Influencer Marketing Statistics on Industry Growth

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In 2021, companies reported an average return of $5.20 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. Today, businesses continue to invest more money into social media influencer marketing to increase sales. Staying abreast of influencer marketing statistics can help companies boost engagement and reach, especially stats on industry growth, strategy, and trends. Here are 20 … Read more

A Whole Manual To WeChat Influencer Marketing and Advertising

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To enter the Chinese sector, having a WeChat Official Account to signify your brand is highly highly recommended. Nevertheless, it takes yet another Charge for setting it up, and likewise time to make a substantial viewer size. Also, if you favor testing the water just before buying WeChat, influencer advertising and marketing is the best … Read more

10 Ways to Add Ratings and Reviews on your Website

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Think about the last purchase you made online. What was the first thing that you took into consideration? Of course, ratings, and reviews, right?! Today, online business has been evolving, and so, many tactics have been introduced with the demand of time. Marketing has got a new flavor by dint of the internet and has … Read more

Advertising Questions for Small Business Marketing

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Advertising is everything for a business. Especially a small one. It’s basically the only way to get your business noticed by your target market and beyond (if you play smart). But how do you know the resources you put in your promo campaign are paying off? If you honestly evaluate your small business advertising using … Read more

Marketing Automation Strategy: Top 8 Tips

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Having marketing automation strategy has become a staple of digital marketing in the past few years, and the reason for it is not surprising. Firstly, the process to shifting to digital in as many aspects of business operation as possible cased it. Secondly, it’s considerably affordable and more so when it comes to other resources, … Read more

Fashion Marketing Techniques To Launch A Label

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How can you stimulate the sales of your clothing brand in no time? Discover it in this essential guide to follow for bettering your fashion marketing techniques. Your clothing line is on point, you chose a partner who produces top-quality clothing and your designs are incredible. Nevertheless, there is one big question: “Why are similar … Read more

Top Ways to Prepare e-commerce Business for Black Friday

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Black Friday this year will be different from the past Black Fridays. The fears of the COVID-19 have shifted the shopping behavior of the buyers. Nowadays, buyers are trying to buy different products from online stores. It is expected that the shoppers will rush online to make purchases. That’s why it will be challenging for … Read more

The Top 12 Must Have Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2022

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With over 455 million active websites running on WordPress, WordPress certainly is the biggest CMS platform for building websites globally. Whether you are running your online business or a blog website, WordPress is everyone’s first choice. And what makes it so special is the plethora of plugins for WordPress that when installed on a website, … Read more

Marketing Division: Affographic, Demographic, Geographic, Niche

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In advertising, marketing division or market segmentation is the technique of dividing a large consumer or industry group into smaller categories of buyers based on some sort of common characteristics. Market segmentation can be done in many different ways, including market research, target markets analysis, and market survey. Market segmentation allows advertisers to focus their marketing … Read more