10 Best Practices for Sharing Infographics on Social Media

What Are The Best Practices For Sharing Infographics On Social Media

Hey, lovely reader, it’s your favorite host again, and today, I’ll teach you about some best practices for sharing infographics on social media. Infographics are always the best source of engaging with your audience. These provide education, briefing, shared data on charts or graphs, and more. But did it ever occur to you what best practices you should comply with to share such infographics across various Social Media Platforms?

Stay with me till the end, and I will help you in optimizing infographics for social media sharing. This is going to be very interesting, so don’t skip reading!

10 Best Practices To Share Infographics On Social Media Platforms:

There is no rocket science in learning enough about sharing truly informative and engaging infographics on social media posts on social media.

It often includes adding relevant text information, graphs, arrows, and more to create a compelling infographic.

Being a digital marketer, here are the key practices I follow by myself in creating infographics to use across various social media platforms.

1. Define User Intent

The first step is always about understanding what your users or customers are looking for on social media.

Infographics come with Promotional and Educational content. Therefore, sometimes, your motive could be educating your customers.

And other times, you might be looking to promote your products and services. So, spend enough time and define the perfect user intent.

This should include the relevant questions in your users’ minds.

It should also be related to finding their needs and how they want to fulfill them.

2. Create a One Size Fits All Infographics

After deciding the type of content you are going to put inside that infographic, move toward deciding its size.

The size of the infographics should be created in a way that should fit across all social media platforms.

Here, you might be wondering how I can fit one infographic into various social media.

What Are The Best Practices For Sharing Infographics On Social Media

For this, you can hire any social media expert or graphic designer who can create one infographic for all Social Media Places.

But don’t be worried if you need to change style or size across a single or two platforms. Always be prepared to deliver the best.

3. Include Brand or Company Information

If you share your infographics on social media, help all the people find it. And when they can find it, it should also present the creators.

This is your brand or company. Don’t forget to include the company or brand logo in the infographics.

This will help you build brand awareness and help more people discover your products or services.

So, on the corners or at any specific location, your infographics should include related brand logos, names, or tag lines.

4. Create Unique Infographics With Multiple Elements

An empty post with all the text around doesn’t serve best. Instead, consider adding multimedia elements to your infographics.

There are numerous elements you can embed in these infographics. But you should always keep in mind the user’s intent.

Here, understand the fact that if your user is looking for data in numbers, consider adding tables.

If the user needs information in series, create small portions of text and add related smart arts.

Don’t forget to add charts when you are sharing demographic data. And the best you can include is maps when you want to share locations of your offices or any other famous places.

All these practices will help you create educational and stylish infographics for your targeted customers.

5. Use White Space Wisely

Even after adding all the needed text and other multimedia elements, if there is white space, you need to think about it.

Often, we leave blank white spaces on purpose. But if you think you can add something more stylish at that place, don’t take a second thought.

Hence, the white space on an infographic should be perfectly taken care of before the post goes to the public on social media.

6: Keep a Perfect Color Scheme

They say simplicity is the best.

So, mix the font family, font size, and colors with the other background and foreground colors of your infographics.

It should look decent with a hefty combination of some decent colors. Don’t make it too yellow or too much pink, just like the girls do.

What Are The Best Practices For Sharing Infographics On Social Media

Instead, combine a good mixture of red, green, and bluish colors. You can also take help from the color scheme of previously published social media posts.

Or through the website colors. The color scheme for an infographic can also be decided from the colors of your company or brand logo.

7: Engage With Audience Through a Catchy Headline

Headlines serve a great purpose of engaging with your audience because they can send a clear message.

Therefore, create a catchy, compelling, yet relative headline for your infographics. This should be highly related to the message you want to deliver.

8: Share on Perfect Times

Every social media platform has its time and day when its users are most active. You need to learn about those times to post on social media.

With this, it will help you create a perfect content publishing plan. Such infographics will engage more people and bring more leads to your social media store if you share them at the right time.

For example, the best time to publish on Twitter is on Friday nights between 6 to 9 PM.

9. Keep a Perfect Balancing

Last but not least, you should balance everything properly on an infographic.

Create a balance between the content and the elements. Also, create a balance between educational and promotional content when finalizing infographics.

10. Add CTA Button.

Hold on and add a CTA button on your promotional infographics.

This will increase conversions when you will share it across multiple social media platforms.

You can either ask the audience to learn more, purchase or make a quick call on such a CTA button.

Final Words

Hence, these are some useful practices you can apply to create compelling, engaging, and conversion-based infographics. Always put your customer first and find out its intent. Use catchy and new elements that your competitors might never ever have seen before. In addition, the balance between promotional and learning-based content. But the most important thing is adding a CTA button for a promotional-based infographic. Apply these experiments and create your own social media post to share it on your social media stores.

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