Don’t Sell Your Product Short: Why Lowering Your Prices Will Only Hurt You

Far too many new business owners think that the only way they can be competitive in the market is to sell their products at a drastically reduced rate. When you consider this, it makes sense at first glance. Your rivals have been around a while, while you’re the new kid. The competition has been able … Read more

Understanding Marketing Pricing

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The first rule of marketing pricing is that it’s all about the price. Pricing strategies should be aligned with a firm’s overall goals and objectives. Marketers, customers and investment agents cannot afford to shop around too much. If they do, they may miss out on great opportunities. On the other hand, if a prospect or … Read more

Pricing Tactics That You Should Know About

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Marketing is the act of raising awareness of services and products to the public through various marketing mechanisms and mass media. Why are firms so obsessed with the pricing element of the marketing mix? The ultimate objective is to make profit by maximizing revenue of services and products. As in any other field, marketing in … Read more

The Idea of Value-Based Marketing Requires Firms To Charge a Price That Reflects the Personal Value Customers Perceive

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Marketers work with customers to create, develop, and evaluate advertising campaigns. Companies also use various strategies to attract new customers and retain existing customers. One important factor is the personal value equation, meaning how the consumer values a product or service. Marketers use several methods to increase their personal value equation. Communication Can Change Perception … Read more

Sales – A General Understanding

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In business operations, marketing is an essential part of operations and handles the role of understanding and meeting the needs of the customers. Marketing helps in identifying potential buying segments, understanding the needs and plan the approach of offering the services to meet the needs.Marketing will be a plat form of approaching the customer base … Read more