How To Use Infographics For Link Building? 4 Quick Steps

How To Use Infographics For Link Building? 4 Quick Steps

Among all those link-building practices, including guest posting, link sharing, or commenting, infographics link-building is the most effective one. Visitors who come to your website or store by clicking the infographics link have put their interest in the message. Such people are the ones who bring more conversions to your online business. With all this, there are multiple benefits to keep an eye on.

But hold on, let’s understand first how you can use infographics for link building. Don’t panic because that’s why we are here. In this short article, you will learn how to use infographics for link building. So, why not start our topic right away?

Link building is very significant for our businesses. Especially those growing ones, and startups need more boosting to dominate their presence on Google or other platforms.

To do that, using infographics for link building can be very beneficial for your brand image.

Those expert digital marketers claim that a well-crafted infographic is like a complete blog enriched with all the pain points of what you want to deliver in a bigger picture.

Famous platforms like Pinterest use multiple infographics to educate the audience.

An infographic is also engaging and can present all forms of data in one place.

This includes sharing location, educational content, promotional content, charts, demographics, tables, or just images.

How To Use Infographics For Link Building

So, believe that infographics hold all those reasons that can captivate your audience.

And ultimately, inspire them to click such infographics.

You get a supportive link when you embed such infographics with the desired links to your website or Social Media Store.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways to build links using infographics.

But in the below section, you will learn about some of the most useful ways of building links using Infographics. Take a look, please!

Step 1: Find Your Infographics Topic

The first step involves doing keyword research and deciding on a unique topic.

Do this by using famous tools like SEMrush, Ahrf, or Google Keyword Planner.

Depending on your niche and target audience, you will be able to find multiple topics.

So, when you have found these, specify a unique topic on which you can create your shareable infographics.

This keyword should not be in high competition and have low density so that specific infographics might rank better.

Once the topic has been decided, move to the next step.

Step 2: Find Topic-Related Content for Infographics

Now, use the keyword to perform a search in Google. When you do that, you can find comprehensive information on your searched query.

With this information, one can easily craft the content to include on that infographic.

Infographics come in a variety of forms. Therefore, you decide whether the topic should specify a unique type of infographic.

If you are going to share a guide, use informational infographics.

Also, use historical infographics if the information is based on any historical event or about a known profile.

You can use demographics-based infographics to share data in numbers.

Step 3: Start Creating Your Infographics

After deciding on the content, you will include infographics, take an initial, and start creating it.

Your infographics should include a reasonable mix of headlines and descriptive content.

How To Use Infographics For Link Building

It can also include elements and other relevant graphics to make it look more appealing to your audience.

But the important lesson would be keeping in mind the keyword intent and user’s needs when the infographics are in the process of creation.

When it has been created after spending reasonable hours, now it’s time to publish it.

Step 4: Publish Your Infographics

The most crucial step in using infographics for link building is publishing it with the right practice.

This usually comes in two ways, and both are described as follows.

Way 1: Publish Infographics On Someone’s Else Website

The first thing you can do to do link building through infographics is publish it on another website or store.

This website should be of high authority and highly recognized by Google Eyes.

To reach such websites or places, you can again use famous SEO tools like Ahrf.

Create a list and start sending emails to see who responds to your request and who doesn’t.

Hence, when a person is willing to publish your infographics on his website, go for it.

But here comes this important step where you need to keep in mind the link-building practice.

How To Use Infographics For Link Building

Give that website holder enough content on your researched keyword and ask him to inject that infographic into a blog.

This infographic should be embedded with a link to your website. This way, when that infographic ranks, your website will receive more signals.

And people clicking or interacting with such infographics will be redirected to your website.

Way 2: Publish Infographics On Your Website

Here comes the second method of publishing infographics for link building. This time, you need to publish it on your own website.

Again, use the keyword and create enough blog content to support the infographics.

When you have done writing the content, publish it as a blog post with infographics.

You can convert such infographics into WebP format using any Plugin on your WordPress website.

Now, while publishing, you also have to embed your website link to it. And don’t forget to add a royalty status line in the caption of the infographics.

You can tell the visitor this infographic originally belonged to the XYZ website. To use it on yours, you will have to give credit to our website.

So, when people will find your infographics related.

And when they are willing to use it in their own content promotion, they will have to include the link to your website, too.

This way, it will build a link for your website from that second website.

Ultimately, the authority of your website will increase, and your goal to build links through infographics will be accomplished.

Wrapping it Up:

Among all those recommended ways to use infographics for link building, I have shared two easiest ones. Follow any of the above and share your creativity with the world. Moreover, keep creating more and more infographics to gain more links and, respectively, increase your website traffic. Links are an excellent source of making your content famous when they are of high quality and relevant!