How IoT Data Helps Accelerate Digital Space

How IoT Data Helps

How IoT data helps accelerate digital transformation? The utopian idea of digital transformation continues to flourish all over the net, making digital transformation consulting even harder than ever. Why harder? Because consultants have to crash the rose-tinted glasses and “reveal” that chaotic and unreasonable investments in digitalization are time-consuming, expensive, and hence useless. Yes, you … Read more

Beginners Starting An Online Business: A Guide

beginners starting an online business

The majority of people that try to build a work-at-home internet business usually fail at making money on the internet for one reason or another. In this guide for beginners starting an online business, we’ll show you how to start an online business from home successfully and as close to free as possible. As well … Read more

9 Common Small Business Financing Mistakes Owners Make

small business financing mistakes

You have started a new business, one of the most rewarding activities of an entrepreneur. But with great rewards comes great risk, especially when it comes to having a sound financial plan as well as outlining the cost of everything. These have led many small and medium-sized businesses to make some common mistakes that can … Read more

How to Get a Job in International Development – International Development Guide

three women sitting beside table

International development is an amazing field. It gathers some of the smartest, most diverse workers, people willing to move to far-flung corners of the world to alleviate poverty. Although, getting a foot in the door in international development is hard. Most people don’t even know that this kind of work exists. And when they start … Read more

What Are High Income Skills? The 3 Most Important Skills To Learn

smiling woman using MacBook

A high income skill is any skill that anyone truly can learn that will allow them to make ten thousand dollars or more per month from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home wherever that might be. If you master the following three skills well, you can have a lot more gold … Read more

A Super Simple Guide To Outsourcing for Any and All Entrepreneurs


Far too many entrepreneurs jump immediately to the idea of hiring a full-time virtual assistant (VA) when they think about outsourcing. While a VA is one form of outsourcing, there are other ways to outsource, most of which are much easier than having to hire, train, and assign a full-time level workload to a VA. … Read more

The Importance of Mechanistic And Organic Organization Designs For Business Performance

man holding two white baseballs

Organic and Mechanistic Teams can work together for the same purpose if the organizational culture allows for collaboration and it increases business performance.  Both organic and mechanical teams may be required when an organization is changing or trying to adapt to changing conditions. One example of a collaborative team is the airline industry. Airline companies … Read more

Premium Business Model: Building Online Businesses

macbook pro on brown wooden table

A business model refers to the logic of how an entity develops, delivers, and owns value, in cultural, social, economic or other context-based ways. A premium business model is one of the more successful types that organizational models for businesses. The entire process of business model development and implementation is known as business model evolution and … Read more

Looking at the Business Model Innovation Example

three person standing near wall inside building

A business model is a blueprint of how a business intends to earn money with its unique customer base and product in a given economy. Business model innovation is important in today’s competitive marketplace. At its foundation, a business model describes four things: revenue, customer base, profit margin. Now here is the rub. You are not … Read more

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanistic and Organizational Design Structure Training

black smartphone near person

The concept of organizational design is very broad but covers a range of topics from manufacturing to healthcare.  Organizations are made up of people working together in a structured manner under a common objective. This objective could be to create or preserve a material reality or to achieve some goal that lies beyond the immediate … Read more