How To Check Your SEO Ranking On Google

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Wondering how to check your SEO ranking? You enter a keyword in the search bar to see where you rank on Google, then scroll endlessly to find your own website. Your site can be missed or impossible to find. Whatever the case may be, you spent a large amount of time reading the scroll. Friends, there is a quicker and better way to see your Google ranking. Actually, there were several of them.

Let us explain why you shouldn’t search for yourself in this manner nowadays and how to check your SEO rankings using a few free SEO tools in its place.

Why You Shouldn’t Check Your Ranking on Google?

The quick response is that what you see on Google isn’t accurate. You might not be receiving correct results when you conduct a search for yourself on your own computer or smartphone. You should not assume that everyone sees themselves as being on Page 1 just due to your position. This is due to two factors:

Your Physical Location

Google is increasingly using the searcher’s location to personalize the search results and display local businesses to them. Your website may rank higher for you if you are close to your own office or service region than it may for the average searcher.

Your History Of Browsing

Google prioritizes websites you’ve visited in the past in its search results to provide you with the most relevant information. In the event that you search for those sites once more, it will display them higher.

How to find out where you stand for a particular keyword?

We advise using an SEO tool to check out where you rank for a particular keyword, such as “Boston wedding planner,” if you’d like to know where your site ranks on Google for that term.

Keyword rank checker AHREFs (FREE)

Simply enter your website URL and the keyword you’d want to see if you rank for into Ahrefs’ free Keyword Rank Checker. It then analyzes Google’s results and informs you of your precise position.

You won’t need to manually scan anything, and your findings won’t be skewed by individual data. Isn’t it cool? The tool provides you with a ranking for your position in Google’s organic search results. Google’s first page typically starts at position 1 and goes up to position 20.

As a result, this website is most likely near the bottom of Page 1 of Google, as indicated by its position of #10. Take note of this rank and use the tool again in a month or so to see if your keyword rankings have changed.

How to locate keywords that you rank for but are unaware of?

You almost certainly have a list of keywords you’d like to rank for. Employ Ubersuggest’s Keywords feature to evaluate where you stand among the results for several searches.

Ubbersuggests – (free for limited results)

Ubersuggest keeps track of the websites that rank for millions of keywords and their search results. You can discover a ton of new keywords that your site ranks for that you might not even be aware of with three free lookups each day.

Step 1: Visit analyzer/keywords.

Step 2: Type the URL of your website. If necessary, use the drop-down to modify your language and country.

Step 3: Await the outcomes! Concentrate on the Keyword and Position columns after you have them. You may see a keyword that you rank for on Google in the Keyword column. Your Google position is displayed in the Position column.

How to identify the search terms that are currently generating you traffic?

Let’s imagine you want to know precisely which search terms people are using to access your website right now.

Google Search Console

Did you know that Google provides a free tool that allows you to see the keywords for which you are ranking and receiving clicks? It has magic.

Every website should be configured using Google Search Console, which is what it’s called. Once Search Console is configured, go to the “Performance” tab on the left by selecting it. Then activate Total Clicks, Total Views, Average Click-through-Rate, and Average Position by clicking the vibrant buttons at the top.

Many columns of data and a list of keywords should now appear. The Position column, which once more displays your position in the results, is important to pay attention to if you’re only inquisitive about your ranking.

To the next stage: paid tools

You need to become a member of various premium SEO tools for your clients. These tools let you make a list of the keywords we want to target and track their rankings over period so you can observe how your clients’ websites are progressing. We heartily endorse SEMRush’s Position Tracking if you’re keen to keep tabs on your rankings.

You will have a lot better understanding of how you rank for dozens of keywords armed with these tools, whether they are free or expensive. No more scrolling and searching for your ranks.


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That’s a wrap on how to check your SEO ranking. A quick and easy way to check your SEO ranking is to visit the website of a search engine that you normally use. To do this, go the URL for that particular search engine and add the word “rank” to the end of the main page URL. This way, you can easily access these different results if a certain result is more relevant or easier to access.

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