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The biggest task that marketing managers face is matching the organization's vision and capabilities, to the constant fluctuations in the market and potential opportunities. This means always doing everything in the organization's power to the marketing possibilities that may arise.
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How to Develop a Winning Product Business: Tips From Successful Business...

A great product has the ability to stretch the imagination, create entirely new markets and even completely transform society – just look at how...
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Business Plans and Planning for Social Enterprises and Nonprofits

Let’s start with some definitions. "Business plans" traditionally refers to a lengthy, bound, and laminated document, written before a business launches, detailing its every...

How Connected is Your Business Planning?

In the world of business planning one of the hottest buzzwords in the market lately has been the concept of “connected planning”.  Seems like...
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How to Write a Great Business Plan – Simple Guideline

It’s no secret that having a written business plan increases an entrepreneur’s chance of success. Whether you use it to secure financing or to...
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How Can I Get More Customers Using a Marketing Plan?

Marketing strategy is an approach to business, which enables a company to focus its limited financial resources on the most promising opportunities to boost...
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Understanding Your Marketing Plan – Different Ways to Approach It

Marketing strategy is a method that will help an organization to focus its limited financial resources on the most effective opportunities to improve sales...
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There Is Much More Info on the Subject of Strategic Marketing...

Strategic Marketing Consulting services to help businesses grow and expand their visibility in the marketplace by creatively thinking strategically about their industry.  SMC consultancies work...
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What Is Much More About Strategic Marketing Consulting?

Strategic Marketing Consulting assists companies grow and expand their visibility in the marketplace by creatively considering their industry.  SMC works closely with various industries to...
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Developing the Right Marketing Strategy For Any Organization

Marketing strategy planning is an essential part of the process of marketing in any organization. The process of developing a marketing plan is similar to...
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Tips On Choosing The Right Product Distribution Strategies

In today's competitive world, every company looks for new and innovative product distribution strategies. The distribution of products depends on two main factors; the...