Tips for Creating Engaging Pinterest Pins: Features, Optimization, and Engagement

Create engaging Pinterest pins.

Pinterest is arguably the biggest image-sharing social media site. It allows users to create or save images, videos, infographics, animated GIFs, and more in pinboards. However, if you add pins on whatever content you come across without a plan, you will not see much results. The best pins should be visually compelling and leave people desiring more. Here is our detailed guide to creating engaging pins.

Features of a Good Pinterest Pin

According to Pinterest, a good pin should have the following features:


According to the social media site, you should include eye-catching visual content in a vertical format. They recommend a size of  600 by 900 pixels, even though it accepts a maximum height of 1260 pixels. A long image has an advantage as it will linger on the screen longer.

There are lots of ideas for creating great images. But if you are just starting, you can stick to a large, high-resolution image. Avoid adding some cheesy stock images. Pinterest users are attracted to high-quality and high-resolution images.

Pinterest suggests adding a prominent but not intrusive logo. On top of that, people should be able to notice it within a second or two. However, the social media site advises against putting your logo in the lower right corner as the space gets covered by the product icons of the site.

Focal Point

Ensure that your brand is prominently featured on your pin images. For instance, if you pin a recipe, you can add the ingredients on the pin, including those sold by your brand.

Text Overlays

Adding a marketing message on your pin is allowed. A good idea would be to add a call to action or takeaway message in a bold, clear text overlay.


Your pins should have an enticing title that best describes their content and the page linking to the site. For instance, if a pin is on an image of sneakers and you are linking to the landing page of the sneaker, you can title it “new sneakers by Company X.”

Optimize your pins for search engines.


You should use Pinterest description to provide the context of the image. This should tell your followers what the accompanying link is about. This is also a great place to optimize yor images for the search engines. When writing descriptions, show people how your products and services can add value to them. Provide all the relevant product details, such as when your products work best.

 According to Pinterest, brands that add their name in the first two or three words of the description get twice the traffic. Therefore, you should add your keywords or brand name in your description’s first one or two words. While adding as many as 500 characters is possible, only the first 30 to 60 characters will appear in your description.

Ensure that your copy remains concise but enticing. Show the reader what they will get by clicking on the pin. 

Try Different Pin Formats

There are four styles of pins you can experiment with. These are:

  • Video: According to the site, these should be 15 to 60 seconds.
  • Collections. Have a collection of at least three products. Each product should have a unique link.
  • Rich Pins. Ensure that your most recent product updates, pricing, edits, and recipes are updated automatically.
  • Try Ons. You can use AR to allow users to experiment with your services, such as room decor or interior design.

Choose a Pinterest Board

Before you save your pin, add it to a board. The role of a board is to sort your pins according to different interests. To add a board, click “Choose a Board” below the destination link of your pin. 

You will be guided to a destination link that allows you to create a board that best represents the content you are currently pinning. Ensure that your boards have a clear and descriptive title. This can help people search for products or services in your niche.

Tips on Improving Pin Engagement 

To increase engagement on your pins, you should:

  • Post regularly. To provide a steady stream of content, post around once a week.
  • Add URL. Ensure users can act on your pins by adding a URL that drives traffic to your site.
  • Optimize your pins for SEO. This will help you rank better on search engines.
  • Include a call to action. People will click on it if they need more information.
Ensure that your pis are engaging.

Wrapping Up

Unlike what newbies on Pinterest think, creating pins isn’t just about uploading an image with a short description. If you want your pins to be engaging and stand out in a crowded field, you should make them unique and engaging. Follow the above tips to create engaging Pinterest pins.

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