Basics of Marketing Management

Number of different factors comprise the very basics of marketing management. They lay the foundation for the success of marketing campaigns. The main objectives of marketing managers is to create the demand for a product. As well as to design it to cater to the consumer. Then develop a brand image, promote the product, generate revenue, and support the consumer.

Individual and collective desires reflect the creation, offering, as well as free exchange of commodities and products with others through marketing. This social process takes place in a market. Which is therefore a gathering place for potential and present consumers of a certain commodity or service. Customers are people looking for a product or service that the seller can provide to meet their demands. The exchange of products and services between the client and the seller is referred to as marketing. There are a few marketing considerations to keep in mind.

There are four basics that can be singled out. Market offering are the contents of what supplies exist in the market, from which the customer can meet their expectations Need and want is the demand that the seller caters to. When it comes to satisfying customer requests, there are two types of value in mind. The term “desired value” relates to what a client wants from a product, whereas “perceived value” refers to the advantage the buyer believes they will receive from acquiring the product. The process through which a buyer and seller may undertake a transaction of goods and services is known as the exchange mechanism. Sellers often supply items or services to purchasers in exchange for money.


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