How to Get a Job in International Development – International Development Guide

three women sitting beside table

International development is an amazing field. It gathers some of the smartest, most diverse workers, people willing to move to far-flung corners of the world to alleviate poverty. Although, getting a foot in the door in international development is hard. Most people don’t even know that this kind of work exists. And when they start … Read more

Marketing to the Millennial Generation: Basics and Statistics

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How to market to millennials? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials are the largest consumer group in United States history. They even surpass baby boomers by over 15 million people, making them some of the most frequent shoppers out there. With their spending totals nearing $600 billion each year, marketers are doing anything they … Read more

Business Giveaway Ideas to Promote Your Business

business giveaway ideas

Why would you care about business giveaway ideas as a business owner? Offering your existing or potential customers something free of charge or at a very low price should be a part of every marketing campaign. Especially if your business is product oriented rather than a service. Giving away freebies or small gifts during a … Read more

How To Reset WordPress Blog Traffic To Your Advantage

How To Reset WordPress Blog Traffic

Let’s face it. Traffic usually gets a bad rap. Bumper to bumper, slower than a slug, traffic. But put the word ‘Traffic’ in the context of your blog or website and the ears of every blog-crazed internet marketer will perk right up. Trying to increase WordPress blog traffic can be difficult, especially for the newbies. … Read more

Improving the Sales Process: 27 Effective Sales Strategies and Tips

improving sales process

According to a report from the Brevet Group, only 13 percent of customers believe that the salesperson attending to them actually understands their needs. Developing an effective sales strategy involves not only equipping your team with the tools they need to succeed but also actively engaging with your customers to better understand them. We asked … Read more

7 Psychographic Segmentation Examples In Marketing

psychographic segmentation

Psychographic segmentation is a segmentation method that can be used in conjunction with or without behavioral and demographic segmentation. Instead of focusing on how people behave and what demographics they belong to, it focuses more on psychological characters such as conscious and subconscious beliefs, motivations, and priorities. This article will focus on psychographic segmentation examples, … Read more

14 Best Ways To Make Money Online Ethically Without Investment

make money online ethically

We can’t imagine our existence without the internet. Everything that we do is somehow linked to it. There are innumerable things that you can do on the internet, and to make money online is one of them. There are hundreds of legit ways to make money online and earn a livelihood that you always aspired … Read more

36 Best Black Friday Marketing Campaign Strategies for eCommerce in 2022

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This article is about Black Friday marketing campaign strategies that are particularly useful for an eCommerce business. Sitting in your PJs at noon going through another muted Zoom call in one tab while browsing the neverending promos in another with a Harry Potter marathon in the background. Your browser diligently collects cookies to present you … Read more

How to Get Reviews on Amazon the Right Way

get amazon reviews

Amazon reviews are the key to success on Amazon, but sellers must get Amazon reviews the right way or risk account suspension or closure. Since Amazon values reviews from shoppers, it does much of the work for you. However, there are ways you can get Amazon reviews faster, and maximize the positive reviews that drive … Read more

Color Psychology: 6 Powerful Ways Color Can Influence Your Marketing Campaigns

color psychology

Color psychology involves studying how different shades and hues affect someone’s behavior or feelings. Color has a surprisingly strong influence on the human psyche and can dictate whether an advertising campaign is successful or mediocre. Here are six ways that using color could change the results of your marketing efforts: 1. Background Color Can Make … Read more