7 Psychographic Segmentation Examples In Marketing

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Psychographic segmentation is a segmentation method that can be used in conjunction with or without behavioral and demographic segmentation. Instead of focusing on how people behave and what demographics they belong to, it focuses more on psychological characters such as conscious and subconscious beliefs, motivations, and priorities. This article will focus on psychographic segmentation examples, … Read more

What Is Market Segmentation and How Can a Market Segment Increase Sales?

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Who are you targeting with your advertising campaigns? If you’re producing general promotions and placing them in front of a general population, known as mass marketing, the ROI generated from your advertising dollars is likely falling short of its potential. Here’s how to use market segmentation to drive more sales towards a market segment. A … Read more

Why Segmenting in Email Marketing Campaigns is the Answer to Solving Failure Rates

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Email marketing continues to evolve and turn into a marketing exercise that looks more personal than ever. Segmenting is becoming more common in email marketing. With emerging big data and artificial intelligence technology, email marketing campaigns can look like messages sent from a long lost friend or relative. But as technology blooms, it seems that … Read more

Why Shopping Online Seems More Enjoyable Compared To Shopping At Retail Stores?

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Web development has enhanced e-commerce to new heights. This has permitted websites to trade online. Retail stores face a tough competition as online shopping gets more convenient and accessible. The world is seeking advancement in various sectors of business, even in retail stores. The advent of Web Development has overwhelmed people with incredible technology and … Read more

Organizational Issues of Business Mergers and Acquisitions

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When merging, organizations must bring together their technologies. Not all businesses use the same software (and hardware) to make sure everything is running smoothly. However, if they wish to merge, they will need to decide on one common line of software to use through the entire new organization of the business merger. This will ensure … Read more

Importance Of Managing The Marketing Mix Effectively

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What Is The Marketing Mix? In an age of information, marketers need a solid marketing mix to ensure they can reach their target audience. The term “mix” has been used in marketing circles for decades, originally concentrating on price, product, place, and promotion, with little room to be creative. In recent years, however, the mix … Read more

Retain Long Term Customers by Using Market Segmentation

Several concepts are applied by marketing specialists in an attempt to attract and retain consumers. For customer retention, the STP process has arguably the most impact on results. This article aims to show how market segmentation can be used to keep customers coming back for a long time.  Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning The STP process … Read more