Top 5 Best  Influencer Management Platforms

Influencer marketing platofrms connect brands with influencers.

While many brands know the benefits of working with an influencer, many struggle to find the right one.  The best influencer management platforms are great for influencers to connect with brands and implement their overall e-commerce influencer strategy. They will, therefore, help you create successful campaigns and monitor their performances. This article will look into the different platforms that connect influencers with brands.

What Are Influencer Management Platforms?

Also known as influencer management agencies, the role of these platforms is to enable brands to create influencer campaigns for startups.  On top of connecting brands with influencers, the companies or software can help small and medium-sized enterprises with limited budgets and staff to create an influencer partnership campaign.

Top 5 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Now let us look at the top 5 best influencer marketing platforms, which also double up as influencer management agencies.


One of the best platforms that uses AI to help businesses improve their influencer marketing campaign is Upfluence. The primary role of the platform is to save time for brands working with influencers, especially those companies with smaller teams.

With over 3M influencers in the database, Upfluence is a go-to platform for brands looking for influencers. The platform also enables users to see the creator’s data, such as:

  • Number of followers,
  • Percentage of fake followers,
  • Average engagement and more

The  Upfluence platform for creators has a lifecycle management feature that enables you to see the progress made with each influencer. It will show you the influencers you are waiting for a reply from, those in the content creation stage, and those waiting for payment.

The tool has an AI-powered chatbox that automatically generates the messages to send to influencers. It has an influencer matching tool that helps brands find influencers likely to agree to work with them. It can also be used for other influencer tasks such as.

  • Streamlined influencer invoicing
  • Generation of promo codes
  • Product seeding

With Upfluence, finding the right influencer for your brand should be easy.


This is another AI-powered platform for brands to connect with influencers, making the whole connection process seamless. From communication to payment, the tool ensures you do not need to hire expensive influencer marketing agencies.

Grin makes product seeding easy.

Besides, the tool has a real-time reporting and analyzing feature that enables you to track the performance of your influencer marketing relationships. It’s ecommerce integration capabilities that make product seeding a breeze. With the tool, you can track the performance of your influencers and even make payments to influencers directly from the tool.

Creator. co

Another excellent influencer management platform that has been designed for both creators and brands is creators. Co. The tool enables collaborators with brands to.

  • Create customized campaigns
  • Choose from over 175,000 creators
  • Get insights on their chosen influencer

On the other hand, the tool enables creators to find brands they can collaborate on. It also makes it possible for them to access affiliate link programs. They can get access to tools like webinars and discounts that can help them increase their earnings.


This is another tool that has revolutionized relationships between influencers and brands. With its e-commerce sales integration, it makes it possible to track influencer sales. You can assign coupons to influencers to determine the sales they are bringing.

Another unique feature of Indahash is its creator discovery tool, which enables brands to find creators in their niche from a pool of over 5 million creators. Combined with the  CRM  management feature, it allows you to take full control of your campaigns, from influencer identification to payment and tracking of results.

Some of the other critical features of the tool are as follows:

  • White label solutions
  • Ability to boost posts natively
  • Detailed analytics

The influencer managemnt tool integrates well with various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. You can use it to make influencers promote your brand.


If you are just getting started with influencer management, you need a tool that is easy to use. One such option is Crewfire.  One thing that you will also love about it is that it focuses on creating an engaging community. Unlike most other tools with a pool of influencers, Crewfire enables you to find influencers from your followers.

You can find the people discussing your brand using a tool like Mention. After finding them, you can then add them to the Crewfire community. Afterward, you can segment your followers into different communities to communicate easily with them. For instance, you can have a group of brand ambassadors living in a particular country.

How to Select The Right Influencer Management Platform

While the best influencer management tool will depend on your individual needs, there are several factors you need to consider when searching for one. These are.

  • Influencer discovery. One of the hardest parts of collaborating with an influencer is finding the right one.  This is why you should only work with tools that make it easy for you to find old and new creators to work with.
  • Filter function. It is one thing for an influencer platform to have a database of creators. But if they don’t filter those with low engagement or fake profiles, it will serve you no purpose. If the platform has a very high number of users, like 30 million, it could indicate they have a filter function.
  • Creator marketplace. It can be frustrating to keep on sending DMs to creators only for them to get ignored. A platform with a creator marketplace will make it easy for you to connect with influencers without the hassles of trying to reach them.
  • Ecommerce integration.  Another critical consideration is whether the platform can integrate with your eCommerce platform. If it can integrate with shopify or Woocommerce, it will show you the customers with a large following whom you can collaborate with. The integration should also enable you to send products to your brand partners.
Choose a platform with genuine influencers.

Final Thoughts

The best influencer marketing platforms can make finding the right influencer for your brand easy. They can also provide essential metrics on the potential followers, such as the number of followers and engagement rate.

On top of that, they can help you track the performance of your brand influencer. If you are searching for an excellent platform to connect influencers with brands, you can choose one of the above options. You can also use the tips above to find the right influencer management platform. We also recommend you read our ultimate guide to influencer marketing.

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