross-selling on your eCommerce business website. The cross-selling will be helpful to you to increase the sales of your products. If your customers are visiting your website to purchase a specific product, you should also recommend some other products relevant to the interest of the customers.

For example, if your customer is visiting your website to buy shoes, you should show shocks in the recommendations. Amazon has enabled this strategy effectively. You should try to use a similar strategy on your eCommerce business website.

Use Social Media:

As we know that millions of people are using social media sites daily. Therefore, you can also drive enough traffic to your eCommerce business website from social media sites. For this reason, you will have to create pages of your website on all the social media sites. After creating these social media pages, you should promote your products and services on these social media sites.

This is the best to increase the engagement rate of your website. You can also run ads on the social media sites about the products.

Make It Bold And Beautiful:

The best way to increase the sales of your products on Black Friday is to make your website bold and beautiful. This is the best way to show your discount offers to people. On the other hand, if your eCommerce business website has odd design, people can’t find out the desired products. As a result, they will try to leave your eCommerce business website.

If your eCommerce business website is not providing the best user experience, you can’t boost up the sales of your products and services. Moreover, this thing will also last a bad impact on the SEO of your website.

Ship The Free:

It is a fact that most of the e-commerce business websites are offering free shipping to their customers. You should also be competitive and try to offer free shipping to the customers. You should also display the offer of free shipping along with other discount offers. Moreover, you should also make the shipping process faster and better.

When you will offer free shipping to the customers, this thing will not only increase the volume of sales but it will also increase the value of the sales. To get success in the e-commerce business, you should not offer free shipping only during the holidays but you should offer it all the time on your website.

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