Measuring the Success of Your TikTok Marketing Campaign: A Guide to Metrics and Analytics

Measure the success of your TikTok videos.

If you promote your brand on TikTok, you will want to see how your videos perform. The most basic way of measuring the performance of your videos is by checking the number of followers, likes, comments, and shares.  

However, if you are serious about growing your account, you must track more than just these metrics. This article will guide you on how to measure the success of your TikTok marketing campaigns.

Metrics to Check in TikTok Analytics

Like other social media apps, TikTok has native analytics showing essential metrics. This is divided into several sections:

Overview Tabs

These are:

  • Video views. It shows the number of times your videos have been watched over a particular period.
  • Profile view. Shows the number of times your profile is viewed.
  • Live. It shows how many live videos you have hosted.
  • Content. Refers to the number of videos you have shared.
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Shares 
  • Content

Content Metrics

This shows the performance of your videos using metrics such as:

  • Video posts: Show your last 7 days’ posts.
  • Trending videos. Shows you the 9 fastest growing videos.

Follower Metrics

This will show metrics about your followers, such as:

  • Total followers. This refers to your followers’ count.
  • Gender. You will see the percentage of your followers according to gender.
  • Follower activity. Shows you when your followers are more active.
  • Top territories. Indicates where your followers are from.

Live metrics

Live metrics refer to the live videos you have hosted in the last seven or 28 days. These are KPIs such as:

  • Total time. The period spent hosting live videos.
  • Total views. The number of users who have watched your video videos in a given time.
  • Top view count. This shows the people who are the main fans of your live videos.
  • Unique views. Show the viewers who watch your videos more than once. The metric counts each viewer only once, no matter the number of times they play the video.
  • Diamonds.  Refer to Tiktok’s virtual currency that users send to creators and can be exchanged for real money. The metric shows the number of diamonds you have received during your live videos.

Other TikTok Metrics to Track Marketing Campaigns

To determine if your TikTok marketing campaign is working, consider the following:

Track your viewers numbers.

Engagement Rate

The engagement rate can be categorized according to:

Per View

To determine the performance of your videos, you should look at the average number of engagements per view. To get this number, check the number of times your videos were liked, commented, or shared, and divide the results by the number of views. To increase the engagement rate per view, create high-quality and thought-provoking videos.

By Follower

This measures the engagement rate per follower per video. Instead of just taking the engagement rate generally, you can see how this measures to your audience size.

Hashtag Views

This refers to the total number of hashtags for each video. Since hashtag is one of the metrics Tiktok uses to recommend videos, you should check your best-performing hashtags. The hashtag views will show you the number of times a video with a specific hashtag has been viewed.

Follower Growth Rate

Consider also how your followers’ number is growing every month. This will tell you if your audience is resonating with your content. Check if there are sudden spikes or dips in the number of followers. If your growth rate seems stagnant, try using TikTok trends to spice up your content.

Views Per Follower

TikTok algorithms allow your videos to reach more people than just your followers. Therefore, you should understand how your videos perform among people who don’t follow you. The views per follower will show you this.

Videos per Week

This shows you the number of videos you publish each week. Studies indicate that the most successful brands post about 5 times per week. You can check how often your competition posts to determine your posting schedule.

Top Tiktok Post

Understanding your best-performing posts will help you know the content that resonates with your audience.  You can then focus on creating better content in the future. While TikTok analytics will show you this data, it only considers the last seven days.

Check your best-performing posts.

In Conclusion

Understanding the TikTok metrics to track can help you enhance your content and improve your marketing results. By tracking the above metrics, you will know if your campaigns are working and areas where you can improve them.

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