WordPress: Leading Content Management System

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We wanted to find out why so many leading news organizations and publishers are using WordPress as their content management system of choice. Wired, Quartz, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, Fortune.com, Reuters, Time Inc, Facebook Newsroom, TechCrunch, CNN, CBS Local, NBS, The Next Web, Metro UK, People Magazine, New York Post, TED, FiveThirtyEight, … Read more

What Is Keyword Cannibalization? – Short Guide

What Is Keyword Cannibalization

What is keyword cannibalization? It is what happens when you have multiple pages on your website that all target the same keyword. When more than one page is designed to rank for one particular keyword, you end up competing with yourself. As a result, each page ends up with diminished authority, a lower click-through rate … Read more

Landing Page Basics: Everything You Need to Know

Landing Page Basics:

A brief introduction about landing page basics: A landing page helps in converting the website visitors into buying customers. Its primary goal is to persuade your target audience to buy your products or services. These pages are also ideal for promoting new offers and discounts to help prepare potential customers to make the purchase when … Read more

How To Do The Best Content Marketing On A Limited Budget

content marketing on a budget

“It’s dangerous to go alone.” If you’ve ever played The Legend Of Zelda on the classic 8-bit Nintendo, then you’re probably familiar with this phrase (and if not, please bear with us, because we promise we’re going somewhere with this). For the uninitiated, these are the words Link (the main protagonist) hears from a shopkeeper … Read more

Start a Money Making Blog – 8 Simple Steps

Start a Money Making Blog

So you want to start a money making blog. That’s great! We know many people who have quit their full time jobs because of the amount of money they are making from blogging! So…how do you do it? What are the exact steps one must take to actually get a blog up and running and … Read more

How IoT Data Helps Accelerate Digital Space

How IoT Data Helps

How IoT data helps accelerate digital transformation? The utopian idea of digital transformation continues to flourish all over the net, making digital transformation consulting even harder than ever. Why harder? Because consultants have to crash the rose-tinted glasses and “reveal” that chaotic and unreasonable investments in digitalization are time-consuming, expensive, and hence useless. Yes, you … Read more