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How to Check  And Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is the fourth most popular social media site, with over 2 billion monthly users. The platform’s popularity also keeps growing at an average of 5. 6% every year. This means that you cannot afford to ignore it.

If you already have a business account on Instagram, you must get your metrics to measure your performance. Understanding the metrics to track can play an important role in the growth of your brand. Some of the Instagram metrics you should track include the number of Instagram followers, post reach, Instagram story views, best time to post, growth, sales, and many more.

Out of these metrics, the number of Instagram followers is arguably the most important. This is because it impacts nearly all the other metrics. The bigger the number of followers, the higher the post reach and sales you are likely to make. This is why you must pay attention to this metric. But how do you check Instagram followers? Let’s find out:

Why Check Instagram Follower Count

By tracking your Instagram count, you can easily tell if your account is growing, stagnating, or losing followers. This key metric will also indicate if you are posting the right content for your audience and whether they are engaging with your brand.

If you are running campaigns, the number of followers gained or lost is an important indication of whether your campaigns work. If you are seeing a steady increase in followers, it means some new people are searching for and discovering your brand. But if there is no growth in the number of followers, you should rethink your campaign.

Therefore, when checking Instagram follower count, check both the number of followers and your net follower gains. The net follower count indicates the number of followers you have gained less than the number lost. On average, the growth rate in the number of followers is about 1.69% per month, and you should reach this rate.

How to Check Your Instagram Followers

The good news is that Instagram lets you see your followers’ list. If you suspect that someone unfollowed you, search for their name in the search box of the followers list. If their name appears, it means they are still following you. If you get the response that “no follower found, ” they unfollowed you.

How to Check Your Instagram Followers Using Third-Party Apps

There are third-party apps that enable you to check Instagram followers. However, you will need to give the apps access to your account.  It is also important to note that there are spam apps that will pretend to show you this data but can cause malware. This is why it is essential to work with reputable apps.

Best Apps to Check Your Instagram Followers

Here are some of the reputable apps that you can use to check Instagram followers:


This easy-to-follow tool will provide you with key metrics of your Instagram account, such as the number of followers. The tool doesn’t require information besides your Instagram name, so you can be assured it’s safe and secure.

The tool is also easy to use, showing you all your followers with two clicks of a button. To see your followers, you should:

  • Enter the username of the follower you would like to see in a dedicated box
  • Click on the Check button
  • You will see the number of your followers and posts.

Followers track

This is a tool that shows how your followers are interacting with your profiles. It shows details such as the number of likes and comments. You can also use the tool to see which posts are attracting more interest so that you can post more of such content. You can also use the app to repost stories and determine the best hours for posting on Instagram.


With Keyhole, you can view the historical as well as real-time performance of your IG account. This is because the tool offers insights into hashtags, URLs, keywords, and mentions of your current and previous posts. The app will also show the number of times a hashtag is used and the performance of your content.

Keyhole also makes it possible to track your competitor’s analytics. You can see their activities, engagement, and growth data over a period of time. This data can help you determine the performance of your account.


This is a great tool that can be used to analyze Instagram and Facebook numbers. It is perfect for people or agencies with multiple accounts. It offers several insights, such as Instagram stories analysis, engagement metrics, competitor tracking, the people who like and comment on your post, and how your followers have grown over time. The tool is also a good choice for embedding your Instagram posts on other social media accounts to help you promote the posts.

Smart metrics

This tool gathers data every hour to enable it to provide you with over 30  metrics on areas such as followers, posts, and stories. The tool will also show you how your followers interact with your posts. If there are replies to a post, it will show you. The tool will also show you when your brand is mentioned on Instagram.


While expensive, Hootsuite is one tool that provides comprehensive data on Instagram followers. You will get many custom reports and historical data that you can use to analyze your overall performance.

FAQs on Checking Your Instagram Followers

How do I know who is not following me back on Instagram?

Tap on your profile and then followers. You can then search for the name you think unfollowed you on Instagram. Alternatively, go to the person’s profile and click on Following. Search for your name to see if they follow you or not.

Can you see if someone’s followers on Instagram if their account is private?

You cannot see the followers of a private account apart from the mutual followers.

How do I quickly sort followers who do not follow me back?

Open the User tab and tap on Not following.

In conclusion

How many followers do I have? If this is your question, you can check Instagram followers using the above tools. These are particularly important if you also need to see other metrics to help grow your brand. Since these are among the most reputed tools, you do not have to worry about the risk of spammers.


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