Improving LinkedIn Ads Performance: Targeting, Ad Types, Bidding, Retargeting, and Conversion Tracking

LinkedIn ads can drive traffic.

With over 900 million users, LinkedIn is among the best platforms for businesses to promote their brands to professionals. If you would like to get the most out of the platform, you should leverage LinkedIn ADS. 

With its targeting option and audience data, the platform is a good choice for highly targeted ads. However, for the best results in a B2B business strategy, you should know how to place and optimize ads for the best results. Here is a guide on improving the performance of LinkedIn ads.

Why Ads Are an Essential Part of a LinkedIn Strategy

By creating the suitable B2B ads, you can:

  • Get a highly targeted audience. With LinkedIn, you can customize your ad according to industry, company size, job title, location, growth rate, interest group, and more. Therefore, you can customize your ads to the right prospect.
  • Get leads. The reason why people place LinkedIn ads is to drive traffic to their landing pages or websites. The social media platform also provides lead generation forms, allowing users to take action from an ad.
  • Make your brand known. With a well-targeted campaign, you can increase your brand awareness.
  • Data tracking. LinkedIn advertisers can access great tools to measure different metrics, such as the number of people who have viewed their ad, clicks, and conversions.

Best Practises to Improve your Linkedin Ads Performance

Here are tips on improving the performance of your LinkedIn ads:

Determine Your Target Audience

When you understand your target audience, creating content that resonates with them is possible. Consider the gender, age, or demographics of the people you are trying to reach with your product. Ask yourself what their goals, needs, and challenges are. 

You can get this information by looking at the database of your current customers. Think of the solution the products or services will provide to them. Create ads that are tailored to their needs. LinkedIn makes it easy to tailor your ads to your audience’s needs.

LinkedIn has different types of ads.

Choose an AD Type

LinkedIn offers users several types of ads to choose from. These are:

  • Sponsored Ad. This native ad appears on the user’s feed as they are scrolling. They blend seamlessly with other posts. They are, therefore, an excellent choice for creating awareness and generating leads.
  • Text ads. These are usually shown on the sidebar. Users of these ads are charged either on clicks or impressions. These are an excellent choice for audiences audiences of 60k to 400k.
  • Message ads. These are usually personalized ads that are good for sending personalized ads. Users of the ads can show relevant content to qualifying leads.

Create an Eye-catching Bid

With so many ads on Linkedin, your ad should have eye-catching visuals to grab people’s attention. Use a responsive design that will look good on desktops and mobiles. With mobile users having a short attention span, you should keep the ad short and to the point.

Choose the Lowest CPC Cost

It’s good to get started with the LinkedIn Enhanced CPC bid. With this bid, you can bid a particular amount to reach people the social media site recommends. This enables you to get the most clicks at the lowest possible cost.

Click on Enhanced CPC bid>Bid type to choose a lower bid cost. Enter a small amount like $2. The ad cost will be flagged as too low, and Linmkedin will suggest the lowest amount you can bid. Begin by bidding this amount and keep increasing your bid gradually.

Use Retargeting Options

With the LinkedIn retargeting option, you can show your ad to a small group of people on the platform. This can be a great way of reaching the right audience and improving the performance of your ad. When your ad is shown to the right people, you will also increase your chances of conversion.

Track Conversions

Conversion tracking will enable you to measure the success of your ads. LinkedIn offers a small code called the LinkedIn insight tag that allows users to track conversion actions like clicks, page views, ebook downloads, etc. With this feature, you can see which of your ads drives the most traffic.

A/B Test Your Ads

The good thing with the LinkedIn A/B testing feature is that you do not have to create multiple ads. You can use the duplicate feature to make an exact copy of your ad. You can keep changing different elements at a time, such as copy, headline, or image.

Use LinkedIn ads for better conversion.

In Conclusion

With the ability to target your ad to your preferred demographic, LinkedIn ads can be an excellent choice for getting your preferred traffic. With time, you can see an increase in conversion. Use the above guide to improve the performance of your LinkedIn ads.

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