How To Use these 5 hacks To Write A Blogger Post For SEO That Ranks

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How long should a Blogger post be for SEO 2021 – for blogger/blogpost you should aim at 1000-1500 words to rank high on Google. But to stay on different search terms 2021 – you should aim at over 2000 words to rank your blog post high on the different search queries. No matter how hard … Read more

What Is A Good ROAS – Measure ROAS (2022)

what is a good roas

Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) is a way to measure profit you earned from digital advertising. Tracking ROAS is critical to ensuring advertisers are gaining more than they have invested. Whenever losses are observed, ads need to be quickly improved to increase profit. To measure ROAS, simply divide your ad revenue by your ad costs. … Read more

Social Media Workflow Process Management

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Social media management is not a one-person game. But even if you’re five, 10, or 20 in a team, it’s challenging to get everyone on the same page. Worse, more members don’t automatically mean everything will work out perfectly. Unwanted errors, missed deadlines or wrongly-timed posts will still happen. Fortunately, that’s where the power of … Read more