Creating Snapchat Ads for Millennials and GenZ: Types, Tips, and Best Practices

Use Snapchat Ads that interest younger demographics.

According to data from Snapchat, 75% of all GenZ and millennials in the U.S. use the app compared to 23% of adults. This means that the younger demographic uses Snapchat more than Twitter and Instagram. Therefore, if you aim to reach millennials and GenZ, Snapchat Ads can be a good option. This article will guide you on creating Snapchat ads for the younger demographic.

Types of Snapchat Ads

Snapchat allows you to choose between several types of ads. These are:

Snap Ads

 These are among the most popular forms of ads on Snapchat. They usually consist of a single image or video inserted among stories or appearing in the user’s feed. The ad fills the whole screen with the business objectives, such as an app install or increased engagement.

Snap ads can also be in photos, GIFs, or cinematography. You can experiment with different ad formats to see which will work best for your demographic. Snap Chat suggests that these ads have an immediate impact.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads usually aim to show the user all the pertinent information, such as image, color, and price, from the image catalog in real-time. These can be an excellent option for showing people targeted ads and driving your desired results. They are commonly used by brands that want to automate their ad creation process.

Collection Ads

These ads allow you to display a collection of images for the user and are, therefore, great for e-commerce stores. They show a main image accompanied by three to 20 clickable product tiles. These ads are great for conversion as they have a lot of buying intent behind them.

Commercial Ads

As with YouTube, Snapchat allows you to place intrusive ads that users are forced to watch for 3 to 6 seconds. These ads can grab the user’s attention with short content.

AR Lenses. 

This allows you to use augmented reality to create memorable and interactive ads. Users can place animated characters and objects in their ads.


 Filter Ads are a simpler form of AR lenses. Instead of using real-time AR features, they allow you to place a static overlay on snaps. The artistic overlays appear when you snap and swipe to the right or left. You can use them to represent your brand fun and colorfully.

There are different types of Snapchat Ads.

Tips to Get  the Most Out of Snapchat Ads

Here are several tips you can use to create interactive ads.

Determine Your Goal

You need to decide your advertising goal. This is one question that Snapchat will ask you before you can post your ad. The goal could include:

  • Website visits
  • Drive phone and text activity
  • Increase foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar store
  • App download
  • App visit

Try Different Target Audiences

Most Snapchat advertisers assume that they already understand the app’s demographic. After all, it’s just about targeting GenZ and millennials. However, it’s advisable to  target your audience depending on metrics such as:

  • Demographics: Age, gender, sex, income, etc
  • Behaviors and interests. Consider their interest in food, shopping, music genre, etc.
  • Geographical location. Target different ads for different locations

Before you target a specific audience, ensure you understand them well.

Identify With Their Culture

As we noted earlier, Snapchat is predominantly used by the younger generations. One of the best ways of catching their attention is by speaking their language. If using music, understand what your target demographic likes.

Be Creative and to The Point

To capture the attention of GenZ and millennials, you should create content they will love and appreciate. Remember that Snapchat users are often bombarded with ads. So, you will want to stand out from the competition if your ad is noticed. Remember that the younger generation has a shorter attention span, so you should keep ads shorter.

Show the Playful Side of Your Brand

Snapchat has an overall vibe of playfulness, so the best ads should use playfulness to show the human face behind a brand. Snapchat has many playful features, such as lenses and geo-filters, that can help you achieve this. You can use them to be creative, lighthearted, or outrightly sassy.

Show playfulness in Snapchat Ads.

Final Thoughts

With a youthful demographic, Snapchat is one of the best platforms for reaching this demographic. However, this group can be hard to please, so you need to think out of the box when creating an ad. Following this guide, you can create Snapchat ads that young people will appreciate.

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