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Can You See Who Views  Your Twitter Page?

We live in exciting times when friends (and enemies, too) want to keep up with what we are doing. They follow us on social media and will react to our posts by liking, commenting, or sharing them. However, some stalkers will not react to our posts on Twitter. They silently follow our profile to keep up to date with what we are doing.

 This often leads to the question; can you see who viewed your Twitter? It gets more confusing as some tools promise to show Twitter profile views. But how effective are they? Does Twitter show this data? Let’s find out.

Does Twitter Show You Who Viewed Your Profile?

The outright answer to this question is “no.” Twitter will not show you the exact profiles of those who viewed your page. Unlike Linkedin, Twitter doesn’t have this feature, which allows you to see who clicked on your profile. The reason why Twitter hides this information is to maintain user privacy.

Details You Can See on Twitter Analytics

Twitter provides essential data on the number of visits to your profile on Twitter analytics. All you need to do is to turn on the Twitter Analytics feature and check the profile visits. This feature will only provide you with general data about your profile and will not allow you to see who visited your profile.

To see the number of people who have viewed your profile on Twitter Analytics:

  • Open Twitter on a web browser or app
  • Log in to your account
  • On the side menu, click on “More.”
  • Click on analytics

With Twitter analytics, you can see details on how your tweets performed without the exact persons that visited your page. This feature will also give you tips on how to improve your impressions. If you find it hard to navigate Twitter analytics, contact their help desk.

Can you  Use Third-Party Apps to See Who Viewed Your Twitter?

There are apps out there that promise to help you see who stalks your Twitter.  How effective are they? The fact is that these tools also won’t show you who viewed your profile. 

Since no Twitter data is public, they cannot show you this kind of data. You should be cautious when using such tools, as most are usually spammy and may cause harm to your computer. You should avoid providing your Twitter data to these apps for security reasons.

Interactions That You Can See on Twitter

While Twitter won’t show you who viewed your profile, they will show you who interacted with your profiles through:

  • Retweets. If someone retweets your tweet, you can see their profile. Click on Retweet and then on the number of times it has been retweeted.
  • Likes: Twitter will show you the people who liked your tweets. To see these, click on the tweet and then click on likes under the Tweet activity.
  • Comments. You can also see the people who have commented on your tweet by opening it and scrolling down the comment section.

How about videos? Can you see who viewed your Twitter video? Again the answer is “No” if the people don’t leave any of the above traces, such as likes, retweets, or comments. However, posting videos and images on Twitter stories lets you see who viewed them.

Tools You Can Use to Get Twitter Insights

Certain third-party tools provide users with more detailed analytics. While these will also not show you the profiles of your stalkers, they can provide more details than Twitter analytics. These  include:

Sprout Social

This tool will provide insights into your engagements, such as clicks on posts, replies, and other such details. It also provides details on Twitter paid reports to help you see your performance against the competition. While it will also not allow you to see who viewed your profile, it offers more details than Twitter analytics.

Social Pilot

This tool allows you to schedule up to 500 tweets, making it easy to create and share them. You can also use it to discover the people interacting with your post so that you can reciprocate or give them offers.


With this tool, you can analyze Twitter accounts to discover the accounts they follow. This can help you pinpoint the potential customers you should interact with. The tool also helps you track the growth of your followers over a certain period.


This is another tool that offers basic insights into your tweets and engagements. It also shows your followers data providing insights into which accounts follow you back and other interesting metrics.


Klear is a tool that helps you to analyze Twitter accounts. This data can be useful as it helps you to choose Twitter influencers to work with. It can also help you build networks with other like-minded Twitter users.


This is a tool that focuses more on social media analytics and reporting. It ensures that users can get the most comprehensive data. The Hashtag report allows you to track user-generated reports.


This tool provides various analytics, such as audience interests. This helps you to understand what your followers are talking about. The tool also has an engagement dashboard that helps users monitor how their followers get tweets. With Twitter follower segmentation, you can get deep insights into people following your account.

Final Thoughts

If you are asking: Can you see who views your Twitter page? You now know that the answer is No. As part of its privacy policy, Twitter doesn’t reveal user data. Not even third-party apps and extensions that promise to show you this data can help you do that. Since this data isn’t in the public domain, there is no way for such tools to view your data.

 However, there are lots of tools that help you get insightful reports that can be useful to your campaign. If you want the best and most comprehensive reports on your Twitter account, consider one of the above tools.


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