Useful Social Media Marketing – 5 Great Tips

We live in the age of social media. No one can escape from the all-encompassing pull of the World Wide Web. Humans are social creatures by design, constantly seeking or sharing information. And social media is the perfect playground for incessant interaction. Large businesses have caught on the ways of easily luring in and trapping the audience by a methodical approach via social media marketing.  In 2021, it is crucial for smaller businesses to have a clear strategy that guarantees interest and engagement from their audience of the so-called Followers. Some useful social media marketing tips are essential to succeed among the sea of competitors.

To put it simply, social media marketing (SMM) entails practices such as sharing posts, videos, and other material that increases public interaction and keeps your audience constantly updated, mainly by using paid social media ads. A team that focuses on the SMM, the holy trinity: Social Media analytics, engagement and advertising will undoubtedly bring tremendous success to the company, boost sales and attract significant brand advocates.

Below we’ll be breaking down some of the most useful tips so you can start working on your own SMM approach.

Useful Social Media Marketing Tip #1

Choose popular Social Media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok are a few among the social media tycoons governing taste and setting trends around us. Focus on creating a spotlight for your company on these platforms. Think of your brand and your image when picking the stage, will you resonate with the playful youth on TikTok? Or is your target audience on Facebook, where older generations reign?

Useful Social Media Marketing Tip #2

Share quality, up-to-date content

After outlining who your target audience is, think of the content you want to share with your followers. Images, videos, texts filled with wit and catchy phrases keep the public on their toes. Make sure to always deliver quality content, with a peculiar approach directed at the people you want to engage with.

Useful Social Media Marketing Tip #3


Big audiences always bring like-minded people with them. This is where garnering enough followers comes into play, everyone pays attention to how many people interact with you. Interaction means trust and trust means quality. When starting out it can be tough to attract and keep enough people, so a little push never hurt anybody. There are plenty of social media software that promise to accelerate your social performance with likes, views and followers.

Useful Social Media Marketing Tip #4


Implementing these tactics doesn’t mean your work is done. A Social Media Analytics software is needed to determine how successful your strategy is. Has your follower count increased in the last month? Which one of your posts has the most engagement? These questions can be answered in a very simplistic layout, giving you immediate answers to important questions. Most social media platforms provide this information, but of course it’s worth investing in a good analytics software for a more in-depth analysis.

Useful Social Media Marketing Tip #5

Competitive Analysis

Measuring your own success is productive, but you can never forget your frenemies – how do your competitors navigate their social media presence? Take a look at what works for them and use the information to enrich your own marketing master plan. These are some useful competitors analysis software to help you lurk as efficiently as possible. This in no way implies that you should be stealing your competitor’s ideas. In case of theft, there’s a huge chance that your audience will notice, and no, it will definitely not work in your favor. Remember – gather information and make it your own.

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