How to Run an Ideation Workshop that Actually Leads to Innovation

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Innovation isn’t simple. Coming up with new ideas when you’ve already been doing something for a long time can feel daunting, especially if everyone on your team is well-entrenched in the processes you’ve set up and the brand/voice/tone/identity you’ve spent years establishing. That’s why the ideation workshop exists – it is a powerful tool to … Read more

8 Dos & Don’ts to Consider While Developing a Magento Store

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Magento development is not kooky cutter approaches that can make your store online a success legend. You have to learn many dos and don’ts while going to Magento designing and programming. Some general instructions are good enough to get going in Magento. In the modern high-tech and mobile era, nobody loves to go outside for … Read more

Podcasts: The Next Step for Digital Marketing

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Podcasts are everywhere nowadays. You can listen to podcasts about conspiracy theories, news, Dolly Parton, gaming trends, how the brain works, and just about anything else. They are becoming increasingly popular as everyone from Shaquille O’Neal to Seth Meyers to Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to be starting their own podcasts. But it’s not only famous … Read more

Using Social Media to Grow Your Online Audience and Influence

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Creating your online course is only half of the battle. Once you’re ready to sell you need a way to promote. We all know the drill: grow a list and use strategic email marketing. But email marketing isn’t the only way to market your online course and grow your online audience. Social media is for … Read more

100 Tips for Growing a YouTube Channel

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Anyone who runs a YouTube Channel will tell you that growing it can be difficult, especially at first. That is why we have compiled a list of the best advice you can use to achieve that goal. Visual Branding Matters on YouTube Have a consistent visual brand that ties to your other social media accounts … Read more