How To Use these 5 hacks To Write A Blogger Post For SEO That Ranks (Updated 2023)

How To Use these 5 hacks To Write A Blogger Post For SEO That Ranks

How long should a post be for SEO 2023 – for blogger/blogpost you should aim at 1000-1500 words to rank high on Google. But to stay on different search terms 2023 – you should aim at over 2000 words to rank high on the different search queries.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t be wiser than Google.

In fact, with the way things are, barely will you see your rank. No hard feelings, the truth is just been told. And to get things right, you will need to write for SEO. You must have heard about it, to rank, you will have to write for people and search engines. If really you heard about it and obey it, you should generate some quick organic reach and leads.

You speak – write – publish – Google ranks it – then your reputation builds up.

Sure, hard work doesn’t really guarantee the success of the illustration above, but staying smart will. The way you shuffle out the puzzles should be quite impressive, if possible you think the only way to get the winning card out of your competitor’s desk table is for you to stay smart, please do. It will help you in the long run and be smart, doing the following will help.

  • Believe you can make a name for yourself with a Blogger blog.
  • Think beyond the topic.
  • Stay consistent.
  • Write content that ranks.
  • Take your audience along.
  • Don’t stop yet, do better.
  • Think about what you have been thinking about.
  • Resonate with your audience.
  • Give your audience a reason to stay engaged.
  • Write Great headlines different from others.

Sure, doing the things above helps and get your audience to engage. But, let’s see over and fish out how I implement these hacks to write a post for SEO.

How to write SEO-friendly Blog:

  • 1. Improve the technology stake in Blogger headline
  • 2. Do keyword research wisely
  • 3. Resonate with their search intent
  • 4. Write a long post for SEO
  • 5. Publish SEO-friendly content that looks great

Hack 1 Improve the technology stake in the headline

Technology matters because it improves the content status if really you know it is. Recently, in SEO, networking has evolved, learning a bit of coding helps and get you ahead of others.

If really you take the risk to learn, it helps you perform better than others as expected. But what if you don’t know much about coding? if that, Blogger blog won’t stress you much, unlike the WordPress platform.

Instead, learning the basics of coding on bloggers costs little attention span to know it all. It doesn’t extend you to go all out to acquire more knowledge on it unless you blog on the WordPress platform.

In the Blogger platform, Google takes care of the technical issues and leave the On-page and Off-page factors for you to optimize. In that sense, it really tells that the whole story begins with the headline 1. How you write it determines the success of the entire post. Absolutely, to rank highly on Google, this simple hack will help you a lot, to implement it, you must do this first.

The simple illustration goes this way. To rank well, the headline will statistically show if it will. To cluster it, start with the body text and the headline 2 goes along with it.

The post is becoming more SEO-friendly and with the intent of improving the reader’s readability score. That means Writing for search engines and writing for people as well.

To further it, think high about headline 2 and it’s wise to do so. Because of its one crucial entity search engines use to comprehend your post. Certainly, you will want to write your post for SEO and rank it.

To do so, the headline 1 and 2 must reflect the main keyword. Take, for instance, flip over and use a blog as the main keyword. To rank the main keyword highly on Google, you must simplify it into this. Cluster it to a long tail keyword – This is where you find your SEO opportunity.

  • Make it a meaningful headline. It must attract clicks and improve your click-through rate over time.
  • Write evergreen headline – a headline that attracts clicks and still stays relevant for years.
  • Add a call to action – not necessary you use click here or buy now on the headline 1 space.
  • Use Active voice when clustering your headlines – do so with strong and logical sentence structure.
  • Using it, that’s an active voice, not only improves your writing but may boost your post for search engine optimization. Same time, it minimizes the length of content and improves its clarity.

When deciding what content to share, the headline says it all. The headline is what people notice first. It’s the headline that makes a piece of content stand out, get shared, and go viral. We also share emotional, attention-grabbing content, because it helps us to get noticed.

To stand out online is when people love what you do. To go viral, the audience must catch up with your headline. Provided it reflects the success of your post on Google.

Hack 2 Do keyword research wisely

Foundation matters and to get to the mountain top, you have to begin here (keyword research).

It’s important, it solidifies everything and it makes a post standout when matters. What matters to you is the organic traffic, you want to leverage keywords that drive traffic and rank it high. So sweet, but everything starts with keyword research. keep in mind, you can use free marketing tools like Google keyword planner, ubbersuggest, and keyword everywhere.

To advance, you can leverage the paid versions of the marketing tools like Semrush, Spyfu, etc. To boost your rich ideas and grow your organic reach or traffic. This helps, if you actually know it does, no Fanta talk and this is what the expert use to boost their conversion rate and organic leads.

No shortcut everything doesn’t happen overnight, it takes processes and begins somewhere. If you think of using ubbersuggest to start your keyword research, start it this way. Know what you know and start everything there. To rank on the organic search engines, you need to stay smart. Smartness works not the money invested. If you lack it, to stay relevant will be a bit difficult.

In the organic search engines, things are really changing, the way end-users type a search query is on different phases. And this phase is gradually going beyond keyword research. But to rank high, fulfill this step below.

Hack 3 Resonate with their search intent

You probably know the word search intent is everywhere on the internet. It happens because searchers are becoming more unpredictable not just that alone. As you know, Google is also unpredictable. So to rank well, it’s better to write according to the end-consumers search intent. If not, the whole marketing strategy becomes meaningless because there will be no leads and organic traffic to cater to.

Sure, working on end-users search intent aids more opportunity. You may likely not know that, but it’s fine. If you’re thinking of ranking your post, you think this way(writing based on search intent). You can’t even dream of ranking high than WordPress blogs without setting an opportunity for your post.

To surprise you, the fresh post Google ranks in there. And to beat them, your content will say it all. But if you stay smart, you should notice that you barely see any headline name Blogger on the organic search engine result lists. Not even that, play the game this way because you should intend ranking for multiple keywords.

This post primary assignment is to rank for how long should a blog be for SEO. While Google leverage the hack(make changes) on the search description to resonate with their search terms. If you ain’t lost and still stay along check at the beginning of this post.

Hack 4 Write a long Blogger post for SEO

silver MacBook Pro on white table
Source: Zuan education

The year 2022 is fast approaching and how long a blog should be for SEO 2023 really matters. For you to rank high on Google aim at over 2000 words for your blog 2023. At least that’s enough to rank well. Here’s what Neil Patel said about writing a long post: A long post performs better on every level.

In a nutshell, he’s right. In fact, not only just it’s performed on every level but it stays longer(for years) and outreach (sells out in every way). And that matters as a Blogger or content marketer. Even you yourself won’t feel satisfied when Google shows up a half baked content to you.

To you, it solves nothing and truly it doesn’t. A long blog post seems to function well when added with a great headline. On average, both can generate you a 205 percent increase in conversion rate.

And if you’re mathematically inclined you should know what that means. That’s a lot of conversion growth. Keep in mind, to calculate the growth rate.

Let say your past traffic was 100 per day, presently increased to 205 per day. To access the growth rate, you’ll likely do this. Present – past/past * 100. If solve well, you’ll likely get a 105 percent increase in traffic growth. That’s quite an increase in traffic growth. And the only way to help yourself out is, get involved in writing a long post for SEO. Then you’ll see your Blogger blog traffic boost over time.

Hack 5 publish SEO friendly content that looks great

To write SEO-friendly content, you’ll have to know the background knowledge of doing so. Great content is not all about the counting words, but the structuring and analogy of the words. Perhaps, beginning from the following.

  • Headlines.
  • Internal links.
  • External links.
  • Search description.
  • Keyword density.
  • Keyword research
  • Active voice.
  • Readability score – quite important.
  • Permalinks.
  • Alt tag.
  • Bullet Points and numbers.

So as we know they’re identities of an On-page factor for Blogger users. It’s very important to implement it at all times.

In order to rank high and generates traffic over time. What keeps sustaining the web up till now is the great content poised to the end-consumers. And to make your content show up to them, make it SEO-friendly. That’s the only way you can generate traffic foot to your blogspot blog. If not, you’ll remain frustrated all the time.


So how do you intend solving the puzzle to hack your way out in writing a Blogger blog post for SEO that ranks? Any other means?

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