How Many People Listen To Joe Rogan Podcast? Quick Guide

How Many People Listen To Joe Rogan Podcast?

Ever since the concept of Podcasting is here, people have made millions of dollars by adopting it. There are plenty of famous Podcasters, and between these, there is also the name of Joe Rogan podcast. People listen to these podcasts attentively because they are made based on real and authentic information by inviting those known personalities to someone’s personal YouTube podcasting room. But are you asking about how many people listen to Joe Rogan Podcast in this era?

Here is how you find out who Joe Rogan is, what he does, why he started podcasting and how many listeners Joe Rogan gets over his podcast!

Who is Joe Rogan, and Why is He Famous?

If you are an American and an active podcast listener, you’d know who Joe Rogan is and why he is so famous.

Well, Joe Rogan is a famous American Presenter, Comedian and Commentator who started his YouTube Channel in 2009 with the name of “The Joe Rogan Experience” and is quite famous among the YouTube community.

Currently, his YouTube channel has 15.5M subscribers and over 1K videos. He keeps posting content actively and, therefore, keeps his audience engaged every time on his channel.

Joe Rogan is famous because you’d be alarmed to find out how many active listeners he actually has in his podcasting world.

So, How Many People Actually Listen To Joe Rogan?

The exact numbering for the Joe Rogan Podcast is over 16 million people every month. That’s actually a great number because hardly people listen to the podcasting stuff.

But these millions of people are ever ready to listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast because he is famous, he makes them laugh, and he has his own nature of presenting quality video content.

In 2022, Joe Rogan will have more than 195 million views on YouTube because of his content creation ideas. This was on his episode named Elon Musk JRE.

Over the years, Joe has invited multiple famous Celebrities to his podcast, and this list includes names of famous Stars, Scientists, Researchers and other technicians in the American industry.

What is the Joe Rogan Podcast Ratings?

Over Apple Podcast, Joe Rogan Podcast has an excellent 4.5 stars rating which is given by 95,000 active listeners.

He has made quite an impact over these years and is known as one of the most famous podcasters in the YouTube world.

How is Joe Rogan famous on Spotify?

Joe Rogan is also famous on a famous music app, Spotify. He is a verified artist with over 47,799 active monthly listeners.

How Many People Listen To Joe Rogan Podcast

According to the New York Times report, Joe Rogan made even more than $200 million from Spotify over the year. He is famous, and lots of people love him.

How Much Money Does Joe Rogan Make Every Year?

There is no exact numbering for Joe Rogan’s income from podcasting and sharing this type of controversial or debating content.

However, as said earlier, he made over $200 million from Spotify alone over the year.

But you’d be amazed to know that his earnings from a single episode on a YouTube podcast go to $100,000.

That’s a lot of money Joe makes over the year. You won’t calculate the exact amount when you multiply this by more than 1,500 episodes on the Air by Joe Rogan Experience channel.

But Joe doesn’t make money only from Spotify or YouTube; he does have other places to earn this hefty money. Some of the other sources of income of Joe Rogan are given as follows:

Comedy Shows and Tours

As stated earlier, Joe Rogan is also a famous comedian, which means, apart from his YouTube and Spotify incomes, he charges $$ when doing Comedy shows and tours around the globe.

He has created his own world of Stand-Up comedy and is quite famous among his audience.

In one report, Joe Rogan has reported making $30 million over the years from his famous Comedy shows and concerts.

Making Money Through MMA Community

Being a well-known sports commentator, he also pulls up around $2 million through his MMA community and does sports commentary.

His fans make him earn this grant of additional money from here.

Promotional content for Onnit

Joe Rogan is the official sponsor of Onnit, which is a famous company that makes supplements and fitness equipment.

How Many People Listen To Joe Rogan Podcast

You won’t believe it but this guy owns the 50% share of this company as well.

As this company increases its sales over the year, Joe Rogan’s income increases eventually. In one record, the company makes sales of around $28 million every year.

How Many Views Does Joe Rogan Get Per Episode?

According to one report on Forbes, Joe Rogan gained over 11 million listeners over his single episode.

That’s quite a lot of audience Joe Rogan has, and this audience is continuously growing. Even Joe doesn’t know how many people would join him after reading this blog about him!

What Famous Names Does Joe Rogan Have Podcasts With?

There are multiple names that Joe Rogan has had on his podcast since now. As I told you about the fame of this guy, he invites quite popular personalities to his channel and does podcasting.

For example, his episode with the famous Scientist and Entrepreneur Elon Musk has over 69 million views on YouTube.

He has also done a podcast with Bob Lazer and Jeremy Corbell, where the podcast has over 50 million views.

What’s The Spotify Ranking for Joe Rogan Podcast?

In Great Britain, Joe Rogan’s Spotify Podcast ratings come at the first point. He is the winner, and his Joe Experience is known among a large number of audiences.

Instead of Spotify, Joe Rogan also holds first place as the most famous podcaster in the United States, and his Channel, the Joe Rogan Experience, comes at the top.

Final Wording:

Undoubtedly, Joe Rogan has quite a profile in the podcasting world which is the radio of 2021. He is famous because of his content and the way he delivers it. Not only did this content make him more famous. But he also earns millions of dollars every year. With top ratings on Spotify and YouTube, Joe Rogan is making his voice reach an even wider audience. And if you are a loyal audience, then tell me, what was the name of the last episode you heard of Joe Rogan?